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Modern Multimedia Solutions Company Bangladesh

Modern office buildings, cultural and educational institutions are hard to imagine without multimedia solutions. They are being actively implemented even in state structures. The goals of using such complex solutions are to optimize communication processes and not only. At the same time, it is possible to establish a conference call, to broadcast video and audio materials. Such solutions help to submit information, train, advertise.

In general, the various components of a multimedia system are a conveniently chosen combination of visual and sound effects. Control of all this is carried out using special software. At the same time, to achieve the best result, the latest innovations in the field of hardware and software are used. Their task is to combine text, graphic elements, images, videos into one single picture.

There are possibilities for broadcasting a multimedia presentation “live” or in a recording that was made in advance. Such various forms of filing create unique ways to contact the consumer.

Use cases

There are multimedia solutions with targeted use at home, but still they have proven themselves more in educational and entertainment fields. They are also used for the purpose of presenting important information in the industrial sector. An example is a company presentation to shareholders, managers, employees. It is also widely used in the business environment, where various multimedia solutions contribute to the formation of the necessary conditions for the professional growth of employees and the company as a whole.

Useful multimedia ideas for different areas

There are many solutions that will help solve certain tasks in the educational sphere, business.

Video conferencing system

With the help of it, it is possible to hold conferences, conduct negotiations, seminars, lectures. Such a system of active communication of two or more subscribers remote from each other is very convenient. At the same time between the participants of the conversation it is possible to conduct a dialogue, exchange of audiovisual information in real time.

Modern video conferencing is unique, because to create the conditions for making the right and rational decision with a minimum amount of time to think. And given the variability in the business sphere, such a reaction is obligatory. This applies to business, government and law enforcement agencies.

Weprosys Limited has extraordinary competencies for designing and creating negotiation rooms of any size using video conferencing technology. We are also ready to create a developed corporate network of videoconferencing at any levels required by the client.

Conference rooms

Weprosys Limited carries out the necessary work to equip suitable premises with all necessary thematic equipment to create the required functionality during conferences, seminars, meetings and any other similar events. The company’s engineers translate into reality the complex equipment that absolutely satisfies the needs and desires of customers. At the same time, all the proposed technologies work with the latest market trends.

Congress systems

Congress rooms or conference systems are our unique solution to help embed visualization. Convenient and just need such a multimedia solution for government agencies. So they should be placed in conference rooms, meetings. They are also demanded in the field of education – meetings, meetings, scientific councils, and theses defense are held with such systems. Also held major conferences, symposia. Congresses are an integral element of the conference hall in hotels, large companies. Weprosys Limited offers congress halls of different brands, for any tasks that are set for you.


Control over the control room in protected or especially important structures was always needed. Only in this case, it is possible to make timely decisions in the event of an emergency. In this case, the experience and knowledge of specialists will become indispensable. After all, the system designed by their hands will meet international safety requirements in areas of this type. And when you decide to introduce a modern software product from Weprosys Limited, you will be able to achieve the necessary security and safety at your facility.

Multimedia systems education

Introducing the learning process without innovative multimedia elements is difficult. We design and create systems that help comprehend material extremely easily. We have the experience, understanding of the importance and knowledge to adapt solutions to the class infrastructure.

Weprosys Limited engineers will create optimally suitable multimedia solutions for rooms of any complexity. Options:

– The system of transmission, transmission and redistribution of audio and visual signal. It makes it possible to change the volume or intelligibility of the information supplied, in those cases of the code the natural source does not provide the necessary parameters. The system is able to share and transmit information from the voice of a person, musical instruments.

– Digital Signage based solutions. It is able to create one-time communication with a large number of users. At the same time panels of any necessary sizes are applied. They work around the clock, in any light; you can get reports for statistical analysis. Management occurs from a single center, perhaps local adjustments. It uses a tablet, a smartphone.

– Display systems on LED screens. The most important advantage of LED-screens is the availability of application in any conditions, including on the street. Components for screen assembly are protected from moisture, they are not affected by an abrupt change in temperature. Weprosys limited specialists will create a project, purchase the necessary components and assemble the screen.

Multimedia solutions for home – “Smart Home”

A modern multimedia complex for the home is devices arranged in a single network. This solution allows the user to watch and listen. The times have already passed when every single component of the multimedia system acted in isolation, now the central controller, controlled by a computer, is responsible for all actions. The module itself is compact and is located in the distribution board. Already through the controller, the data for switching on and off are transmitted to the playback device. It can be a speaker system, television, projector. The actual information can be obtained in digital form via the Internet.

Convenient and useful features:

– Voice control of all components.

– Automatic control of music, player or TV using a script. This takes into account the time, date, occurrence of an event.

– The presence of the option “home theater”. When it is turned on, the equipment starts up, the screen appears, the light intensity decreases, the curtains move in.

– Automatic shutdown of the system when the owner leaves the house.

– The availability of other thoughtful scenarios, including the “party”, “concert hall”.

Such home systems are very flexible in terms of the possibility of connecting to them additional modules. So it will be possible to use the multiroom system. Its main task is to distribute video and audio signals indoors and outside. Multiroom functionality can be customized according to your own wishes. So you can make the system wake you up instead of the alarm with your favorite melody, while it will accompany you as you move around the house. Not a problem to start a familiar radio station, for example in the kitchen or in the bathroom.

If the multiroom system has a built-in home theater, you can create a real cinema hall. When you press one single button, the following happens:

– The light is muffled.

– Rebuilt to surround sound.

– The projector starts.

An interesting feature – when moving to another room, the multiroom displays the image on any screen in the house and even beyond. Actually used for the system screens resistant to temperature, humidity. That is, they can be kneaded by the pool, in the garden. With this system it is convenient to view photos. After all, they are collected on the same media and distributed into albums. Just one click and view will be activated.

Also multiroom is able to turn on the recording and then show your favorite movie. It can be configured to play, for example in the children’s room music. And this is not all – communication with a close one is also possible through this system. All you need to press one button in the radio nanny mode and everything that happens in the nursery will be heard. Multiroom makes the house comfortable and brings pleasure to users.

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