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NetSuite Accounting Software service

The NetSuite solution for trade automation and distribution is a single, flexible software solution that includes automation of marketing, sales and customer service, as well as back-office tasks for warehouse management, order processing and financial accounting. In developing the NetSuite solution for wholesale and distribution, the experience of 800 distribution companies was used, supplemented by the best methods for providing consulting services in the field of software implementation and adaptation. This NetSuite solution enables companies to expand their business and provide new services, improving customer service and reducing costs.


Automation of trade with NetSuite is the best solution for wholesale distributors:

-Unified system for your business

-Information panels for distribution and wholesale management

-Advanced warehouse management and order processing for distributors

-Automation of purchases

-The best CRM system for distributors

-Integration of distribution functions with back-office operations

-Rich functionality for maintenance and support

-The second generation of e-commerce, expanding markets

Easy setup and integration

Relationship management with partners / dealers / agents

-Incredible availability


A single system for your business. Traditionally, distributors had to use several different applications, as well as spreadsheets, to manage their business. A single integrated specialized solution of NetSuite, combining the work of all business processes, allowed companies to abandon the use of different systems, improve the availability of information and the effectiveness of relations with customers and suppliers.

Real-time business management for multinational companies and holdings using a single NetSuite OneWorld system

-One system is the management of the entire distribution work cycle

-Single view of the customer

-Subscription model

-Cooperation with trading partners

-The most customizable and extensible subscription system

Information panels for managing the distribution business. The NetSuite solution for wholesalers / distributors contains information panels with 15 predefined roles – each employee of the company receives a specialized information panel that allows him to track everything related to his work. The principle “all the necessary information at hand” became a reality. You can track real-time trends in trends for potential customers, opportunities, warehouse use, support issues, costs, and much more. Moreover, it is very simple, with the help of the mouse, you can add and remove information panels from the screen, change their location and their content.

-Key Performance Indicators

-Availability in real time

-Saved Searches

-Group use of calendars


-Direct Detailing

Advanced warehouse management and order processing for distributors. NetSuite system will save any distribution company a huge amount of working time associated with data entry, organization and execution of various business processes. You can in a few seconds convert potential customers into orders, orders – in shipments, and shipments – in revenue.

The NetSuite system also covers the processing of the order in the warehouse, packing and shipping of the goods. Integration with UPS ™ and FedEx ™ systems allows you to simply transfer order information to the UPS or FedEx system and instantly get information about rates, tracking number, address verification information, and the ability to print shipping invoices. You can also improve the profitability of the warehouse by including in the cost of the product overhead, such as shipping costs or customs payments.

Advanced multi-warehouse management for distributors

-Cell Management

-Replenishment of the warehouse based on demand

-Accurate fulfillment of obligations under orders

-Order management and advanced delivery

-Integration with UPS® and FedEx® with tracking capability

-Managing returns in one system

-Real-Time System

Automation of purchases. The NetSuite system allows you to move from purchases that require a lot of manual and paper work to handling low-cost, automated purchases. The NetSuite system allows you to upgrade the procurement process, saving you time and money.

-Create purchase orders with a single click

-Improved processing of receipts

-Automatic payments

-Vendor Self-Service Center

The best CRM-system for distributors. Customer relationship management software (CRM) can increase the level of services provided and the growth rate of the distribution company, and one of the leading analytical firms recently awarded first place to the NetSuite CRM software product for achievements in such areas as sales management, forecasting, capability management and information panel. Why? Unlike other CRM systems, the NetSuite CRM software product is fully integrated with financial accounting and back-office systems, providing you with a complete view of the customer.

-Full understanding of the client

-Integrated marketing campaigns

-The actual profitability of marketing campaigns

-Full processing cycle: from potential customer to order

-Full process: from order to receipt of funds

-Calculation and charging of commissions

-Customer Self-Service Centers

-Relationship Management

-Automatic additional / cross sales

Integration of distribution functions with back-office operations. The NetSuite solution allows you to manage complex back-office operations from one system.

-Full financial accounting

-Warehouse and order processing

-Automation of the procurement process

-Paperless expense reports

-Personnel Management

-Reduced overhead costs

Rich functionality for maintenance and support. The quality of service plays a very important role in the success of the distribution companies’ business – quality service helps to meet the needs of customers and achieve their loyalty. Often a high level of service implies high costs, and therefore NetSuite gives you tools that allow you to provide the right level of service to your customers at the best price.

-Multichannel services

-Work Tracking

-Customer Center

The second generation of e-commerce expands markets. The website has long become the preferred channel of communication between the client and the company. NetSuite is the only application system that includes in its core web site hosting and e-commerce. The functionality of e-commerce NetSuite allows you to effectively use the Internet to increase the growth rate of your business at the lowest cost. Your company can provide high quality services to customers and partners via the Internet.

-Simple tools for building a site

-Analysis of the site in the system

-Flexible Website Hosting

-Integrated order management

-Integrated Warehouse Management

-Promotional prices, discounts and coupons

-Password-protected sites, products and content

Easy setup and integration. Platform customization and development of SuiteFlex extensions of the NetSuite system allows you to create distributors with flexible, powerful and expandable business management solutions.


-Web services

-Application Developer

-Vertical Solutions

Relationship management with partners. The NetSuite system allows you to work with partners as part of your own sales organization – their sellers get all the opportunities available to your own vendors.

-Sales management

-Transparency of work with clients

-Joint Marketing

-Warehouse availability

Sales Tools

Incredible availability. The NetSuite system significantly reduces the cost of ownership compared to other combinations of front and back-office applications, including the Great Plains system with, MSCRM systems, MAS200 with Sage CRM, Prophet 21 system with Sales Logic and others. You no longer need to update the hardware and / or software to keep pace or be one step ahead of your competitors.

The business model ASP used by NetSuite means that you will always have access to the latest software developments, and the transition to new versions of the product will be done automatically – we will take care of it. Any of your improvements and extensions, all the settings will be transferred to the new version automatically, saving you one more potential expense item. If you do something once – it will always work.