Medical Animation Presentation of Non-Visible Processes

Medical Animation Presentation of Non-Visible Processes

Healthcare is faced with ever-increasing demands for cost efficiency and quality improvement. In the process of implementing clinical guidelines and patient pathways, the analysis and optimization of clinical workflows is becoming increasingly important. Joint pain, hip pain, knee pain and back pain. How does a drug work in the body? Or what special feature does the manufactured technical device have? In the medical field in particular, due to their complexity and their degree of abstraction, it is often difficult to communicate facts. Visualizations are therefore the ideal way to accomplish exactly this task.


Are you a manufacturer of medical instruments, therapeutic devices or pharmaceutical products? You would like to illustrate bio-chemical processes, the mode of action of medical products or process engineering? Medical visualizations make it possible to explain innovative technologies and to visualize complex organic structures. Complicated processes and processes that are invisible to the human eye are processed in an aesthetically pleasing and didactic way.

Both in terms of content and technology, the possibilities are very widespread. From the flash film to the HDTV film – from the simple representation of an organ to the description of the most complex issues you have all the possibilities.

Especially in the marketing of medical products, the 3D visualization has become established. For example, many pharmaceutical companies use this tool to communicate the effects of their products to consumers in a comprehensible way.

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