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3D Mechanical Construction designs services

Mechanical 3D design refers to the formation of a virtual model of three-dimensional objects using a computer. From this, the usual technical drawings can be derived and output. From the simple case, to the designer case, from the manufacturing note to the assembly drawing; In order to achieve reproducible quality, mechanical drawings are essential. The mechanical 3D design also offers user-friendly tools.

Advantages of mechanical 3D constructions:

A particular advantage is to create an arbitrary spatial representation of the already virtually existing three-dimensional object. The acquired material properties can also be used with CAD computer models of different nature to find a suitable solution, derive manufacturing information and create product documentation. This will help you get better products, reduce development costs, and accelerate time to market.


Mechanical 3D constructions: motors

The mechanical 3D design makes it possible to get a 3D CAD model of an engine to be used in your vehicle as quickly as possible. The task is to create a 3D CAD model that allows the design to adapt or redesign the interfaces such as circuit, damping, cooling and electrics.

Mechanical 3D constructions: machines

Our spectrum is very diverse: technical computer animations, emotionally appealing architectural visualization or high-end product visualization from your CAD data. Mechanical engineers, marketing and sales professionals, product managers and many more are among our clients.

Mechanical 3D constructions

In the design it is standard to build 3D models for components and groups. Accordingly, the visualization of calculation results from analyzes by visualization of body deformations by highlighting critical component sites is common. The 3D visualization is thus given by the work on the 3D model.

3D visualization ventilation technology

Energy-efficient buildings and modernized existing buildings are now designed to be very airtight. Sophisticated ventilation systems in residential and commercial premises are used for decentralized room ventilation, the removal of moisture and pollutants and the supply of fresh air to create a completely new living comfort with the effect of heat recovery. It is recommended to include the planned ventilation system in the 3D visualization of buildings in order to avoid possible problems during construction or renovation of the building.

Advantages 3D visualization ventilation technology:

The advantages of 3D visualization of a ventilation system for buildings are obvious. The customer, investor or client of the building can best communicate the necessity of a ventilation measure by means of a 3D representation. With the aid of this visual communication form, it is clarified at which point of the building a controlled ventilation system becomes necessary with the aid of a ventilation system . Thus, the DIN 1946-6 “Ventilation of dwellings” can be maintained, which defines which ventilation concept is required for the required air volume flow of the respective building.

Only in this way can funding for the building be ensured. Our virtual models and overall concepts (animations, films) are easily changeable on request of the customer and offer a very photorealistic representation.

3D visualization of ventilation components: product

Present your products in the field of ventilation technology in a new, innovative 3D technology, in order to convince the customer with photorealistic representations and animations impressively of the quality of your components.

3D heat storage visualization 3D ventilation unit visualization

3D visualization of ventilation systems: overall concept

For architects or object marketers, planned construction projects or renovations to buildings can be visualized in 3D in the form of an animation of the floor plan or a so-called “walktrough”. Thus, the mode of action of the created ventilation concept can be impressively incorporated.