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Manual Journal Entry Services

Accounting posting (accounting entry) is a record in a paper journal or in a computer database about the change in the state of the objects to be accounted for.

Usually, accounting entry consists of a description of the debited and credited accounting object, as well as the numerical characteristics of the change, for example, quantity and cost.

It can be said that accounting posting is a way of registering business transactions simultaneously on two different but economically interconnected accounting accounts in equal amounts.


Accounting posting is made only on the basis of primary accounting documents.

To compile accounting entries, you must perform the following actions:

Determine the economic content of the facility;

Recognize the accounting object;

Technically reflect the object of accounting in the relevant accounts of accounting for the debit and the loan.

There are two types of accounting entries in accounting:

– Simple postings are postings in which two accounts correspond.

– Complex postings are postings that affect more than two correspondent accounts.

Moreover, complex postings are of two kinds.

In the first case, when one account is debited and several accounts are simultaneously credited. At the same time, the amount of credited accounts is equal to the amount of the debited account.

According to the nature of the reported data, the entries are:

  1. a) Real;
  2. b) Conditional;
  3. c) Specifying.

Real postings are used to reflect business transactions, facts, phenomena that have actually occurred (for example, obtaining a loan, charging and issuing wages, etc.).

Conditional postings arise as a result of the accounting methodology, although in reality the operation is not

But accounting records are compiled. They are used in two cases:

– for the transfer of indicators;
– for specification of indicators.

Management costs are included in production costs (management costs are accounted for in the “General economic expenses” account, and when included in the production costs, no economic fact occurs).

For refining postings are correctional postings, as well as postings to write-off the calculation of the difference in the accounts of the production process.

Clarifying entries are:

  1. a) Additional – are made by ordinary ink, their amount increases the turnover of the accounts;
  2. b) Reversal – are made in red ink and when calculating the results, the red amount is deducted.