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Outsource Architectural and Urban Planning Services

The Company operates in the field of architectural and urban planning, integrated with all the engineering services necessary for the planning, design and direction of the works in the preliminary, definitive and executive phases.

Each project is studied keeping in mind many factors, such as the functionality of the work, its sustainability and the impact it has with the environment in which it must be inserted. Furthermore, particular attention is given to the choice of materials, colors and lights that complete the project.


The design of the project is therefore defined through a sequence of phases and levels coordinated by each other, analyzed by all the interlocutors who actively participate in the building process, from the analysis and conception phases, with the preparation of the preliminary, definitive, executive and constructive project. , to the economic evaluations of intervention, control and management of realization.

The integrated design provides a system of engineering services, for the development of a design solution consistent with the technical, economic, architectural, plant engineering, fire safety and energy requirements, which globally constitute a single project conceived as a function of a global analysis of the building-plant system and the construction techniques of the building envelope.



-Feasibility study

-Obtaining Permits


-Preliminary Design

-Definitive Design

-Executive Design


-Construction supervision

-Safety coordination

-Final test


The design is divided into three levels of subsequent technical in-depth, definitive and executive, in compliance with existing constraints previously established and the limits of expenditure set, so as to ensure:

a.the quality of the work and the correspondence to the relative purposes;

  1. compliance with environmental and urban planning standards;
  2. the fulfillment of the essential requirements, defined by the national and community regulatory framework.

“Preliminary draft”

The “preliminary project” defines the qualitative and functional characteristics of the works, the framework of the needs to be met and the specific services to be provided and consists of an explanatory report of the reasons for the choice of the proposed solution based on the evaluation of possible solutions, even with reference to the environmental profiles and the use of materials coming from reuse and recycling activities, of its administrative and technical feasibility, ascertained through the indispensable preliminary approximation investigations, of the costs, to be determined in relation to the expected benefits, as well as in graphical charts for the identification of the dimensional and volumetric, typological, functional and technological characteristics of the work to be carried out; the “preliminary project” must also allow the expropriate procedure to be initiated.

“Definitive project”

The “final design” fully identifies the work to be carried out, in compliance with the requirements, criteria, constraints, guidelines and indications established in the preliminary draft and contains all the elements necessary for the issue of the required authorizations and approvals. It consists of a descriptive report of the criteria used for the design choices, as well as the characteristics of the selected materials and the insertion of the works on the territory; in the “environmental impact study” where required; in descriptive drawings of the main characteristics of the works, of the surfaces and of the volumes to be realized, including those for the identification of the type of foundation; in the preliminary studies and investigations required with regard to the nature and characteristics of the work; in the preliminary calculations of the structures and plants; in a descriptive specification describing the performance, technical and economic elements envisaged in the project as well as in a “estimative metric calculation”. The studies and surveys required, such as those of geognostic, hydrological, seismic, agronomic, biological, chemical, surveys and surveys, are conducted to a level that allows preliminary calculations of structures and plants and the development of the calculation metric estimate.

“Executive project”

The executive project, drawn up in accordance with the final design, determines the work to be carried out in every detail and the relative cost must be developed to a level of definition that allows the identification of each project element in form, type, quality, size and price. In particular, the project consists of the set of reports, the executive calculations of the structures, the plants and the graphic drawings appropriately reproduced in scale, including any construction details, from the special contract specifications, performance and descriptive, from the estimative metric calculation and from the unit price list. It is drawn up on the basis of the studies and surveys carried out in the previous phases and of any technical, detailed or verification of the project hypotheses, that are necessary and on the basis of plano-altimetric surveys, measurements and picketing, surveys of the network of underground services. The executive project must also be accompanied by a specific maintenance plan of the work and its parts to be drawn up within the terms, with the modalities, contents, times and gradualities established by the regulation referred to in article 3 (“Regulations of implementation “).