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Outsource 3D Rendering Services

The 3D rendering service allows you to represent the environments and real objects through a digital graphics. This can be designed and created manually on 3D software or is detected using an innovative 3D scanner. You can present a three-dimensional and made-to-measure project faster if the 3D rendering service is created following a 3D scan, since it creates in a short time a unique and incredibly realistic reality.

Unlike the usual methods that involve a demanding construction of a set and a long processing of images using 3D software, Weprosys Ltd. offers a fast and professional 3D scanning 3D rendering service to design interiors, create catalogs or for applications in the field of reality increased.


If you already take care of 3D rendering, you can request only our 3D scanning service and we will deliver the file in the format you prefer, to work it later with your software.

3D rendering of Weprosys Ltd.

The 3D representation of a space is the creation on 3D software of any real environment. When the color or texture of the objects that make up the furniture is also applied, it becomes a photorealistic 3D representation. All objects can be played in 3D in a short time to be placed in realistic settings, thanks to our fast and high-performance 3D scanning tools.

It is not necessary to set up any specific set or environment to make a 3D scan, since you can acquire the rough shapes of the furniture even placed in storage or warehouses and then apply the color, reflections, light, perspectives and all the details that give an extremely real final result.

3D render: why is a 3D scanner useful?

-A 3D scanner is useful in the design of interior environments because it allows you to quickly acquire shapes and then re-create all objects in 3D, even unique and special creations, making them “real”.

-In 3D rendering, the difficulty up to now has been to set up an expensive photographic set every time, with consequent long image modeling times to give an effect as close as possible to reality.

-Furthermore, it takes a long time to manually re-create objects with irregular shapes, curves or smooth lines on 3D files.

-Instead, using professional 3D scanning tools, all this is quickly solved because a 3D scanner quickly acquires the exact shape of the object, and you can then carry out endless color tests.

The file you get is of excellent quality, it is immediately workable and the object can be easily placed in the right location of the environment that you want to present.


What is 3D rendering of interiors?

-The 3D rendering of the interior is the machining of internal environments, such as rooms or premises, carried out with the use of a 3D software that rebuilds the digital dimension in 3D in a realistic way.

-With 3D scanning, accessories, products or furniture are acquired that fit into the right environment can complete the 3D representation with an incredible realistic effect, and an extraordinary visual quality.

-The service is required in particular when it is necessary to make proposals in the sale of real estate or to present different furnishing solutions . Many proposals are also created to develop store interiors, in order to assess customer perceptions.

-In 3D interior rendering, walls with decorations, doors and windows are created, to which materials such as wood, glass, mirrors or different colors are applied creatively, directly through 3D software. At any time they can be changed to create new visual effects.

3D furniture rendering: is it easier with a 3D scan?

-With a 3D scan, the rendering of furniture is even easier since the 3D model obtained is immediately available and workable on software.

-It is very common to request 3D scans of accessories such as chairs, wardrobes, beds, consoles, lamps, cushions and all those objects that have articulated shapes to give an effect equal to the real , both on software and in print, such as in catalogs paper.

-Once the 3D furniture has been acquired, you can design numerous solutions without having to take pictures and work on additional images.

-3D models are always available and can be continuously used and modified over time.

-The costs of salt sets, photo sets, assembly and disassembly are eliminated and therefore saves time and money.

Internal Rendering


Reasons to choose the 3D scanning service and Weprosys Ltd. rendering:

To create a 3D render in no time and make the most of the potential of 3D scans entrusted to Weprosys Ltd. professionals! That’s why choose us:

-Flexibility : we can come to your home to make 3D scans;
-Savings : the processing times are reduced and the set-up of photographic sets is eliminated;
-Speed : very short realization times and delivery of the requested file;
-Quality : 3D scanning files have unrivaled quality

How to request the 3D rendering scan service?

-In conclusion, requesting the 3D rendering scanning service is extremely useful if you want to speed up work time and improve design quality.

-It can be requested for many applications such as furniture furniture, new shop fittings, boat interiors, crafts details and much more.

-Weprosys Ltd. technicians use portable 3D scanners that allow you to digitize objects in 3D without limits of form or space, in any location in Italy or abroad.

-If you are looking for a 3D scanning service to make contact with professional Weprosys Ltd. technicians , they will be able to advise you on the best solution for your needs.

-The service completes the offer of Weprosys Ltd., consisting of 3D scanning, 3D modeling and 3D printing.

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