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Outsource Business Analytics Services

Identify and implement the ideas that make your company grow. Before you can intervene in any area, it is good to analyze  the scene as part of our business consulting , which takes into consideration everything that has to do with that area, whether it is the whole company, the commercial area , the financial area or any other sector.

The result is the clarity that the entrepreneur must have about his company (or sector) on what’s good and what needs to be fixed. Correcting factors or people who are not actually causing the problem or slowing down, leads to significant delays and further loss of productivity and margins.


The company analysis highlights the macro areas of the company, their trend and how to best arrange them. At the end of the service there is a clear plan, with practical actions to be made and / or necessary corrections to restore vigor or to further expand the company.

In What Consists Business Analysis

The business analysis was born with the aim of examining all the business areas, understanding in depth the trend and organization, how they are managed, the potentials and the limits. It is a careful study that examines not only the current scene but also the motivation of why the company was born, the objectives, the modus operandi and the management responsible for managing it, whether it is the owner alone or accompanied by some managers.

The analysis is obviously done in the company, not only by listening but also by examining, together with the owner, the company itself.

At the end of the analysis a plan is drawn up that includes the study of what has emerged, the strengths to count on to achieve the desired objectives, the weaknesses to be managed, a series of practical actions to be taken to immediately start going into the desired direction.

Analysis of Marketing and Sales

This type of analysis was born with the purpose of managing specifically the area of ​​marketing and sales. Very often, from our experience, we have noticed that this area is the weakest or in difficulty. The market changes , methods of approach are different, customers pay hard and finding new ones seems to be more and more a business. In order to meet this need , we have devised a service aimed at deepening the progress of this business division in order to unlock productivity or increase sales.

So let’s go and study the entire production flow, starting from marketing and getting to those who sell, how it does it, what kind of performance it has, what’s working and what’s missing. It is common knowledge that, in a sales network, only 20% of sellers generate 80% of the turnover, analyze what these sellers do and what their peculiarities, sometimes unobserved, are part of the service. At the end, as for Business Analysis , there is a clear study of the area, what are the working things and what the shortcomings, where to implement and what to do to do so to get to regain or conquer new market shares.

Financial analysis

The economic / financial area of a company is always an extremely delicate area. Too often, even when the company grows, there are liquidity problems, delays in payments, delays in payments and the feeling of not being able to have all that is needed to cope with the situation.

Going then to analyze the situation and understand how money is managed is a weapon of great value for the entrepreneur who is able to realize why, despite producing so much, money always seems not enough.

Here too we examine the flow of production, but also for money management, from the payment of the accounts to the various allocations.

The result of this analysis is not only a study of the situation but a real starting point to arrive at a correct management of corporate finances so as not to eliminate the apparently produced profits but then “lost” in the meanders of the accounts.