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Movie editing services

Specialists of the Weprosys Ltd. have the necessary experience, skills and special equipment in order to give your Movie brightness and dynamics. Movie editing, done professionally, implies a complete change in the Movie sequence: from inserting music screensavers, captions, interesting transitions, photo and Movie elements, special effects to working with graphics, animation, block diagrams, etc.

Installation, post-processing and color correction of Movie are the final stages of creating a Movie product. The process of Movie editing consists in their computer processing using special software. Creative and quality montage can give a life ruined for shooting shots.


Movie editing

Editing Movie clips is done by non-linear editing: all Movie fragments are separated, selected and recorded in the required sequence and in the desired format on the selected medium. In addition, the installation of Movie clips also provides professional work with sound, which should directly illustrate and duplicate the image, because properly selected sound adds meaning to the Movie, depth and mood. Professional editing and post-processing of Movie can be performed by a whole team of people: the director of editing, the director-director, the sound engineer, the composer, the music designer.

Color Correction

Color Correction is a change in the color components of an image. Color correction is an important tool for implementing creative tasks. With this tool, you can achieve a better and more realistic image, and also compensate for the shortcomings of the source material.  By hardware, you can pull out the exposure, change the color temperature, edit the balance of the light and dark parts of the image, change the contrast, add or change the tonality of the image and much more.

Professionally executed Movie editing in the city of Dhaka allows not only to rework, restructure, systematize and decorate the already filmed material, but also to receive an entirely new Movie with a special atmosphere and rhythm.

Surely, each of us in the bins “littered” with some really not processed Movie: from a wedding, birthday, a party, a picnic, a rest at sea, just a home archive, etc. To throw out it is a pity – well, as, memory! – And to bring to mind all there is not enough skill, time, desire or means. But even an excellently made commercial, a documentary, reportage, a clip or a presentation requires the subsequent qualitative Movie processing.

In addition, the masters of the design studio “Weprosys Ltd.” carry out Movie editing from any media. When ordering a Movie editing service from us, you can be sure that the specialists will preliminarily discuss all the important nuances, give efficient advice and make Movie editing exclusively according to your wishes. Our directors realize both linear and nonlinear Movie editing. It is worth noting that non-linear editing implies the fragmentation of Movie into fragments (sometimes significantly reduced from the source material), after which all Movie elements are recorded in the required format and sequence. Under linear editing, often, they mean processing and cutting scenes in the original Movie without disrupting their sequence, in real time.

Please contact us and make sure that our works are unmistakably colorful, creative, dynamic, excellent sound, graphic effects and charming transitions! Professionally made Movie editing by the specialists of the “Weprosys Ltd.” design studio in Dhaka will become a true decoration of the Movie collection and will allow you to relive the momentous events of your life. Such a masterpiece of Movie art will not leave anyone indifferent and will be an excellent gift!