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Medical Writing Services

The competent team of Medical Writing Services of Weprosys Ltd. is made up primarily of scientists with Best Degree with excellent communication skills, acquired through training and experience. Our large and flexible team can:

Develop and develop a wide range of normative documents and other documentation for clinical research, for any phase of clinical development (from phase I to phase IV).

Collaborate with multi-functional teams of experts in clinical research, small and large, local and global, coordinating their inputs.


Adapt to the specifications of our customers, including the different operating procedures, models and methods or even working directly in the customer’s document management system.

Support customers who do not have internal models, through our range of ICH-compliant models.

The Weprosys Ltd. team of writers work regularly with other clinical research professionals, including bio statistics, physicians, and pharmaceutical experts, drawing on their expertise and experience.

Delivery of results

Weprosys Ltd.. will deliver high quality documents on time and according to your requirements. We guarantee accuracy and clarity through the strict quality control contained in the Weprosys Ltd. standard operating procedures. Our technical writing coordinators in the medical field act as a central point of contact for a client, allowing us to build relationships with customers and improve efficiency.

-Regulatory writing services

-Clinical study report

-Appendices of clinical trial reports

-Protocol of clinical study and revision of the protocol

-Dossier for the experimenter (IB)

-Tales of patients

-Security update report

-Documents IND

-Summary documents for applications for authorization of new drugs / marketing authorization applications (NDA / MAA)

-Reports of the Data Safety Management Board (DSMB) – Committee on Data Security Management

-Clinical development plan

-Report of the results of the main objectives

-Informed consent form

All these documents can be modeled to meet the requirements of your paper and electronic authorization packages.

Medical communication services




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Find out how Weprosys Ltd. medical technical writers can support you with the requirements of your clinical records.