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Outsource Architectural 2D Drafting Services

2D Drafting

Specialists of the project Architectural Drafting Services will carry out the whole complex of works necessary for preparation and support of the architectural engineering.

Turning to us, you get not only the finished house draft, but also interior draft, assistance in drafting the project documentation. The price for the development of draft and working documentation for the construction of buildings for various purposes depends on the features of the site of the proposed construction. On average, the cost of developing documentation.


Weprosys Ltd. offers the drafts of architectural projects for administrative and public buildings, multi-apartment houses and residential complexes, private houses and other construction sites.


we offer the whole range of works on draft and support of construction Experience and professionalism of our employees guarantee high quality of work affordable prices for architectural and construction draft

Weprosys Ltd. performs the functions of the General drafter on the basis of international code standard of the Certificate of admission to a certain type or types of works that affect the safety of capital architectural engineering facilities.

This direction provides for the development of project documentation at all stages of draft, as well as author’s supervision of design. In the performance of the above functions, Weprosys Ltd. takes responsibility for the full range of draft solutions and their coordination in the supervisory and expert bodies.

The pre-project proposal or architectural draft design of the facility includes the following stages:

Collection of information on existing town planning regulations and restrictions in force on the territory of the proposed building

The planning structure of the site and the space-spatial solutions are determined, the calculation of insolation and illumination is performed.

Architectural drawings of buildings are developed (plans, sections, facades, 3D-visualization.) Visual and landscape analysis of buildings in the draft in a historical environment.

Determination of commercial space yield. Calculation of loads for engineering support Services are provided for the development of a town-planning plan for a land plot

Why can we be trusted?

Quality control: Our company has its own Quality Management System (QMS), which allows us to monitor and control not only all stages of our activity (territory planning, architectural solutions, draft of building structures, engineering networks and systems, etc.), but also interaction between specialists, and also the results at each intermediate stage.

Attestation: We have certificates for general draft in construction, for the development of pre-investment and draft documentation (PD) for buildings 1-4 grades of complexity.

Declaration of conformity: Each draft object is confirmed by a declaration of compliance with the PD.

Full package of services : performance of functions of the general drafter; concept development; development of technical specifications, data collection and technical specifications; development and approval of draft estimates in full; passing and maintaining the PSD in the examination, as well as quality control; author’s supervision of construction.

Stages of work

Pre-investment stage: Construction draft begins with the development of a sketch and visualization for the client. We take into account the purpose of the building, the features of the territory, wishes and budget of the customer.

Coordination: After discussion with the client, we approve a sketch for the draft of building structures in the Architecture and Urban Planning Committee.

Statement of the problem:  We command fully discuss the further course of work, draw up a precise technical task with a detailed description of each stage.

Author’s supervision: During the erection of the building, the Project Chief Engineer (GIP) monitors the compliance of the performed work with the developed plan. Monitoring is carried out before the facility is put into operation. Building draft of buildings with the help of the company “Weprosys Ltd.” is confidence in the quality, speed and professional approach to any task.

We draft

-Customs-warehouse complexes

-Residential houses and office buildings

-Industrial and civil complexes

-Shopping and entertainment complexes

-Restaurant and hotel complexes

-Sanatorium and health resorts

-Administrative buildings

Our studio provides designer services remotely. In fact, this is the most common design, only in this case the client is quite far away from us. The entire process of communication takes place via email, if necessary, by Skype or by cell phone.

How does the process work within the framework of remote design services ?

  1. Communication with the client and finding out the wishes and preferences, drafting the technical task (the client) in a free form (the composition of rooms for furniture, stylistic features of Draft design, the provision of analogues in the form of liked Draft photos, special wishes).
  2. Conclusion of the contract and making an advance payment.
  3. The client provides room measurements, as well as photographs of the current status of all designed rooms.
  4. Our Draft design studio develops planning solutions with furniture arrangement on a scale.
  5. As soon as the plan with furniture arrangement is coordinated, we directly proceed to the sketch part of the project (photorealistic 3d visualization).
  6. When the sketches are agreed upon by the client, we proceed to develop construction drawings for the finishing teams. You can find out the composition in the Prices tab for Draft designer services .
  7. Two days before the finalization of the working drawings, we inform the client of this and it is possible to make a final payment (the rest of the cost of developing a design project of Drafts).
  8. As soon as the funds are credited to our account, we send the client drawings in an understandable PDF format and decorated sketches for printing to an album in JPG format.

The project is completely ready and you can hire a team of finishers to embody your Drafts.

As necessary, we are ready to answer all the questions that arise and clarify the places that are not clear for the builders in the drawings.

As a matter of fact, the Draft designer service is completed and ready to be launched into production.



1) Apartments. We draft interior of apartments of any area.

2) Cottages. We create projects for cottages, private houses and country houses and villas.

3) Municipal facilities. We draft interiors of administrative buildings, offices, theaters, cinemas, exhibition pavilions.

4) Public buildings. We form projects of shopping complexes , shops, cafeterias, restaurants, saunas.


1) Creation of projects of interiors and exteriors of private houses, cottage settlements and residential areas.

2) Improvement or creation of new draft calculations, schemes and drawings for administrative buildings and settlement social associations.

3) draft of low-rise residential complexes and buildings of medium height.

4) Creation of projects for shopping and entertainment and sports facilities.

5) Projects of small architectural forms – arbors, baths and other structures.


1) Acquisition of materials. The choice of the required color, texture, tips on the draft of the sample, joint departure with the customer in the shopping pavilions and construction shops, selection, purchase of the selected product.

2) Author’s supervision of the actions of the construction team performing the finishing, repair, construction of the ordered object.

3) Consulting activities for improvement and specificity of finishing works.


1) Creation of the project of exclusive draft of furniture, necessary for the embodied idea.

2) Production of kitchen sets, soft furniture items and details for them of any complexity and style for creating an interior.

3) Assemblage of walls, wardrobes, furniture for bathrooms and kitchens.


1) Creating projects for stairs, steps, spans, rails of any complexity and configuration.

2) Production of staircases.

3) Installation of staircases of standard samples and individual sketches.


1) Our architectural studio has been successfully implementing its workshop ideas and interior draft projects with the help of reliable construction teams for several years .

2) We have the opportunity to recommend the services of construction companies that perform their work with high quality.

3) You can get competent advice of specialists.

REMOTE draft

We will create any project on the order of the client and send it in electronic form. The cost of the

We will create any projects of original styles and draft.  We are waiting for your requests from anywhere in the world.