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3D visualization / animation Mobile Games

3D visualization / animation Mobile Games. Mobile games are based on the physical movement of players in a mixed game world where the real world is linked to virtual dimensions. Mobile games are on everyone’s lips. The boom of tablets and smartphones brings a lot of fresh wind into the game business. The developers of the big game titles hope not only an increase in computer and console, but also orient their sales and marketing strategies on the apps. As the market grows, so do the demands on end devices. Classic offline games have become rare, even on mobile devices is the multiplayer mode at the top.

Benefits 3D Visualization and Animation Mobile Games:

The concept of “mobile games” will also be more and more in the console games. The manufacturers want to entice the customers who are deterred by high game prices. Another important trend is the marketing of games across all platforms. The idea is that you can play a game synchronously on all devices from the console via PC and tablet to the smartphone and smart TV.


3D Mobile Games

In order to increase the contact rates that can be achieved with your advertising material or landing page, we can integrate mobile mini-games into the landing pages, which can be branded or individualized as desired.

Visualization 3D Mobile Games   Visualization 3D Mobile Games

3D Mobile Games

More than 25 million people in Germany play computer games. Thus, the games have long since developed from a niche phenomenon to a popular entertainment medium. The new forms of online and mobile gaming have changed the business models significantly.

Visualization 3D Mobile Games    Visualization 3D Mobile Games

3D Mobile Games

Mobile Reality combines the real world with a virtual scene, creating an immersive and interactive real-time environment. The diverse application possibilities span areas such as learning, architecture or industrial production. Also in the games area, Mobile Reality offers unique opportunities. In contrast to traditional computer games, such games are not tied to the screen, but can come into contact with the real world.

Visualization 3D Mobile Games   Visualization 3D Mobile Games