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Outsource Business Research Services

Business research is a Business lever to measure a company, to evaluate products and customer expectations, Through the results obtained from Business research, the objective is reached of determining: the total breadth of the reference market of the products and / or services provided, the market trend, the future scenarios, the evaluation of the launch of a new product, anticipating customer needs.

The methods of contact used in the execution of market research are often multiple and multi-directional in order to reach a significant and representative sample, according to the objectives of the survey.


The use of the internet to conduct certain types of market research activities or active monitoring of web 2.0, can allow companies to optimize the costs and response times to find strategic information on the target audience.

In this context we must not neglect Internet phenomena such as communities, blogs and social networks, to improve and manage Brand Reputation.

By monitoring social media it is possible to:

– Identify the type of target
– Know the perception of the brand
– Analyze the most active influencers
– Find customer feedback
– Estimate the effects of a communication campaign
– Evaluate the viral effect of a communication strategy
– To deepen the Market Research you can consult the practical guide ” Market Research Online : know the network” produced by E– Business Consulting and freely downloadable by clicking here.

Weprosys Ltd. in relation to the object and the target of analysis is able to propose customized solutions, traditional and / or with the new digital media, for the achievement of your business objectives.

– Business plans
– Online Business Research
– Business Competitor Analysis
– Industry Profiling and Analysis
– Business Report Writing
– Database Creation Services
– Primary & Secondary Research
– Country Analysis and Risk Assessment
– SWOT and PESTEL Analysis
– Target Screening
– Market Sizing Studies
-Business Development Support