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Outsource Business Valuation Services

A Financial Valuation is a service designed to determine the quantitative value of a company. It can be requested by the company itself, by a partner or owner, by a future investor in the company, by managers or employees, by a competitor, etc. The Valuation service is intended for companies of all sizes, from micro-businesses (less than 10 employees and less than one million euros turnover) to large companies with more than 250 employees and a turnover of more than 250 million euros.


We use different business valuation methods to obtain the financial value of them. These methods vary in the degree of analysis required by each case, which allows us to adapt to the needs of each client. In parallel, the time of preparation of the Valuation Report and its cost will vary. Depending on these variants, we can offer four types of evaluation: Approximation of value , preliminary assessment , evaluation Complete and Valuation Measure.

Here we present some of the cases in which the need to value a company arises:

-Legal disputes about the assets of an employer

-Bankruptcy or liquidation of companies (possible reflation after a financial analysis)


-Sale of the company or a percentage thereof to a third party

-Succession in family businesses or distribution of an inheritance estate

-Provide information to credit institutions for a commercial loan

-Purchase of other companies

-Merger between companies

-Repurchase of shares to a partner

-Disputes between partners

-Entry of a new partner

-Excision of a division

-Develop a tax or property plan to protect capital

-Reductions or capital increases

-Creation of a new line of business

-Expropriation of premises and land

-Compensation to employees in shares

-Simple curiosity to know the current value of your company

-The valuation of a company can help answer the following questions:

How much is my company worth?

-What has been the return on the investment in my company?

-What can be done to improve profitability and create wealth?

Weprosys Ltd. offers its clients Online or Remote Corporate Valuation Services, designed to preserve the highest quality standards and, at the same time, to make the process of calculating the Value of the Company more flexible. In this way, we shorten waiting times, avoid unnecessary trips and, as a consequence, reduce costs, which are immediately reflected in our prices.

Directly related to our Business Valuation service, we offer you our database of Multiples of Valuation of Listed Companies and Private Transactions.. These Valuation Multiples allow you to have an initial idea of ​​the value of a company by relating the figures of your business with the quotes and the operations carried out globally between companies of the same sector or business model, within the market of mergers and acquisitions.


-Transaction Advisory
-Audit Support
-Startup Valuations
-Due Diligence Support
-Portfolio Valuations
-Real Estate Valuations
-Compensation Valuation
-Capital Asset Advisory
-Key Indicator Reports
-Transaction Valuation Compliance
-Scenario Analysis
-Tax Advisory
-Financial Statements Analysis
-Industry Reports
-Third-party Validations

Financial Advisory Services

As diagnostic tools for the optimization of management, we offer the development of a Business Plan or a Viability Plan (which studies the company’s strategy or the possible profitability of future projects) as well as Sectorial Studies with a view to implementing reliable projects. If you want a thorough analysis of the results of your company, we can carry out an Economic-Financial Study , in which the route and the company’s accounts are analyzed in detail and possible management changes are suggested.

We also advise on Mergers or Acquisitions, taking care of the entire process and participating in its success through the fees received.

We work in close collaboration with potential external investors (whether individuals, companies, venture capital entities or public bodies), with whom we are constantly in contact. Once the investment has been obtained for the company that hires us, we can take care of the follow – up of it (evolution, forecasts, etc.).

Finally, as a service adapted to the needs of the current situation, Weprosys Ltd. has specialized in the Search for Bonded Financing: we request financing (with a percentage of success over 90%) from Public or Semi-Public Entities, which grant resources to companies with interests parallel to their success and without requiring guarantees or guarantees.