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Outsource Native App Development Services

Each project has its own history and its needs. Tailored to each specific situation , we activate a cross functional team able to work on all aspects: from the design of the UX / UI specific for smartphone and tablet app, to the aspects related to the application integration (backend), to the development and beta testing of native mobile apps.

The native apps are those applications developed using a specific programming language for each type of operating system (Objective-C / Swift for iOS, Java for Android, C # for Windows Phone, etc.). Compared to the “cousins” hybrid app, the native ones enjoy excellent performances (even if the gap is getting thinner and shorter), but they are more expensive. The budget to be considered for the development of native apps is, on average, 4/5 times higher than that for hybrid applications.


Enterprise and B2B apps

Over the years we have developed the skills that allow us to work in very heterogeneous contexts, but we have chosen as our main focus the projects of the enterprise type and the mobile B2B solutions integrated with the processes and management of the companies.

Native development of iOS and Android apps

We are convinced that there should be no compromise on the quality of the result: this is why we work mainly in native language, supporting the iOS and Android operating systems. We write automated tests and integrate tools to support the development of native apps to minimize errors detected during beta testing.

Backend and CMS / API Management

Each value project is dynamic and shows information relevant to the user. This means that it must interact with a backend for the exchange of information and content and the provision of services. We design API Rest and provide mobile backend solutions to integrate with legacy applications that do not support direct integration with mobile apps.

Push notification

We always evaluate the inclusion of push notifications in our projects, because they are an excellent tool for engaging users. Sending messages to specific targets, when certain actions are completed or special events occur, is an effective way to increase the frequency of use of the app.

Automatic tests and beta testing

We integrate solutions to allow users to return feedback on their app usage experience. Thanks to their reports and automatically collected data, we are able to identify any problems and make changes to the app in a precise manner, respecting the needs of the customer.