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Newsletter Design Services

Newsletter Design Services. Among the many channels offered by the web to promote their business, look for new customers and cultivate the relationship with those already acquired, e-mail is perhaps the simplest, but also the one that allows to obtain the most interesting results.

The advantage of newsletters lies above all in the direct way in which they allow to reach the recipient with the information, commercial or otherwise, that they intend to convey.


The potentially reachable audience with a Direct Email Marketing campaign is huge, just think that every web user has at least one e-mail address, and thanks to the diffusion of smartphones, seeing incoming emails in direct contact has become a common habit.

Furthermore, the newsletters make it possible to create a direct connection with the users: if the emails are well thought out, the recipients get the impression that they are really personal communications, tailored to them, and will therefore continue to appreciate receiving and consulting them.

When is a newsletter really effective?

When users find it really useful and interesting a newsletter, it means that the fundamental objective of the Email Marketing campaign has been achieved. On the other hand, finding the answers to your needs directly in your e-mail box is much more convenient than having to find information in the first person surfing the net or relying on social networks.

So, it is not surprising that this tool, however simple, continues to be among the best in digital marketing. Before starting work on the design of a newsletter or an entire campaign, you need to define your goals precisely.

In general, Email Marketing can be effective for:

-Promote products and services and increase their sales;

-To cultivate the relationship with the relevant public;

-Disseminate news and updates for informational purposes only.

Below, we analyze more closely these main cases, with particular regard to the type of results that allow to achieve.

Email marketing for sale

The newsletters allow you to convey advertising information very effectively. Perfect in the case of portals dedicated to e-commerce, emails represent the digital evolution of old postal leaflets even for physical stores.

It is possible to reach consumers with a well-set message directly and suggest the purchase of a selection of products, illustrate the advantages of the immediate subscription of a service but also offer discounts and special offers designed to attract new customers.

The best results are obtained through the creation of quality contact lists that is made up of users already selected on the basis of their potential interest in the proposed contents. In drafting a newsletter for purely commercial purposes it is particularly important:

-Carefully write the object and make it as attractive as possible for users, keeping it consistent with the contents;

-Placing Call to Action clear and clearly visible within the message, to entice readers to immediately conclude their purchase.

-To encourage the purchase, does not only mean submitting large selections of articles to the attention of users or continuous promotional offers, but, for example, also provide ideas and ideas that make them want to dedicate themselves to certain activities.

Email Marketing for the dissemination of news and information

For companies active in the public and private sectors, but also for freelancers and small businesses that rely on the direct relationship with the public for their survival, to develop a privileged channel through which communicating with users turns out to be excellent strategy when the aim is to increase notoriety and improve the reputation of its brand.

In this case, the goal is not to induce users to purchase an asset or to sign a contract for the provision of a service, but rather to become a reference point and an accredited source for certain types of information.

The newsletters of this type contain guides, tutorials and tips related to their field of activity and have as their sole purpose to be useful and interesting for the reader.

Of course, all the messages sent by organizations and associations that live the need to keep their members updated on the latest news, on upcoming events scheduled, on the outcome of meetings held or on the progress of fundraising projects .

This type of newsletter requires a great care of the language used and the form and above all the quality of content: recipients are happy to continue receiving messages only when they are pleasant and full of valuable ideas.

The Email Marketing for the public loyalty

Email Marketing is a valuable ally when we set ourselves the goal of building a strong and lasting relationship with our target audience. Working on customer retention means ensuring that customers already acquired return to take advantage of the services offered.

In this case, the action strategy requires knowledge of the characteristics and interests of their contacts, so that they can develop customized offers and discounts, with which to surprise the members of their mailing list.

Independent of the objective that one chooses to pursue, to create a profitable Email Marketing campaign it is necessary to resort to professional tools. With Weprosys Ltd. , the platform for creating and sending newsletters, you can set up perfect campaigns for any purpose , working on the segmentation of contact lists and on the creation of messages with a nice and appealing design. Weprosys Ltd. the management of all the technical aspects of your campaigns becomes quick and easy, as well as the monitoring and verification of the results obtained by sending the newsletter.