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Outsource 3D printing services

The online 3D printing allows you to create , through an additive manufacturing process, prototypes of objects in a short time and at a reduced cost compared to other manufacturing technologies.

Since online 3D printing is now much more accessible and profitable than the early days of prototyping, if you do not have a 3D printer in the company, you can rely on professionals. Using the 3D printing service online you can use 3D printing processes and specific materials depending on the type of result, more or less accurate, that you want to achieve.


3D printing allows you to create simple or complex forms of objects in a short time, and also reproduce parts or pieces that are no longer findable because they are no longer in production. Or you can print in 3D the new original objects you designed and make your first prototype.

Weprosys Ltd. Online 3D Printing Services

-The main advantages of online 3D printing are the speed with which the prototype can be made, and the reduced costs, since the costs of manufacturing the mold, which is necessary for the first test print, are eliminated.

-3D printing creates an object by adding layers (ie layers on layers) only where it is needed, so you have minimal waste of product and you can create infinite geometries, even complex, mainly small and medium-sized.

-To get an advice and a quote without obligation you can send us a request and if already available you can attach the STL file you want to print. Or you can also request our 3D scanning or 3D modeling service if you have the item and you want to reproduce it.

3D printing service and rapid prototyping: how prototyping changes with the 3D printing service

The 3D printing service and rapid prototyping allows you to create a physical prototype following the design of a 3D digital model of an object, and is a rapid prototyping system using 3D printers, which has developed a few years ago.

-Initially, the prototyping was entrusted to artisans and modelers, who, following the original design made on paper, manually created the piece.

-Subsequently, to obtain a prototype, most numerical control milling machines were used, also called CNC milling machines, which work by removing the material from a single block that can be for example metal, wood, marble, etc., until to obtain the desired shape.

-This type of prototyping, also called subtractive or “for removal” is still used today to make prototypes of large objects.

-As we have been quite long for current production requirements, which requires you to enter the market more new products faster.

-The service of 3D printing and rapid prototyping is the 3D printing service that goes precisely to eliminate these expectations, reducing the time of realization of the prototype, with a significant reduction in costs also in relation to the saving of material used.

You can ask Weprosys Ltd. for the 3D printing service on behalf of third parties, together with a preliminary consultation, in many sectors such as:

-Jewelery ;

-Dental or medical;

-Design; Architecture;



-Automotive and many more!

To create your prototype we can start from your creative designs, or if ready, we can use your technical models in 3D. Depending on the prototype you want to make, whether it is functional, aesthetic or volumetric, we can build the model with different materials, resin, metal, plaster, rubber, plastic, etc.

The Weprosys Ltd. technicians will advise you on the best technology to build your prototype , both with 3D printers and eventually with 3 or 5-axis CNC milling.


3D printing service: how do I print an object in 3D?

-If you want to print a copy of an object in 3D, if you have an idea to develop, or if you want to replicate something that has been broken, we can help you find the best rapid prototyping solution, request our 3D printing service!

-Often it is difficult to get the ideal file for 3D printing, so you can also take advantage of our 3D scanning service, if you have the object you want to play, or our 3D modeling service, if you want to create something new.

-The 3D printing service and rapid prototyping can be requested with different materials and techniques, depending on what you need.

-Weprosys Ltd., thanks to the numerous partners and collaborators, can offer you a complete 3D service of prototyping with different techniques of realization of the models:

-3D printing service in stereolithography (SL or SLA) ;

-Selective laser sintering (SLS);

-Fused deposition modeling (FDM);

-Digital light processing (DLP);

-Direct laser sintering of metals;

-Machining using a 3 or 5 axis CNC machine.

Weprosys Ltd. 3D Printing Service

The printing material is chosen to best respond to the type of application of the object to be created, based on consistency, durability, impact resistance, resolution, temperature tolerance and impermeability.

-The materials with which we can make your 3D prints and most commonly used are:

-Plastic (PLA, PLA Shogun, ABS, PC, PA-Nylon, PET, Porolay);

-Support material (PVA, HIPS);

-Rubber (PLA Flex, TPU, TPE, BendLay, Polyurethane);

-Composite powder – plaster;

-Resin and wax.

The printing material of the object must be chosen carefully in relation to the type of use that we will have to make, for example it can have a good resistance to heat , or it can have a high mechanical resistance , or on the contrary be very light, hermetic and also resist weathering.

4 Reasons to choose the Weprosys Ltd. prototyping service:

If you do not have a 3D printer yet and have decided to rely on a professional, we give you 4 reasons to choose Weprosys Ltd.:

-Speed: very short estimates and delivery of the required models;

-Accuracy: printing can reach 20 microns of layer resolution;

-Numerous 3D printing materials available;

-Shipping of the piece throughout Italy.

With rapid prototyping there are no limits to the realization of your models. You will have a reduced cost in manufacturing, and a high yield by choosing the right material. To try our service now, you can send us a request for information without obligation!


Third party 3D printing: how do you calculate the price of the 3D printing service?

The price for the 3D printing service for third parties is calculated on the basis of various processing parameters, and it is even easier if you already have the 3D file ready, because we can make a quote faster. In general, however, there are some generic parameters that are evaluated to make the listing of a prototype with 3D printing:

-Volume of the object;

-Quantity and quality of the material used;

-Time taken to produce the object;

-Quality control following 3D printing.

-Service 3D Printing

3D printing online: are you interested in requesting a 3D printing service?

3D printing online is the service that allows you to create your 3D prototypes quickly, using the most recent and innovative prototyping techniques in many sectors such as jewelry, manufacturing, industry, mechanics, art, etc.

Ultimately, if you do not have a 3D printer available, you can request the third party 3D printing service and our advice on printing techniques and the best materials for your project.

Contact us now for more information about the 3D printing service!

The 3D printing service completes the services offered by Weprosys Ltd., consisting of 3D scanning, 3D modeling and reverse engineering.