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Marketing Questionnaire Design Services

The questionnaire (from the French enquete – “list of questions”) is a questionnaire in the form of a pre-prepared form containing a certain list of questions and answer fields.

Typical structure of the questionnaire

Introduction – the conviction of the respondent to take part in the survey; should contain the purpose of the study (some usefulness), who conducts the survey, how long it takes to respond.

Socio-demographic block – usually located at the end of the questionnaire; depending on the purpose of the study, sex, age, income, occupation, marital status, etc. can be indicated. The name of the respondent is asked only if the project manager provides for the interviewers to check, for example, by phone. However, the marketing survey should always remain confidential, i.e. the names of the respondents in the reports were not disclosed.


-The beginning of the questionnaire is a “warm-up”: simple questions that should interest the respondent.

-The middle of the questionnaire is the main questions, the most complex, requiring mental effort and using different scales.

-End of the questionnaire – simple closed questions; in the end it is necessary to thank the respondent for participating in the study.

-When developing the structure of the questionnaire, it is important to take into account the funnel effect .

One of the most important elements of the questionnaire is the instruction for the respondent. It contains a brief description of the purpose, objectives of the study and the basic procedures that the respondent must perform. In particular, it should contain information on the method and timing of the completed questionnaire (in absentee questionnaires), the essential conditions (for example, the time limit for completing the questionnaire) and the rules for answering questions (if any), explain the structure of the questionnaire, and the designations used and reduction. The instruction can also contain explanations for dealing with individual issues.

Rules for registration and marketing of the questionnaire

Stages of the questionnaire development

-Analysis of the topic of questioning and highlighting of certain problems in it, formulation of program questions.

-Development of a pilot questionnaire with predominance of open questions.

-The aerobatics survey. Analysis of its results.

-Clarifying the wording of the instructions and the content of the questions.

-Number of questions in the questionnaire

The number of questions in the questionnaire in itself is of little importance. It is necessary to focus on the average time for filling out the questionnaire. When working with an unmotivated respondent (random sampling in public places), the average filling time should not exceed 10 minutes. If participation in the questionnaire is intended for a fee, or the respondent has another motive for completing the questionnaire – then the size of the questionnaire can be increased.

In general, it is necessary to strive to get rid of issues that are of little value in terms of the goals and objectives of this particular study. If you are not sure that the respondent’s answer to this question will bring you closer to the goal – it is better to remove it from this particular study. If the content of the questionnaire (information questions) can be painlessly divided into two different questionnaires – it is better to do this and carry out two separate studies.