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Outbound calls services

Outbound communications with customers especially “cold” sales – one of the most difficult tasks for your managers. The presence in the staff of professionals who really like to sell “cold” method or all day to make routine phone calls for the purpose of gathering information is a rarity. As a result, your managers either perform “cold” calls at a minimum, or do it without pleasure, gradually disappointing in their work.

Telemarketers Weprosys Ltd. – professionals in the field of outbound communications and “cold” sales. Trust Outbound Weprosys Ltd. calls and gets the most out.

Cold sales

Calling customers

Updating the client base

Carry out surveys

Presentation by phone

Active sales

Marketing research


Customer search

Return of customers

Sociological survey

Sales by phone

Creating and updating databases



Direct Marketing

Informing customers

Cold sales

Presentation of goods and services to potential customers

Identifying interest in the company’s products

Getting contacts of decision-makers (decision-makers)

Sending commercial offers and presentations

Assignment of meetings of potential clients with your managers

Sales – it’s easy

Experts, who really love and know how to sell “cold” method, are infrequent. The selection of a whole team of such employees requires certain efforts, temporary and financial costs.

Weprosys Ltd. will help to solve this problem. With the help of our telemarketers you can easily achieve the maximum return on cold sales.

Professional approach

Our operators are trained for each project. Therefore, they thoroughly understand the products and services that they will sell, and they know how best to present them to a potential client.

Guaranteed result

You pre-register the number of commercial offers and appointments you need, and we will implement your wishes


Calling customers

Presentation of new products and services to customers

Informing about the started promotions, discounts

Congratulation of key clients on holidays

Support of advertising and marketing campaigns

Invitation to events

Calling customers is a task for professionals

Information call will help you to convey information to customers address and in the shortest possible time.

In the course of the work, you will be able to receive detailed reports on audience coverage and response.


Unlike many companies, we use different channels to inform customers. The notification can occur both by phone, and by SMS or e-mail .

As a rule, cold calling customers helps to achieve the following goals:

Increase in sales of goods and services

Increase in attendance of your store or office

Rapid promotion of a new outlet

Increase the loyalty of your customers through timely delivery of important information to them

You will be heard

Can you be sure that your advertisement covers at least half of the target audience? With the help of a targeted alert, you can be guaranteed to inform your customers about the current discounts and promotions, about new products in your assortment, and thereby increase interest in your brand.

Caring for customers

The more you care about customers – the higher their loyalty. In time remind clients about important events – appointments to the doctor, approaching the maintenance period, readiness of work, and they will feel how important to you. Personal congratulations on your birthday and other holidays will enhance this impression.

Entrust the call of clients to professionals – call center Weprosys Ltd., which has been providing similar services for more than 7 years.

Our advantages

Our contact center has carefully developed and time-tested standards for negotiating with customers

Before the beginning of the project, the staff undergoes detailed training on your products and services, the conversation scenario is necessarily coordinated with you

Depending on the purpose of the event, it is possible both to call potential customers, and call the customer base available to the customer

Due to the fact that we have our own technology for interactive marketing campaigns, you get the opportunity to carry out telephone marketing in the framework of programs to attract new customers and increase the loyalty of existing

Many companies have already chosen our call center to order this service. Calling your customers in the Weprosys Ltd. contact center is an effective long-term marketing tool.


Updating the client base

Confirm each contact from your database

Addition of missing information in the database

Geography of service – the entire territory

Without the use of ready-made databases

Work with complex, including highly specialized industries

Why is the actualization necessary?

No matter how complete your customer base, over time, many of the data in it begin to become obsolete. Changing addresses, phone numbers, contacts. The company can change the name, direction of activity or even cease to exist. According to statistics, about 15% of information expires in the client base every 3-4 months .

Specialists of Weprosys Ltd. will check the data available in your database and, if necessary, make appropriate changes.

Creating a client base from scratch

If the company has just started its activity, it faces a broader task than the actualization of the customer base – its operating time. This process can be quite long and time consuming. Weprosys Ltd. will make it easier. We suggest that you purchase customer databases that are tailored to your personal requirements. All information in the database is pre-checked, so its relevance will be at least 95%.

Return of customers

The data in the client base may lose relevance due to the loss of customers. Sooner or later, every company faces. Reasons for care can be different: someone does not like the service or the price level, others managed to entice competitors. Loss of several clients may not be critical, but what if the phenomenon has become massive? Returning customers is quite realistic, and it’s worth doing. First , apart from the reason for their departure, all this time there were reasons why they were with you. This means that you will have to work less on their loyalty.

Secondly, if the clients managed to return, it means that you managed to eliminate the circumstances that caused the withdrawal, which, in turn, will help to avoid them in the future.


Our experts know that a well-structured conversation can help to achieve the desired result. In the course of communication, we will find out the reasons for the client’s withdrawal and will be able to offer him new, more profitable forms of cooperation. Scripts created for your specific case, professional operators, able to improvise – all this allows you to achieve impressive results when returning your customers.

Carry out surveys

Survey of respondents on the approved script

Identify the needs of the target audience of the company

Evaluation of the degree of customer satisfaction with the quality of the purchased goods / services

Forming a clear portrait of the client

For those who care about the client’s opinion

Any company manager or marketer knows that a clear understanding of the needs and preferences of customers is necessary for developing a brand promotion strategy. Weprosys Ltd. offers you a fast and effective way to get information about your target audience – a telephone survey.

Advantages of telephone interviews

A telephone survey, as a rule, is more effective than writing. Unwillingness to waste time filling out the questionnaires leads to the fact that people fill out the form, not particularly hesitating, “for a tick”, or do not fill at all if it is not encouraged by any gifts or bonuses. Live communication with a professionally trained operator will help to win the client’s location and receive reliable answers from him on the questions that interest you.

The telephone survey has other advantages. The customer can fill in the form, only after coming to you for purchase or services. You can make a call when you need it, and you can interview not only current customers, but potential ones.

One of the components of the success of any trading company is the regular conduct of sociological and marketing research, because this is the fastest and right way to know the needs of the market and the target audience. Carrying out of telephone surveys allows to regulate the company’s activity in a timely manner in order to increase the turnover or release of a new type of goods that the consumer needs.

In order to avoid unnecessary financial and time costs, successful companies actively use the services of call centers that own the necessary equipment, qualified personnel and already established working schemes.

Conducting a telephone survey by contact centers has a number of advantages over other methods of research:

For contact with the target audience, it is enough just to dial the phone number, which saves considerable time compared to direct questioning.

Maximum reliability of the received data. Practice shows that 90% of the polled subscribers willingly go to contact a virtual interlocutor and can safely say what they will not say in person in a direct dialogue.

Drawing up a database of potential customers based on the information received during the survey.

It is important to remember that conducting telephone interviews is not recommended to trust staff because of lack of necessary experience. Operators of call centers can immediately “read” the mood of the subscriber, correctly choose the script of conversation and intonation of the voice, and also have psychological techniques that allow them to locate their interlocutor.

The purpose of telephone interviews

Carrying out a telephone survey is usually used to solve such problems as:

The study of the volume of the market before the presentation of goods or services.

Creating a common portrait of the target consumer.

Determination of interests and preferences of the target audience.

Evaluation of the attitude to the company or competitor’s brand, as well as the designation of its advantages or disadvantages.

Identify the reasons for reducing or increasing the demand for a particular product or service.

The data obtained as a result of the survey is systematized and allows to correct the direction of the company’s activity in a timely manner, to identify and exclude the mistakes made, to modernize the existing product or service to the requirements of consumers.

Weprosys Ltd. Call Center presentation

Each trading company constantly seeks to increase its turnover using a variety of different advertising tools. One such tool is the presentation by phone of a new product or service. However, for carrying out such presentations, large financial costs are required for the purchase of equipment, software, and rental of premises for staff operators. In order to avoid such costs, companies turn to specialized call-centers, which already have a material and technical base and the necessary experience for conducting presentations.

In what cases is the presentation used by phone

The presentation service by phone will be the ideal solution for such cases as:

Entering the market for a new product or service, which is necessary to inform the existing customers.

Search for new customers by processing the target audience.

Promoting the company or brand in the market, as well as expanding the target audience.

It should be noted that the call center can conduct both “cold” and “hot” presentations on the phone. Hot, call those customers who are already familiar with the company or product. In case of a new line of goods or services, sales among hot contacts can reach 85%. Cold called potential buyers who are not familiar with the company and the percentage of sales in these cases is between 10 and 25%.

Scheme of presentation

The presentation by phone gives a much higher percentage of sales than advertising on television or placement of graphic advertising. Increased efficiency is achieved through live communication with the operator. The scheme of work is as follows:

Together with the customer, a common scenario of conversation is created.

The target audience or the customer base presented by the customer is studied.

Call-center allocates the necessary number of operators and conducts their preparation.

Operators make calls and make detailed reports on the results.

During the call, the operator is represented on behalf of the company, conducts a presentation, responds to possible questions or objections, and in conclusion – draws up an order or invites to a meeting depending on the task set by the customer.

Active sales

The most common way to effectively find regular customers and increase turnover are active sales. This is one of the types of telephone marketing, which is used in case of inefficiency of other types of advertising promotion. In this case, the search for customers and the sale is done through live communication on the phone, between the call center operator and the potential buyer.

Direct sales with the involvement of contact centers

The main task is to release staff members from constant phone calls, unload the telephone line and shift work to qualified employees of call-centers. Operators have a wide experience of work, are trained to respond competently to objections, are able to locate a potential client. The task of the operator is to describe the advantages of the company or product, to convince the future customer of the benefits of the purchase.

The service of active sales is aimed directly at finding a ready customer, but in the process of work, a large consumer base is created in parallel, which, with additional competent processing, will serve as another source of customers. Also, the service allows you to obtain sociological data about the target group’s attitude to the company, the product, identify competitors and simply convey information.

Advantage of call-centers

Active sales with the help of call-centers give a number of significant advantages, such as exemption from spending on various types of information or print advertising. When contacting the Weprosys Ltd. contact center, specialists will help to develop a scenario based on already proven marketing techniques. Then, the operators are instructed and the process of “cold” calling begins or according to the already available database. The contact center process is as follows:

The program dials and connects to the operator.

The operator starts communication and analyzes the needs of the future client.

Then there is a presentation of the company or product, as well as combining the client’s needs with the characteristics of the product in such a way that the consumer is convinced of the need and benefit of the purchase.

The end of the conversation is an invitation to a meeting or a deal.

The service of active sales, which you can order in Weprosys Ltd., allows you to increase the turnover of your company by 25-40%.

Marketing research

Before releasing a new product or service to the market, each company conducts marketing research that allows to study the market in detail, to investigate competitors, to reveal the approximate volume of the market and the target consumer. The received data allow to correct the activity of the company for achievement of the maximum result. In addition, similar studies are conducted for regular monitoring of the market and consumers in order to identify possible problems in their timely elimination.

Objectives of marketing research

For carrying out of marketing researches by a method of telephone interrogations and questioning, it is possible to choose two variants:

Attraction of full-time employees of the company. However, the additional load in the form of telephone calls will significantly reduce the productivity of workers themselves, overload the telephone line and adversely affect the company’s operations.

Attraction of a specialized contact center. Similar centers already have a staff of trained operators, equipment and software.

Contact centers can conduct research as a method of live communication with a potential consumer, and with the use of IVR technology, which allows for automatic execution of a much larger amount of work. As a result, you will receive ready-made statistical data for further work and making the right decisions.

The objectives of marketing research are:

Getting the full picture about the target audience, its solvency and preferences.

Identify the free niches of the market and its prospects.

Study of competitive goods and their advantages.

Review the effectiveness of various types of advertising your product.

Creation and expansion of the base of potential clients.

The employees of Weprosys Ltd. contact center, if necessary, will help to formulate the format of future research and develop a step-by-step scenario, since they have extensive experience and solid baggage of proven working methods. Carrying out marketing research, you will receive detailed reports on the work done for the selected period of time and will be able to correct the direction of research, as well as the work of operators. Practice shows that as a result of narrowly focused studies, a large amount of information accumulates in passing, which is also useful for further work.


Modern trading companies are actively using various technologies to increase turnover and search for new customers. One of the tools to increase the number of sales is telemarketing, which has been used in Western companies for more than 40 years and is an integral part of success. Domestic companies are just beginning to master this type of direct sales, which has already brought many positive results. Some domestic companies engaged in the production and sale of household detergents increased their turnover by 25-40% after the introduction of this technology through modern call centers.

How Telemarketing Works

The telemarketing service implies the sale of goods or services through telephone communication. Weprosys Ltd. call-center operators can work both with the already existing customer base, as well as with “cold” contacts. The algorithm of work consists of several steps:

Contact center operators make a call to a potential customer and are represented by employees of your company.

Then the client is informed about the product or service, its characteristics and advantages over the analogues.

Responds to questions and works with possible objections.

If the customer agrees to make a purchase, the operator appoints a meeting with the manager of your company or takes an order by phone.

If necessary, call center operators can send a potential customer a fax, e-mail or presentation of the goods. During the telemarketing, the operator records the degree of the customer’s interest in the product or service, while forming a client base with the appropriate notations. If the client has not yet made a decision, the call center operator makes a note to make a repeated call after a certain time. The modern software of the call center at the appointed time will remind the operator about the need to make a repeated call.

Before starting the work, the call center instructs the operators in accordance with a pre-prepared scenario. Conducting telemarketing with the call center, you save time and release your employees from routine work. As a result, you will receive a complete database of potential buyers loyal to the brand or service. Operators will provide detailed reports on the number and results of calls made.

Customer search

The main direction of the work of marketers of all trading companies is the search for clients to increase the turnover, while trying, at the same time, to save money for advertising companies as much as possible. Many companies have repeatedly conducted market research to identify the most promising search methods with maximum impact and in all cases, the leader is telemarketing.

For the implementation of telephone marketing, special call-centers are involved, which work on a well-established and verified algorithm. Operators call the base of potential customers, present themselves as employees of your company and represent the necessary product or service. The operator correctly informs the subscriber about the advantages of this purchase and its advantages over analogues, while using the previously prepared scenario of the conversation.

Advantages of call-centers in finding customers

Call-centers can search clients both through the already prepared database of the customer, and through their own databases. Modern centers have their own server equipment and software, which allows you to automatically select the base of potential customers based on the entered search parameters.

Calling the Weprosys Ltd. center, the customer receives the following benefits:

High performance, allowing you to handle a large number of phone numbers in the shortest possible time.

Experienced operators, calling other companies, immediately identify the right category of persons who are responsible for making a decision and conduct a dialogue directly with the person in charge.

During the search for customers, an up-to-date database of interested parties with the necessary notes is formed, which can be transformed into regular customers in further processing.

Operators are represented on behalf of your company, politely and constructively set out a commercial offer, which allows to increase brand loyalty and credibility.

During the call, employees form detailed reporting on the work done, which gives you the opportunity to quickly correct the action of operators.

It is important to remember that the search for clients simultaneously allows you to get important information about the state of the market and find out how much your product or service is in demand. These data will allow to form correctly the further marketing activity and to improve a product under requirements of the consumer.

Return of customers

In some areas of the market, recessions may periodically occur due to the seasonality of the product or service. Also, recessions may be caused by the appearance of a competitive product and a deterioration in the quality of service. In these cases, it is no longer necessary to talk about expanding the customer base, as it becomes necessary to keep existing consumers and return those who for whatever reasons refused to sell your company. In these cases, the customer return service provided by the call centers comes to the rescue.

How customer refund works

According to the available statistics, of all the departed customers, only 10% can accurately indicate the reason for leaving. The return of customers implies establishing relationships with former clients, finding out the reason for refusing the goods or services. When an order for this service is received, the work is carried out according to the following scheme:

Call-center operators ring up the provided base of former clients and find out the reasons for refusing services.

Based on the data obtained, a list of the main causes as a percentage is compiled.

Weprosys Ltd. operators will help you analyze the data in order for the customer to eliminate the flaws and make unique commercial offers that will prompt the customer to return.

At the final stage, the operators ring up former customers, interest them and return them to the company.

Usually for the return of customers, special offers are used in the form of individual discounts, lowering tariffs, shares. Then the call center managers develop a conversation script, prepare the operators and begin re-processing the database.

The operator informs the former client about the company’s elimination of the reasons for the deterioration of the quality of the goods or services, works with objections and offers an individual advantageous offer that prompts the client to return.

Weprosys Ltd.’s call center callback is provided by experienced operators who possess the necessary psychological techniques, can arrange to communicate with their interlocutor and convey the necessary information through live communication. In parallel, the employees of the call-center make a detailed report on the work done in real time, which allows you to correct the actions of operators.

Sociological survey

One of the main factors of the company’s success is preliminary research of the market and the target audience for which the product or service will be calculated. The research is carried out by conducting questionnaires and sociological surveys, for which professional call centers are involved. The financial costs of conducting interviews are compensated by the increase in turnover through attracting the interest of new consumers.

What is social survey?

A sociological survey is one of the types of research that is carried out by phone calling potential customers in order to identify their preferences and increase interest in the product or service. The received data allow to take into account interests of consumers and to correct advertising and trading activity for increase of goods turnover.

When you call the call center Weprosys Ltd. for sociological surveys, the organization of this event is as follows:

Employees of Weprosys Ltd. study the company’s activities, goods or services.

A questionnaire is being developed for interviewing respondents.

The call center conducts a profile training of operators for conducting a sociological survey.

The process of a survey on cold contacts or on an already ready client base provided by the customer begins.

Analysis and structuring of the results obtained, as well as detailed daily reports on the activities of the call center.

When contacting the call center Weprosys Ltd., the customer receives a number of significant advantages:

The release of full-time employees from a large number of calls and unloading the company’s telephone line.

Possibility to conduct a sociological survey using the IVR voice menu.

Reaching a large audience as soon as possible.

Detailed reporting in electronic form on the activities of the call center and the results of the survey.

We can note from experience that the most probable results are the telephone poll by operators due to live communication with the audience. Surveys using IVR can reach more people, but the data obtained have a lower percentage of accuracy. One call center operator, Weprosys Ltd., can work on a daily basis from 50 to 80 calls, depending on the complexity of the survey.

Sales by phone

The modern market is characterized by active and dynamic development. Many trading companies constantly have to look for new solutions to promote their products and retain their market share. One such solution is telephone sales. This type of product promotion is carried out by specialized call-centers in cases when standard advertising does not work or is ineffective. Also, telephone sales can be used to increase the turnover in certain regions.

Sales by phone through the call center

Many managers mistakenly believe that the organization of sales by phone can be hung on their staff members, while saving money. However, in this case, a few very important points are not taken into account:

Staff members will be diverted from their direct duties for permanent phone calls.

For convenience of work, it will be necessary to extend the telephone line.

Requires additional training for employees in the rules of telephone marketing.

The employee can make a maximum of 15 phone calls per day if there is free time.

It is not difficult to understand that the effectiveness of such sales on the phone is almost zero, but about a significant increase in turnover and do not think at all.

When you contact a professional call center Weprosys Ltd., you get the following benefits:

A ready-made scheme for working with the algorithms of operators’ actions that have already been worked out.

Call centers have special equipment and software, which allows one operator to make up to 150 calls a day.

The employees of the call-center provide full reporting on the results of their work and in parallel form the actual database of potential clients.

From here we see that when 10 call-center operators are connected, about 800 people a day and 24 000 people a month learn about your product or service. As the statistics show, 25% of the processed contacts are guaranteed to purchase the goods immediately, and another 40% will be entered into the database as potential customers.

Sales by phone with Weprosys Ltd. call center give rise to loyalty to the product or company, thanks to the smooth operation, courtesy and competence of the operators.

Creating and updating databases

Information is a powerful basis for conducting any business, especially in the sphere of trade. Each successful enterprise has its own client database, which serves as the basis for promoting new products or services on the market. However, each database needs periodic updates and updates to update

obsolete data and obtain new ones. Creation and actualization of databases is necessary to identify the target audience of consumers, to establish the level of their interest in goods or services.

What is the creation and updating of the database?

The process of creating and updating a database is a routine job that takes a lot of time from employees of the company, distracting them from performing direct duties. It is for this reason that the management of the companies gives this work to specialized call centers. The process of creation and updating is carried out as follows:

The customer provides an existing database and specifies which data to update.

In the absence of a database, employees of call center Weprosys Ltd. together with the customer determine the target audience, according to the agreed parameters.

The call center selects the required number of operators and guides them in accordance with the assigned tasks.

Creation and actualization of the database is carried out by telephone processing of the target audience.

The results of the work are provided to the client in digital form and in a format convenient for the customer (Access, Exel, txt or doc).

When contacting the call center Weprosys Ltd., the customer receives the most complete and ready-to-work database of potential customers, in which all the data of interest will be displayed. Weprosys Ltd. guarantees complete confidentiality of the received information about the customers, which will be available only to the customer.

Practice shows that the availability of the created and updated database allows in a short time to promote a new product or service to the market, as well as adjust the company’s activities in accordance with changes in demand trends from potential customers. At the request of the customer, Weprosys Ltd. can not only create a database from scratch, but also regularly update the existing data, as well as complement it with new customers. The customer can at any time adjust the activities of operators and expand the geography of work.


In order to successfully market your products or services, as well as conduct any other type of business, you need to know the features of the market and the needs of the target audience of consumers. Any product or service will always be successful if it meets the requirements of customers. To receive all this information, questionnaires are used with the involvement of modern call-centers.

The essence of the event is the collection, systematization and analysis of information that is obtained from a potential consumer through a telephone survey. The more people were interviewed, the more accurate the data will be, which will help in choosing a product and compiling an advertising campaign.

Advantages of call-centers in questionnaires

During the survey it is necessary to interview a large number of potential customers, especially if the product or service is aimed at a broad audience. It is almost impossible to conduct a quality survey by staff members, besides, a large number of calls will lead to congestion of the telephone line.

Calling the center of Weprosys Ltd., the customer not only saves the time of employees, but also gets such opportunities as:

Assistance to the center’s employees in drafting a questionnaire plan and a telephone conversation script.

The staff of professional operators. One operator can make up to 150 calls a day, depending on the complexity of the survey.

Ability to poll via the IVR voice menu, this significantly increases the number of respondents in a given time period, but reduces the quality and plausibility of the information received.

Compilation of statistical survey data and monitoring them on-line.

Questioning with the help of call-center Weprosys Ltd. allows you to process a large number of potential customers in the shortest possible time, and on the basis of the information received, make a portrait of the target consumer. Surveys provide an opportunity to identify new market segments, make a base of interested customers and in time to adjust the product or service to sweat the needs of the market.

Weprosys Ltd. operators have all the necessary skills to locate a person and get the most complete information in live communication.


The success of modern call centers depends not only on the material and technical base, but also on the level of training of operators. Even if the call center has the most up-to-date equipment and professional software, its services will not be in demand in the market if the operator can not associate two words when serving a client or dryly reads pre-prepared text. To maintain the high quality of the services provided, the call center should conduct staff training in accordance with the tasks assigned.

Training of employees in the contact center Weprosys Ltd.

For operators of the Weprosys Ltd. center, special trainings are regularly conducted to develop the necessary skills, as well as regular certification that allows maintaining high qualifications. The training method is to determine the purpose of training staff, create conditions for rapid assimilation of knowledge and organize practical classes. Methods of teaching include:

Conducting briefings. Each operator before the start of work receives a detailed briefing, which takes into account all the features of the event and the wishes of the customer.

Conduct regular seminars where staff learn new methods of work and how to use them in practice.

Self-education this includes the study of special computer programs, and the development of skills to work quickly with them. Also, independent training of personnel includes viewing video materials, printed literature and listening to audio recordings of demonstration calls with the purpose of auditory and visual perception of information.

Conducting practical classes. This method of training takes place both between operators and using real calls. Practical exercises are carried out under the supervision of experienced instructors, after which work is being done on the mistakes.

Such theoretical and practical teaching methods allow you to quickly master various methods of work and practice them in practice.

When working with a specific product, service or company, training programs for personnel are individually compiled and approved with the customer. Operators undergo the necessary training with a thematic bias. In the call center Weprosys Ltd. there are groups of operators that are formed depending on the scope of services. It can be doctors, marketers, psychologists or specialists of a different profile.

Direct Marketing

One of the tools of modern trading companies is direct marketing or its other name – direct marketing. This is a combination of various methods of promoting goods and services that involve direct communication with the client. This includes automatic customer information using IVR technology and direct phone marketing. The service of direct marketing through direct communication turns out to be modern call-centers, in which both the operators of the center and employees of your company can work under a contract for renting a workplace.

Advantages of direct marketing

Until recently, the concept of direct marketing included the mass distribution of electronic messages to specific customer addresses and the sending of printed materials to the mail in the form of booklets, flyers and other types of promotional products. However, this type of marketing is losing its effectiveness every day and gives way to direct marketing in the form of telephone communication. Ordering the direct marketing service in our contact center, you get a number of such advantages as:

Live communication with the client through a telephone conversation, as an e-mail can get into spam, and printed correspondence can be delivered or read out of time.

Live communication makes it possible to assess customer loyalty to the product and update the existing contact database.

This method of marketing allows you to effectively work with objections, answer consumer questions and make phone sales.

An individual approach increases the credibility of the company and the product.

Carrying out direct marketing with the help of a call-center, you save money considerably, because you pay only for the contacts that have been made, which is much lower in cost than the printing of advertising products and its placement.

Weprosys Ltd. call center operators before the beginning of work with your client base study the product and activities of the company in detail, prepare a conversation scenario and compile detailed reports on the work done. Operators are represented on behalf of the customer’s company and can serve the client in various foreign languages ​​regardless of his location.

Informing customers

Each company in the process of commercial activity, there is a need to inform its customers. If the number of customers is in the thousands, the staff will not be able to cope with this task in a short time. In addition to direct duties, employees can make a maximum of 20 calls in their spare time. With thousands of customers on their maintenance months will pass. It is in such cases that special contact centers are attracted to work, which have all the necessary equipment, special software and a large number of professionally trained operators.

Informing customers using the call center

The service “Informing customers” from the Weprosys Ltd. contact center allows us to notify all customers in the shortest possible time with the help of such tools as:

SMS delivery.

Sending of the message by e-mail.

Automatic notification via IVR technology.

Informing customers by calling customers.

Operators of the call center will quickly and accurately deliver the necessary information to the client and, if necessary, answer all additional questions. The customer information service is often used in such cases as:

Notification of the release of a new product or service.

Congratulations on a holiday or a birthday.

Information about the change of contact information or address.

Invitation or reminder of the event of the company.

Changes in prices or tariffs.

Notification of seasonal sales, promotions or personal offers.

During the notification, operators make detailed statistics about the results and make the necessary notes. At the request of the customer, call center Weprosys Ltd. will provide records of telephone conversations and complete reporting on the work done.

The service “Informing customers” gives an opportunity to maintain constant communication with customers and thanks to live communication significantly increases the loyalty to the company. All operators of Weprosys Ltd. have a perfect knowledge of the services or goods of your company, have skills and etiquette of business communication, and can maintain service in several languages.