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Outsource 3D Reverse Engineering Services

Before talking about the 3D scanning and reverse engineering service, it’s a good idea to make a small introduction about what reverse engineering is. Reverse engineering is the process that allows you to convert all real objects into a digital file , through software, obtaining the exact mathematical measurements.

With this operation, the piece is digitized first, i.e the physical quantity is converted into a digital 3D model, and then the surfaces of the object are mathematically reconstructed to duplicate, modify or analyze it. According to traditional methods, the acquisition of the geometry of the object is achieved with a manual measurement, while we will see how this process can speed up and make more accurate through 3D scanning for reverse engineering.



The 3D scanning for reverse engineering makes it possible to accurately acquire 3D shape of the object, in a fourth of the time compared to manual methods. Thus obtained the form, through appropriate tools and software for 3D scanning and reverse engineering, you can then proceed with reworking this data in surfaces or solid mathematics.

The measurement that is performed by 3D scanning uses a 3D digitizing technique that accurately captures and recreates the shapes of the object. For the detection you can use 3D contact scanners, or touch probes, or non-contacting optical 3D scanners, faster and easier to handle, laser light or structured light.

In more detail, the file acquired by the 3D scanner is in the form of a “point cloud” and, following a triangulation process that creates polygons, is transformed into a polygon mesh. This process can take place in real time.

The mesh will then be reworked through a software in mathematical surfaces, better known as NURBS, or solid entities, to obtain the starting point for the design of the object to be modified or reproduced exactly.

The reconstruction process is useful for analyzing the piece you are working, but more often the reverse engineering is required to take the measures and the forms as a starting point to draw another object.

Any prototype or model, even created manually, can subsequently be produced by machine, once the executive machining tables or 3D models have been reconstructed on which to calculate the tool paths.

All the reverse engineering process as described allows to recreate the CAD model, the executive tables and the base for any subsequent processing.

3D scanning reverse engineering: what are the application areas?

3D scanning and reverse engineering can be applied to the most diverse sectors , from industry, to manufacturing or crafts, and allow to recreate the CAD mathematics of objects, spare parts, worn molds, artefacts, shoe forms, parts of car, or any object that does not have the original designs.

Here are some of the 3D scanning and reverse engineering applications:

-Of ‘Sector automotive , to digitize auto parts such as frames, hoods, doors, bumpers, reservoirs, engine parts, windshields, and quickly make changes to create new design;

-Sector of ‘ industry : to get the designs and 3D models of objects you want to quickly make changes such as casings, impellers, turbines;

-Manufacturing sector: it is possible to recreate the original 3D drawings and models of old and worn molds ;

-Sector of art or craftsmanship : you can produce endless copies of an object created artistically and manually as statues, unique creations, vases, artifacts, jewelry;

-Interior design : for example to recreate design objects and furniture, handles, chairs, wardrobes, legs of worked tables and friezes.

These listed are just some of the possible areas of application where reverse modeling is required starting from the data acquired with a 3D scanner.

How does Weprosys Ltd. perform the 3D scanning and retro-engineering service?

-Weprosys Ltd. can realize the 3D scanning and back engineering service on any piece.

-You can send it to us in our offices, or if you have a difficult piece of transport because it is extremely heavy, or on the contrary very delicate, thanks to our portable 3D scanners we can realize it accurately and quickly at your premises.

-If you have already created the 3D scan and you have the file, STL, OBJ, etc., we can directly work it and reverse engineer it, to deliver you the CAD mathematics.

-Depending on your needs we can return the data in the native CAD format of the software you are using, but also in a parametric format.

-Once the reverse engineering work is done, we deliver the files ready for many uses, with the most widespread extensions based on the software you use, such as: IGES, STEP, 3D DXF files or 2D DXF files for machines CNC cutting.

Any type of mathematical entity can be rebuilt and exported directly for subsequent automatic processing to machine tools, such as:

-Surfaces NURBS Class B;

-Class A style surfaces;

-CAD Solids;

The quotation of the estimate will be always proportionate in relation to the service requested, to give you the price only on the basis of what you need, without additional costs.

4 Reasons to choose Weprosys Ltd. services:

To obtain the 3D scanning CAD file entrusted to our technicians, here are the 4 reasons to choose the 3D scanning and reverse engineering services of Weprosys Ltd.:

-Flexibility: we can detect unique models and prototypes also handcrafted, or delicate or difficult to move;

-Experience: qualified personnel, metrological equipment and software updated to process CAD models in case of revision or addition of new details;

-Speed: very short realization times and delivery of the requested file;

-Mobility: the scan can be done in your office or you can send the piece to our offices.

The 3D scanning service and reverse engineering on behalf of third parties is an excellent solution in case there are few pieces on which you want to reconstruct mathematics, or it is a job that is occasionally requested in your company.

Reverse 3D Engineering Scanner

-It can also be an opportunity to test all the benefits of our innovative and certified 3D scanners before making a purchase.

-In this way you will have the best performing 3D scanners and the latest software to get an extremely accurate job.

-The 3D scanning service and reverse engineering of third parties allows you to save money even if the pieces are in different locations and can not be moved, because the Weprosys Ltd. technicians, with the portable tools available, can scan 3D in any location in Bangladesh and throughout America and Europe.

Is reverse engineering possible using a 3D scanner?

-The process of reconstruction of CAD mathematics is faster if you use a 3D scanner to detect the characteristics of the object. This tool allows to acquire the real shape, in a 3D mesh that is then transformed into NURBS or solid surfaces through a reconstruction process with appropriate software.

-With this operation you get CAD mathematics and you can reproduce exactly the object as it is, or you can model it in 3D and make a different shape.

-Naturally, using a 3D scanner, the process becomes faster than in the case of manual, 2D or point-to-point measurements, and allows cutting the times that would have been necessary to completely create the object without having any initial trace.

-3D scanners that allow you to digitize objects can be of different types, for example they can be 3D contact scanners – also called CMM probes, or you can use optical 3D scanners not in contact with laser light technology or structured light , which are generally more manageable and allow to make detections by moving easily around the object, without constraints.

CAD reverse engineering software

-The CAD file obtained by reverse engineering, you can completely model, redesign or use to create new projects, based on the form that was created or acquired through the use of a 3D scanner.

-The advantage of working a CAD from reverse engineering is time saving: you can finish a project faster and you can develop more components in less time, increasing productivity.

-Some software also allow you to work, in the same graphical interface, both the 3D scanning file that was acquired by a tool to detect the 3D shape, which then perform the mathematical reconstruction of the CAD file.

-These software can also be referred to as “mesh to CAD reverse engineering software” and have integrated functionality for both importing and modifying 3D scanning data and then creating complex surfaces and geometries.

-Depending on your needs we can deliver the file in mesh format, such as STL from 3D scanning, or in solid format, IGES or STEP, but also in the native CAD format of the software you use.

3D scanning reverse engineering: are you interested in requesting a service?

In conclusion, reverse engineering CAD made following a digitization of an object carried out with a 3D scanner is extremely faster and more accurate. It can be requested in many sectors of application, such as in manufacturing, industry, automotive or crafts.

The portable 3D scanners that are used by Weprosys Ltd. technicians allow you to digitize objects in 3D without limits of form or space, at the customer’s site or at our offices depending on whether the object is transportable or not. Once the object has been acquired in 3D, we will be able to realize the back-engineering and obtain the CAD mathematics.

If you are looking for a 3D scanning and reverse engineering service, contact the professional Weprosys Ltd. technicians and they will advise you on the best solution for your needs.

The 3D scanning and reverse engineering service completes the services offered by Weprosys Ltd., consisting of 3D scanning, 3D modeling and dimensional control.

Contact us now for more information.