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Outsource 3D Design Engineering Services

Do you want to capture the shape of an object, a person or a part of your body in 3D and you do not know how? You’re in the right place because Weprosys Ltd. offers you numerous services for 3D digitization! You can ask us to carry out one or more of these workings on behalf of third parties:

-3D scanning

-3D modeling service

-Reverse Engineering Service

-Dimensional checks

-3D rendering

-3D printing

-Personalized solutions

The rapid deployment of 3D Scanning Services is revolutionizing the market and industry, greatly simplifying work in many areas. Medical industry, manufacturing, footwear, marble, molds, wood, glass, jewelry, automotive, cultural heritage, design, architecture, packaging … what is your need? You can request our 3D Scanning Service, for any type of object, but also the next 3D Modeling, or Reverse Engineering to have a file that can be used by any CAD / CAM system.

We can also reconstruct the mathematical model, even if we are provided with a scan already carried out. Our experience allows us to design new scanning systems, but also develop new software that can help you process your 3D scans.

We are present in all phases: from design to practical application.All services can be requested individually if you only need one type of activity, or you can use multiple combined services, but always and only on the basis of what you need. We want to offer you the best solution at the most convenient price.


In case you need to acquire the accurate and immediately workable 3D model of a shape, an object or the human body, you can request the 3D scanning service, we are specialized in this!

We have plenty of portable and fixed 3D scanning tools to correctly detect any type of object in 3D, large or small.

Following the scan, or even if you already have the 3D file, you can also request the 3D modeling service on “point cloud” or mesh, or you can ask us to modify surfaces but also solid 3D.

With a 3D file it is possible to obtain the original CAD mathematics of any piece, requiring the reverse engineering service, which we always carry out accurately and professionally.

Or, if you need to make a dimensional analysis of one or more pieces in production, with our 3D dimensional inspection service you can get a detailed report by comparing both between “mesh” files and CAD files, or by comparing directly between them multiple 3D scan files.

A 3D scan, for example in the field of interior design, architecture and art, can also be used to represent real environments and objects, in virtual or augmented reality, just ask for the 3D rendering service.

If you want to make pieces in rapid prototyping, you can ask us for the 3D printing service, which we create using different techniques and materials. We also make sculptures for casting in different materials.

If you have not found what you are looking for, contact us and request our customized 3D scanner or 3D software solutions.

To achieve what you need, ask for one of our 3D digitization services and you can take advantage of all our experience and advice.

Contact us now to talk to a Weprosys Ltd. technician who will advise you on the right service!

3D scanning service

-Weprosys Ltd. provides a 3D scanning service to capture any element you want to detect in 3D, whether it is an object or a person.

-Years of experience in the sector allow us to carry out an accurate , fast , flexible and on demand service , even in color.

-To better meet all the needs of our customers, we have a lot of 3D scanning tools, for any need and application.

-We have the best optical 3D light structured scanners, laser 3D scanners, handheld or fixed hand scanners.

-The most commonly used file formats, and which are required by the 3D scanning service are STL, OBJ, PLY.

-We can still provide files in many other formats, not only interchange but also native of the most used software.

-A 3D scan can be requested by all those who do not have a 3D scanner, but must occasionally make 3D surveys and therefore the purchase of the product would not be amortized by the few jobs they have to perform.

-At other times, there are customers who are in possession of a 3D scanner, but it is obsolete or not a certified measuring instrument, and therefore they rely on Weprosys Ltd. technicians to make the most complex three-dimensional acquisitions .

In other cases we are required 3D scanning services at our customers’ premises because the parts to be detected are too bulky or otherwise too delicate to be shipped by courier.

Furthermore, we are often asked to perform on-site services at the customer’s premises, to allow the customer to see the tools at work, their functionality, features and ease of use, before proceeding with a subsequent purchase of new technologies that can involve an important investment for the company.

-Our technicians, with the portable tools available, travel throughout Italy and also in Europe, in any place where it is necessary and urgent to do a 3D scan.

-Despite the performance, the incredible speed of results and the considerable advantages that these tools bring within companies, in terms of performance and productivity, the use of these 3D scanning technologies is still not widespread, because it does not they know the full potential.

-That’s why we promote our services for 3D digitization , in such a way as to allow more and more companies to be fast, productive and to respect the strict quality standards that are continually imposed.

3D modeling service

-The 3D scan file can be immediately delivered to the customer and used, once the 3D scan is complete, or if requested, we can model it with different software, depending on what you want to design.

-Many of the requests we receive are in fact for the 3D modeling service , which we can create on 3D files in the form of mesh, or on solids but also on NURBS surfaces or CAD models.

-Weprosys Ltd. technicians know all the most used 3D modeling software and can help you achieve what you have in mind.

-In fact we have the most important programs for 3D modeling, both on mesh and on geometric CAD entities. We use both parametric and free-form modelers and handle any type of geometry: curves, surfaces, solids.

Weprosys Ltd. 3D Modeling Program

Reverse engineering service

-There are also those who know the potentialities of reverse engineering and ask us to make a model work acquired by a 3D scanner to obtain CAD mathematics starting from a triangular mesh.

-Sometimes our customers have already made the 3D digitization of the piece and require only the reverse engineering service, other times they use our complete 3D scanning solution for reverse engineering.

-It can happen that the work must be carried out on single urgent pieces, which must be quickly scanned and reconstructed to allow the continuity of the production cycle, while other times it is necessary to

-reconstruct the mathematics of lots of numerous pieces, of which the projects have been lost originals or of which only two-dimensional tables are available.

-We can return the file in the native CAD format of the software you use and also in parametric format, or in the most popular interchange formats, such as IGES, STEP, DXF. We can also generate 2D DXFs for CNC cutting machines, even starting from a 3D mesh for face milling.

Dimensional control service

-During production, it is often necessary to carry out a detailed dimensional analysis of the machined pieces, through measurement campaigns and comparisons between the obtained measurements and the nominal values.

-With a 3D dimensional inspection service it is possible to measure components in their entirety by 3D scanning and to compare the mesh obtained with the project CAD model, to check if deviations were generated outside the tolerance in the production process.

-It is also possible to compare two different meshes, or point clouds, with reference to the mesh of a component with nominal dimensions.

-This analysis is all the more effective when it is performed faster. It is possible to view the measurements of any point of the 3D model, to visualize the color or offset maps, to check geometric tolerances and to draw up detailed inspection reports.

-The 3D dimensional inspection service is carried out by Weprosys Ltd. technicians with the most up-to-date and performing software, which work by importing three-dimensional reliefs obtained from non-contact certified portable metrological 3D scanners.

-Our 3D metrology scanners are certified according to the international quality standards VDI / VDE 2634 and ISO 10360 standards, recognized for optical measuring instruments.

3D printing service and rapid prototyping

-The today’s 3D printing is really accessible and affordable for everyone.

-But in the professional field you can not improvise and it is important, when using a 3D printing and rapid prototyping service, to choose who can give you the best performing solution at an appropriate cost.

-Weprosys Ltd. for years in the field of 3D scans for 3D printing knows how important it is to choose the right tools to get a good result.

-When you want to make an accurate 3D printing, first you need the right 3D printer, but it is always essential to start from a quality 3D file.

Before printing a piece in 3D it is crucial to know what will be its application, so as to choose the most appropriate material, technology and printing techniques, which ensure the best performance.

-The Weprosys Ltd. technicians are at your disposal to advise you on the right technology to realize your prototype, both with 3D printers and possibly through other manufacturing processes.

Weprosys Ltd. prototyping and 3D printing service

3D rendering service

-Thanks to our fast and efficient 3D scanning tools, all real objects can be digitized in 3D in a short time to be placed in realistic settings.

-If you want to make use of our 3D rendering service you will soon have the representation of environments and real objects through digital graphics, unlike what happens with the usual methods that involve a demanding construction of a set and a long processing of the images.

-If you already take care of 3D rendering but you do not have a 3D scanner available, you can request only the 3D scanning service and we will deliver the files ready to create even more realistic 3D representations.

Are you interested in requesting Weprosys Ltd. services?

In conclusion, we can offer you any service related to the world of 3D.

-In addition, we can design custom solutions for products such as 3D scanners and 3D software that need to be integrated into your business processes.

-First of all, it will be useful to make use of our advice, to understand exactly what you need and allow us to prepare a personalized quote.

-If you have a new idea or a piece that you do not think you can scan or model, try asking Weprosys Ltd. technicians if you can make it happen: do not put limits on your creativity!

-Weprosys Ltd. puts at your disposal its experience , the expertise of its technicians and the most performing and professional instruments , guaranteeing you a tailor-made price only for what you need. Contact us now for more information.