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Newsletter Campaign Management Services

Newsletter Campaign Management Services. The newsletter is the most used and appreciated online promotion and communication tool: an e-mail message sent periodically to users who have expressly requested to send it by joining the service. The information normally contained in the newsletter concerns the promotion of events, products, services or warns users about new updates on the site.

The care of the newsletter service is essential: your company is communicating in person, spreading an image that will be perceived positively or negatively based on the quality of communication. This is why it is essential to contact trusted partners: by contacting Weprosys Ltd. you will have the certainty to avoid any kind of inconvenience in using this effective communication tool (do not forget that user data are protected by the privacy law).


Our development team has created a proprietary solution that stands out for its high degree of customization as well as for its ability to guarantee a simple and complete administration of the newsletter service.

Our solution is based on an online platform, accompanied by numerous options and features that ensure a highly professional service and at the same time easy to use. A control panel allows you to manage the service with a few simple clicks. Among the main features of the platform we point out:

Creation of different types of groups

User registry management

Search function by applying filters

Newsletter archive sent

Message management (description, subject and message composition)

The composition of the messages is done through a visual editor full of functionality and particularly intuitive that allows the insertion of images and texts. The editor contains a predefined graphic template that respects your corporate identity. The frequency of sending messages is established by the user who administers the service. Not only that: the graphic team of Weprosys Ltd. is at your disposal to add to the software offer also the creation of a graphic template to frame your message and make it more effective, attractive, personalized and in line with current trends.

Weprosys Ltd. supports the newsletter service with a copywriting service aimed at writing contents that capture the interest and curiosity of users and a specialized web marketing consultancy service aimed at identifying the most suitable communication strategies.

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Why a professional newsletter service

Why should not I send your newsletters from Outlook?

Although Outlook, Mail, Thunderbird and the other e-mail management tools are extraordinary tools for the daily exchange of emails, they are not suitable for sending bulk e-mails and newsletters.

For this same reason, ESP companies (“Email Service Providers”) have been created over the years, offering professional newsletter services that guarantee the optimal sending of massive email campaigns.

Here are the main reasons why it is inadvisable to use your mail client to send newsletters:

-Your emails are aesthetically unpleasant

The possibilities for graphic customization of emails given by mail clients are usually very limited and the newsletters tend to be very sparse and not very attractive. Most professional newsletter services, on the other hand, allow you to create design emails, in many cases by modifying or customizing existing templates and made available to the user free of charge. Through the WYSIWYG editor (“what you see is what you get”) you can edit the free graphic templates and turn them into your ideal newsletter in a short time.

-You have trouble sending large amounts of emails

Email clients cannot support sending large amounts of emails. They are born to manage the exchange of individual personal emails, which are sent and received one by one during the course of the day. Anyone who has attempted to send bulk emails from Thunderbird or other mail clients has discovered at its own expense how frustrating and catastrophic this activity may be. The result in many cases is in fact the blocking of the software and the PC and the slowing down of the internet connection for some time. Professional services, on the other hand, are born with the purpose of managing large quantities of emails.

-Your emails end up in SPAM

Mail providers use different protocols to handle EMAIL submission. Among these there is a macro-difference between the so-called BULK (massive) mailings and those instead single.

Even considering the best scenario in which a bulk email was sent, the results of the delivery rates would be very low. The mail providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, Libero, Aol and Hotmail to name just a few, in fact they see with suspicion the sending of large quantities of emails made without the support of a special professional newsletter service (ESP).

The most probable consequence will be that the vast majority of emails will be directly filtered or trashed into the SPAM folder of the recipients, eliminating the effectiveness of their email campaigns. Why invest time and resources in a communication that nobody will ever read?

-Your IP could be “blacklisted”

Improper use of email clients could have much more negative effects than the fact that their emails end up in spam; in fact, there is a strong risk that your IP address will be branded as SPAMMER and therefore be blacklisted.

Restoring the reputation of your IP can be really complicated.

-Risky management of the address database

You must send thousands of emails to all your customers. However, due to privacy reasons, you do not want your recipients to be aware of the email addresses of the other contacts in your Outlook address book. Simple, you think, just use the CCN!

The CCN is the “hidden carbon copy”, which is the functionality offered by mail clients to send a copy of the email to many contacts but without them being aware of the other recipients. It sounds simple but it is not at all.

In fact, it may happen that you forget to enter the addresses in the CCN field and then send, in clear and publicly to all, the complete list of email addresses to which the communication is intended.

Furthermore, the use of the CCN entails the fact that no address can be entered in the “To:” field because it would be visible to anyone. The email will therefore be received as apparently sent to any recipient, revealing in short the trick of CCN: certainly an unprofessional practice. With a dedicated newsletter service, every email is sent individually.

-Lack of links for unsubscription

Professional newsletter services allow you to manage user disclaimer easily and worry-free. In fact, they provide for the automatic insertion of a link or button in every mailing that allows the final recipients to choose at any time whether to continue receiving the newsletter or not. It is not just a question of adapting to the current privacy legislation but also one of the most important “best practices” of email marketing.

On the contrary, with mail clients, unsubscriptions should be handled totally by hand, with a great waste of time and resources, and the constant risk of errors or omissions.