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Outsource 3D scanning services

A 3D scan allows you, in a very short time, to convert three-dimensional shapes and 3D measurements of objects, people or even parts of them into 3D digital files . You can get an accurate and immediately workable 3D model, even in color. It is immediately usable for 3D modeling, reverse engineering or dimensional controls, but also for 3D rendering or for 3D printing.

The 3D scanning service can be realized with many tools, which are more effective if chosen in an appropriate way compared to the piece that you want to acquire in 3D. For example, you can use structured light 3D optical scanners, 3D laser scanners, portable or fixed 3D scanners, or contact 3D scanners, also called probes or CMM.


The choice of the instrument suitable for 3D scanning varies according to the size, to the material of the piece to be scanned – more or less reflective – but also to the complexity or irregularity of the shape.

Weprosys Ltd. 3D scanning services

The file resulting from the 3D scans is generally in STL format, that is a set of points or “point cloud” that connected together create polygons, and therefore form a polygonal mesh. The most common software formats resulting from a three-dimensional scan are: STL, OBJ, PLY.

3D scanning service: why choose it and how to request it?

-The 3D scanning service is the right solution if you do not have a 3D scanner, or it is a job that is occasionally requested in your company, but you need to quickly get the three-dimensional model of the object you are interested in.

-It also allows you to directly test the operation of the professional 3D scanners we use, and evaluate their quality and performance, especially if you are planning a purchase.

-Weprosys Ltd. has available certified metrological 3D scanners that are portable with laser light or structured light, as well as fixed systems, both for small and large objects.

-To request the 3D scanning service and have a quote, we ask you to send us a picture of the object to be scanned to understand its complexity, and an indicative measure of size.

-If the piece is particularly bulky, heavy or otherwise extremely delicate, we can come directly to your office or else you can decide whether to send the piece to our offices.

The file that will be delivered to you following the 3D scanning service, you can immediately use it for:

-Get the CAD by performing reverse engineering;

-Check the deviation of the piece with respect to the original CAD drawing, and perform the dimensional check;

-Realize your 3D printing;

-Create photorealistic renderings of interiors or furnishings.

-Third party 3D scanning service, here are 4 reasons to choose Weprosys Ltd.:

If you want to request the 3D scanning service for third parties, here are 4 reasons to contact Weprosys Ltd. and request a quote:

-Speed in making the estimate and delivering the required files;

-Accuracy of the acquired file up to 10 microns;

-Flexibility in performing the scanning service , in your office or even in our offices;

-3D scans even with color on request.

-The third party 3D scanning service is the right choice to pay only what you need and nothing more.

-You will have the best performing 3D scanners and expert advice to get a very accurate job.

-The third party 3D scanning service allows you to save money even if the pieces are located in different locations and can not be moved, because the Weprosys Ltd. technicians, with the portable tools available, can do the job in each location in Bangladesh and throughout America, Europe and many more countries.

What are the application areas?

-The sectors in which 3D scanner are used to improve and speed up the work, are always growing, and the scanning of 3D objects, or of people is now a very popular activity.

For example, here are some areas of application for 3D scans:

-Interior design: scanning 3D objects such as beds, wardrobes, desks, tables, consoles, worked chairs, armchairs, sofas, etc .

-Art, jewelry and accessories such as pendants, earrings, rings, medals, artistic objects, etc.

-Industry, mechanical parts;

-Molds, prototypes and solid models;

-Dental and medical, for example customized tailor-made prostheses;

What you want, according to your needs.

3D scanning

-Following a 3D scan, the STL file can immediately work with the most common 3D modeling, dimensional control, reverse engineering, or 3D rendering software.

Is it possible to create 3D models with a camera?

-Making a 3D scan from photos, combining several photographic shots of an object is certainly possible.

-Of course it is essential to have a good camera and in most cases also a tripod to avoid having blurred images.

-For a 3D scan with photos, it is necessary to keep the camera at the same fixed height and rotate completely around the object, making a trip with each movement.

-Subsequently to create a 3D scan from photos, the shots will be processed through specific software (eg Python Photogrammetry Toolbox – PPT open source) that, without going into the specifics of the process, transform and overlap the shots to move from 2D to a 3D model.

-This 3D relief allows to have a good quality of texture, or color of the image, but the accuracy of the mesh that makes up the object is compromised, and the realization time of the 3D model is considerably lengthened.

-The best way to overcome the limits of 3D scanning from photos is to use a 3D scanner that allows you to acquire any shape quickly and in real time.

-You can rotate freely around the object and acquire a three-dimensional model identical to the original, with a high detail and also capturing the color.

What is the best scanning technology to make 3D models?

-3D optical scanning uses a 3D digitizing technique that captures and faithfully recreates the shapes of the object.

-There are different types of tools that can be used to make a 3D optical scan:

-3D structured light scanner;

-3D laser scanner;

-Photogrammetric tools.

3D scanning with structured light , or blue light, is the most recent and innovative type of 3D optical scanning, and works by projecting a sequence of coded patterns onto the object. The reconstruction of the shape is then done through a process of triangulation of the acquired points that connected create polygons, and form a polygonal mesh.

Structured light is just one of the types of 3D optical scanning, which includes laser light acquisition in which different types of sensors project laser light onto the object, and 3D scan with photogrammetry, which superimposes multiple images in sequence.

The scanning by contact differs from the 3D optical scan , which is done by means of probes or CMM that detect isolated points on the surface of the object.

Depending on the specifications of the object you want to digitize in 3D and the required accuracy levels, you will make a choice between 3D optical scanning or 3D scanning by contact.

Can a 3D scan of people be done?

-Of course, with our tools we can make a 3D scan of the face, or the complete figure of a person.

-To acquire the entire human body, with the portable 3D scanners you can rotate around the subject – which will remain stationary in the same position for a few minutes – and in real time you will get the 3D file, even in color.

-It is also possible to do 3D optical scanning of a limb, such as a hand, a foot or another part of the body that interests you.

-3D scanning of the face is very simple and detailed. Acquired the 3D form can also be applied to different subjects, for example on comics characters, or historical characters or on new figures modeled in 3D.

3D scanning from Weprosys Ltd. photos

Are you interested in requesting the Weprosys Ltd. service?

In conclusion, 3D scanning can be performed with numerous tools and techniques of acquisition of the three-dimensional shape of the object or of the person we want to reproduce in a 3D file. It can be requested in many sectors of application, such as in manufacturing, industrial design, automotive, crafts or interior design.

The portable 3D scanners used by Weprosys Ltd. technicians allow 3D digitization of objects without limits of shape or space, at the customer’s site or in our offices depending on whether the object is transportable or not. The 3D scanning service can be requested for subsequent reverse engineering, dimensional control, 3D modeling, or 3D rendering.

Weprosys Ltd. uses the most innovative and professional tools, you will have the experience and all the expertise of our technicians, a price tailored only for what you need and the certainty of having chosen the ideal partner for your projects. Contact us now for more information.