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Motion Graphics Video Services

What is Motion Graphics?

For the creation of a video it is not always necessary to create shots of environments or people; in fact a video can be made using only moving graphics; this type of video is called: Motion Graphic or Motion Graphics. This genre is spreading more and more for its simplicity of use and its communicative effectiveness.


Advantages of Motion Graphics Video Services

Attract public attention

A major advantage of making motion graphics for the video is its ability to immediate attracts the attention of the target audience. In fact using simple objects such as cartoons characters animated scenes and graphic elements that reflect the client’s corporate style makes the video more engaging and greatly increases the ability of the video to be clicked and seen.

Quickly explain complex concepts.

The other advantage is certainly the ability of the video to express in a short time complex concepts that would take hours to be explained in this way we do not bore our visitors and increase their interest in visiting the site. Let us remember that those who visit our site often have little time to devote; explain in short with clear and friendly concepts what we do and what are the services of our company or our product is certainly an important advantage that should not be underestimated.

How to make a good video in Motion Graphic.

The strengths in making a video with only graphics are:

Rapid: the speed of processing there being no video footage even the most complex video can be realized and delivered to the customer within a week.

Simplicity: the graphic examples contained in the video can explain in a direct and fast way complex and laborious meanings such as the company philosophy linked to a product because a certain product is better than that of its own competitors how does navigation on a particular website work can be explained clearly with visual examples understandable to all the potential and benefits of my product or services.

Quality: the quality of our video must reflect some fundamental basics such as:  having an attractive graphic but with well-balanced colors in order to give a professional look to the video. Let us remember that the video always represents the professionalism of the company that tells so a well done video increases the customer’s trust in our company.

What services do we offer?

Creation of promotional text Copywriter

The creation of a good promotional text is fundamental in the creation of a video that makes an immediate take on the relevant public. We put a lot of attention into this first phase of the work creating for you a text that can concisely represent your expectations of success. For this reason we provide a Copywriter that collects the information necessary for the creation of a corporate or promotional text.

Voice Recording

We put at your disposal a complete voice park for all types of videos in English and local language you can listen and choose the voice in our dedicated ” voice” page where you can listen to the work we have done with the various professionals. In many years of experience we have selected and continue to select the best Local and foreign speakers and actors in order to give you a highly professional service and able to best represent your company. We can also make your video in American English French Spanish German Russian Chinese Arabic and in all the languages ​​of the world.

You have control of all phases of the work

View: We have studied a system that allows you to follow all the working phases. All work is performed in Step and each step requires confirmation from the client before moving on to the next step. The customer can view and request any changes during all phases of the video. In this way we guarantee maximum customer satisfaction on the completed video.

What are the working steps for the creation of the video?

In the realization of a video in Motion Graphic our studio is able to take care of all the phases of the work.

– The first step is certainly to create a short dynamic and captivating text.

– We move on to the choice and realization of the narrating voice with the use of professional speakers and actors able to involve the public.

– Animations are created that must both involve the public but not move away from the primary objective of the video disclose a service or the customer’s product.

-Finally the video is delivered in the most suitable formats for broadcasting on the web on social networks but also for exhibitions or cinemas.

What are the types of videos that can be achieved through animated graphics?

We have created an article that helps you to know the types of videos that can be distinguished in the creation of videos in Motion Graphics and are Whiteboard Animation 2D Animation and 2D Character Animation.