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Open Source Content Management Systems

We develop websites with a content management system (CMS), using and customizing the best open source software available on the market such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and many others. A CMS is an interface through which you can manage a website without needing to be able to program, varying the need and with the utmost simplicity all the contents: texts, photos, files, users and much more.


We have chosen to work on open source CMS as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and many others to protect your business project.

“Open source” is a term that is applied to software when its source code is released to the public, so that, with the collaboration of other developers, the program can become more complex and powerful.

Open Source content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and many others are constantly updated by an entire world community; this translates, due to the huge amount of contributors, in constant releases of new functions, minor malfunctions, periodic improvements regarding security and stability. The possibility to access their source code allows any web agency to know its architecture, therefore you will not be bound to a single supplier for a lifetime, but at any time you can change without having to redo from scratch a website that costs important investments.

Quality websites

-Realization of websites, the strengths of Pro

-Conversion optimization based on marketing and the science of persuasion

-Original graphic and communication ideas cut on your brand identity

-Attention to the browsing experience of your user

-Pages taken care of in every detail (not only the home page)

-Development of custom features scaled up on your real goals

-Tracking and tracking conversions

-The genesis of your portal

-The production process in the realization of your customized CMS:

-The analysis of the digital market is for us the starting point if we want to evaluate the potential of the project and the best advertising channels to bring it to success.

-For the realization of a web project with CMS platform, in the initial meeting with the customer we deepen our needs and define the graphic style of the site.

We then proceed to the creation of the graphic template, which as main features must be simple to navigate and of good visual impact.

Always keeping in mind the access from tablets and smartphones, we develop responsive websites.

We then proceed to installation and configuration of the CMS.

Depending on the customer’s needs, standard features and any additional modules and plug-ins are set.

WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and many others can easily manage multilingual sites. The agreed pages

Are then created, after which you will be autonomous in creating new ones or to modify existing ones.

Our staff will take a few hours of training to teach you how to best use the content management platform.

Continuous assistance

Constant updating of the CMS engine to ensure safety and new features

The updating of these systems is of fundamental importance to ensure a high level of security and the use of the latest features released, so we also take care to keep the installations up-to-date.

For any assistance on the site, changes and new implementations, our sales and technical staff are always at your disposal.

A website with content management must provide many features available to users and site administrators, see the main ones:

-User Area

-View pages, articles and site news

-Search for articles using a standard or advanced search engine

-Comment on the articles (if allowed by the administrator)

-Request information by filling out the contact form

-Making your site registration (if allowed by the administrator)

-View media content

-Use additional features on the website

-Administration Panel

-Enter / change / delete categories and sub-categories

-Insert / modify / delete articles and pages including texts and photos

-Manage multimedia content and galleries

-View and manage reviews and comments posted by customers (if allowed by the administrator)

-Banner management

-Use the many additional applications and features that can be activated

-Once the creation of the site with a content management system is complete, all that remains is to optimize search engine optimization, promote it on social networks and through email marketing campaigns.