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Outsource 3D Services

3D services includes Modeling rendering and visualization services for innovative and interactive presentations.

CAD Visualization: Photo realistic representation of drawings, illustrations and sketches
The 3D-CAD visualization allows a virtual tour of a planned CAD project. All perspectives inside and outside the desired object can be viewed and evaluated immediately. In the CAD model, for example, the desired object can be transformed into photo realistic environments with other software programs, which are an important criterion for presentation to customers. Weprosys Ltd. helps with the visualization of exterior and interior spaces, systems and products. By simulating lighting conditions (sun, day & night, shadows and artificial light) we provide a professional representation for tenders and give a design aid during the design phase (prototype development).


Attractive 3D visualizations for product manufacturers, machine builders, architects and designers
3D visualization is a photo realistic, computer generated image and thus the most impressive form of presentation. No other medium allows such a realistic and emotional form of object representation. 3D architectural visualizations are standard in architects and construction companies. Weprosys Ltd. helps to present a contemporary and attractive presentation of the designs. In addition to 3D production, the visualization of designs includes all classic design areas, whether animation, web design or corporate identity. The industrial visualizations used to represent planned architectural and industrial objects. For visualization, construction plans, drawings, sketches as well as CAD data can be used.

3D Animation – Emotional Moving Images for Products – Processes / Functions – Architecture
With 3D animations, complete processes, production and development processes can be displayed in a striking way. Because of their easy-to-understand nature, the computer animation in the sales pitch helps to significantly shorten customer decision-making processes and to strengthen trust in the product. Process visualization is used for quality management, automation technology, process engineering and business processes. With product animations, products and processes requiring explanation can be presented to the customer in a vivid and professional manner. The 3D animation is an ideal marketing tool for media in the field of moving images and also serves as the basis for (trade fair) presentations and your own Internet presence.

Product films / commercials for manufacturers, mail order companies, shop operators and agencies
Product films (clips / videos) and commercials are indispensable for presenting products and services today. 2D and 3D animations such as moving illustrations or rendered CAD data provide the means to convey a product or service in a more understandable way. A commercial should primarily increase the sale of the advertised product and / or increase brand awareness and product confidence. Moving images leave impressions and present the company vividly, emotionally and above all convincingly.