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Outsource 3D dimensional control Services

3D dimensional control allows you to make an accurate analysis between the mesh model obtained from a 3D scan of the real piece and the CAD model drawn, to verify if deviations in production originated. You can measure the odds of your interest on certain points, view color maps and have a detailed analysis report.

With 3D dimensional control, you can immediately check whether the 3D scan model complies with the original CAD drawing. Or you can compare two different meshes, or point clouds. There are numerous advantages in implementing 3D dimensional control in your company: first, the productions will have higher quality standards and the complaints from customers will be reduced, which will become loyal. In the second analysis, new customers can be acquired, even those that have high quality control procedures.


3D Dimensional Control of Weprosys Ltd.

-The 3D dimensional inspection service carried out by Weprosys Ltd. technicians is carried out with the most up-to-date software and the best non-contact measurement systems, and can be carried out both in production batches and in single samples.

-It will allow you to have in a very short time a precise analysis of the piece you want to check and a detailed report either on a printable pdf file or on a 3D file, to share the result with colleagues and suppliers.

-You will also have the original 3D scan file, on which you will be able to independently extract further measures, if you think you need them.

-Weprosys Ltd. offers dimensional inspection services without contact with the most performing software and using non-contact certified portable metro logical 3D scanners.

-The 3D metrology scanners we use are laser light or structured light, depending on the type of object you want to acquire and the level of accuracy you want to keep in dimensional control.

-The advice of our technicians will indicate the best product to use based on the object to be inspected.

-Our 3D metrological scanners are certified according to the international quality standards recognized for the VD / VDE 26/34 and ISO 10360 standard optical measuring instruments.

-our portable 3D scanning systems, we can perform contactless dimensional inspection easily and quickly even at our customers’ premises.

-This will allow minimum production shutdown times and consequently you will save money and reduce costs.


3D dimensional control: what are the areas of application?

-3D dimensional control can be requested in all the sectors that need to maintain high quality control standards, such as in precision mechanics, manufacturing, industry and the automotive sector.

Here are some application areas where 3D dimensional control may be required:

-Precision mechanics such as for gears, transmission parts;

-Industry, to obtain a dimensional map directly in the production line on finished products or components;

-Manufacture, on finished molds or finished crafts;

-Automotive, to control all engine parts, but also for example windscreens, frames, doors, bumpers, tanks.

-All the tools used, the software and the technologies are constantly updated to always offer an accurate 3D dimensional control.

-Third party Dimensional Controls

-Laser dimensional control following a 3D scan

The laser dimensional control is performed using a metrology portable laser 3D scanning system certified according to the recognized international quality standards, for this reason the measures declared are effective.

Using a metrological 3D scanner we speed up the laser dimensional analysis, detecting the shape of any object in just a few minutes and immediately obtaining the file ready for comparison, which through a special software, will be compared with the corresponding CAD drawing of the piece.

Moreover, compared to an acquisition of only isolated points as you can have with a traditional CMM or probe machine, the dimensional laser control with 3D scanner allows you to acquire the measurement of the entire surface of the part you want to check, giving an overview complete of the deviations and making the development of the error easily recognizable.

This portable instrument, especially in the case of objects with complex geometries, acquires millions of points regardless of the shape of the surface, and compared to traditional contact systems or CMM is certainly faster.


4 Reasons to choose the Weprosys Ltd. dimensional inspection service:

Flexibility: our service can be carried out in the customer’s factory according to the required standards;

Detailed reports: in Pdf format or on a 3D file to quickly share the results with colleagues and suppliers;

Expertise: expert staff, metrological equipment and analysis software always up-to-date;

Speed: very short realization times and delivery of the requested file.

It is really easy to use our service, because the estimate is measured only on what you need, without additional costs.

-You can request the dimensional control of third parties in case you already have the scan files and the CAD file for comparison, or, in case you only have the CAD and you also need to do 3D scanning for the piece measurement.

-To request the service on one or more pieces and also have a quotation of the 3D scan, you can send us a photo of the object to understand its complexity, indicating the parts you need to measure.

-Furthermore, based on your specific needs, we will ask you to send us the nominal 3D CAD or 2D to perform the required check.

3D Dimensional Testing

Weprosys Ltd. can analyze the deviations between CAD and mesh through the color maps , which show a different gradation in reference to the measured and nominal deviation, or it can verify the geometric and dimensional tolerances (GD & T) by elaborating a detailed report.

If the third party size control is required during the product set-up phase, there will be a great saving in terms of time and money, as it will be possible to understand why certain defects are present, such as problems with the distribution of the material, of alignment, or withdrawals or elastic returns.

To carry out accurate dimensional tests you can always rely on the experience of our technicians, the most innovative metrological instruments and the most up-to-date software.

Not all 3D scanning systems are in fact certified measuring instruments; therefore it is essential in dimensional testing to rely on expert technicians with tools that can guarantee the declared measures.

Are you interested in the 3D dimensional inspection service?

-Performing 3D dimensional inspection is very important for all companies that want to maintain high quality standards, and meet the demands of their customers.

-Using 3D scanning systems allows to speed up this analysis, and to realize 3D dimensional control even in the production line, in the customer’s premises.

-It is very important that the 3D scanners used are metrological instruments certified according to the recognized international quality standards, to have a real measure of the piece.

-If you are looking for an excellent 3D dimensional inspection service, contact the experienced Weprosys Ltd. technicians, who will be able to advise you on the best solution for your needs, and can provide you with a detailed 3D report or print, according to your needs. You can be sure to choose the right partner for your projects.

-The dimensional control service is added to the services offered by Weprosys Ltd., consisting of 3D scanning, 3D modeling and reverse engineering. Contact us now for more information.