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Outsource 2D 3D Presentation Drawing Services

For proficient designers and architect, one of the utmost indispensable parts of promoting your plan is via presentation drawings. Enterprises want marvelously finished presentation drawings to show the projected structure as perfectly as probable. At Weprosys Ltd, we have the skill to deliver you with appropriate presentation drawing services.

Presentation Drawing Services We Deal:

Our qualified drafters and engineers ensure the capabilities and knowledge and experience to accurately convert your thoughts into acceptable visuals that are flawless for presentation and marketing promotion and placing out your plan correctly by following to your choices. We’ll collect all the facts from you related to your project that we require and procedure it to contribute you high quality presentation drawing services. The drafters and designer at Weprosys Ltd. will provide you outstanding 2D drafting with elective colored elevations, plans and concept designs.


Our Presentation drawing skill not restricted to:

-2D & 3D Renderings

-2d & 3D Floor plans

-Walkthroughs Services

-3D modeling services

-Elevations / Façade design

-Eminence of Presentation Drawing Services

At Weprosys Ltd., our presentation drawing services are of exceptional quality each time. Our group of qualified drafters and engineers are comprehensively proficient in for CAD services that comprise 2D drafting and 3D drafting, value resistor, and the modern drawing know-hows. It means that we do our presentation drawing by very talented specialists draft engineer that will monitor your requirement and preferences perfectly.

-Wide-ranging knowledge in presentation drawing services

-Devotion to complete design caring client’s likings

-Appropriate scaling and specifications

-99.95% accurateness confirmed

-We Maintain ISO excellence standards

-Outsourcing facilities from Weprosys Ltd.

Drafting presentation drawings may be a tedious and time-consuming matter. Give your presentation drawings and other CAD works to the professional architectural drafters and engineers at BDCADworks, and we can assure you that the designer will draft with care, and it will satisfy you completely. Outsourcing presentation drawing jobs to BDCADworks, you’ll save time to emphasis on additional indispensable responsibilities or work.

-Outsource to trained drafters with quite a lot of years’ experience

-Reasonable prices for presentation drawing services

-Rapid turnaround time without sacrificing quality

If you are looking for proficient and trustworthy concern to deliver you with superb presentation drawing services, we trust that BDCADworks is that company which you finding for long time. For additional info, please contact us now!

Construction drawings are the main technical documents on which buildings and structures are built.

All drawings must be executed and issued by a unified system of design documentation. Construction drawings are divided into the following: architectural and construction engineering and construction topographical. Building structural parts.The master plan is a drawing that reveals the shape and boundaries of a built-up area, structures and structures, green spaces and ponds, roads and other. Perspective and facades give an idea of ​​the appearance of the building, the location and shape of windows, doors, columns and other architectural and structural elements. The facade gives an idea of ​​the appearance of the building, the location and shape of windows, doors, columns and other architectural and structural elements. The plan of the building is a section of the building with a conventional horizontal plane passing at the level of window openings and doorways. Plan of the 1st floor. Plan of the building. Section To reveal the interior view of the building and the location of architectural elements of the interior, simple and complex vertical sections are performed.Altitude A

-number indicating the height of a point above a zero surface. Dimensions Dimensions on the construction drawings are given in mm (without the unit designation), level marks – in m, with accuracy – up to the third sign; dimensions are applied in the form of a closed chain, and the numbers are placed over the dimension line. On the construction drawings at the intersection of the dimension and extension lines, it is recommended to make a notch (at an angle of 45 °), while the dimensional lines should protrude beyond the outermost extension lines by 1-3 mm. Scale The scales of images in the drawings should be selected in accordance with GOST 2.302-68 When designing objects, scales can be applied: 1: 50; 1: 100; 1: 200; 1: 400; 1: 500; 1: 1000 Scale of increase in the construction drawing is not applied Scale 1: 1 (natural value) is used when plotting patterns of cornices and thrust profiles. Explication of data on the premises of the building or the location of buildings on the general layout, and a list of symbols used in the drawing. Algorithm for reading architectural and construction drawings. Name and purpose of the building. What images are represented in the drawing. Analysis of the shape of the building, the number of floors and the character of the roof. Overall dimensions of the building, Finishing the surfaces of the building (walls), material for covering the roof. Number of window openings, their characteristics, dimensions (on the facade, the plan section). Characteristics of the entrance to the building, its design features. Bearing walls of the building, their marking. The number of rooms in the building, their purpose, relative location, area and equipment – plumbing, furniture (according to plan, explications). The height of rooms – rooms, attic, basement (cut). The number and character of doorways in the inner walls of the building, in which direction the doors open, their dimensions (according to plan and section).

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