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Managed Testing Services

In a digital-oriented world, each of our actions is highly visible, immediately available and increasingly personalized. At the same time there is constant pressure from all company stakeholders to achieve faster and better results and higher profits. In today’s fast-paced world, however, one can gain or lose a reputation just as quickly.

The quality of the results in the digital world will be defined by the ability of a company to continuously meet the needs of its customers.

We understand the market forces, the pressure faced by companies today and the technological level necessary to keep pace with this accelerated change. As a quality, independent and strategic partner as well as a global leader, Weprosys Ltd offers advice on quality management and business process insurances, guidance, innovation, strategic direction, managed software testing and quality assurance services.

Our team of consultants is able to identify the technological challenges and provide your company with a complete and customized solution for end-to-end software testing and quality assurance of business processes.

Software testing and quality assurance

The launch of a software or the implementation of a system upgrade performed on time, according to specifications and without defects, are more important processes than ever for companies in today’s competitive landscape. It is precisely by testing the software and systems at all stages, from planning to production, that it is possible to identify the areas that need an intervention. However, testing alone does not improve quality assurance. For this purpose it is necessary that the whole system, process by process, is built aiming at quality.


In what distinguishes itself from the other company based on quality?

With a robust quality assurance strategy, you can monitor your company’s performance at any time. Problems are highlighted promptly, before they get worse. The responsibility for quality is distributed throughout the entire life cycle of a product , rather than attributed to each individual activity, such as the launch of the product. This methodology promotes innovation and agile development: by receiving immediate feedback on changes, it is possible to explore new ideas.

Global organization: a unique methodology

We help companies that are struggling to keep up with technological innovations or find themselves behind the most open-minded competitors. We are experts in accelerating the pace of change of these companies and we can offer them a real safety net based on a great competence in quality.

We work in many different sectors and have considerable expertise. Our quality assurance specialists work in leading companies in their sector. The common denominator of our advice consists of our vision, our ethos and our unique methodology.

It is not necessary that you acquire the software, we take care of supplying and operating agile, flexible and reliable IT systems providing you with technological solutions.

Innovate and drive the management of your company, with solutions and managed IT service, we help you optimize your resources for better internal functioning and task management. We facilitate the fulfillment of your goals based on a long-term business vision.


Solution architecture:

We support organizations in the selection and implementation of technologies to solve business needs, selecting the best products, designing and designing the necessary architecture to support it.

Turnkey Projects:

Development and implementation of projects.

Software Factory:

Consists in the evolutionary maintenance of the applications of the organizations.

Test Factory:

We perform functional and usability tests, security, stress and load on applications to support the quality of software prior to release in productive environments.


Systems Audit:

In order to support organizations in improving the security of their information, we conduct security assessments with respect to the most common frameworks (ISO 27000, COBIT, PCI DSS).

Vulnerability Analysis:

Through specialized tools we perform penetration tests (ethical hacking) or vulnerability identification in computing infrastructure (HW and SW).

Security Monitoring (SOC):

In order to identify security incidents in a timely manner, we perform monitoring on the computing infrastructure (HW and SW) to identify the possible exploitation of vulnerabilities.

Identity and Access Management: We

Implement and operate solutions for automated access management in organizations.


CPD and Networks

Administration: We manage the networks and Data Centers, performing the tasks of preventive and corrective maintenance of 1st, 2nd level, as well as the administration of maintenance contracts and guarantees with manufacturers of network devices, chillers, UPS’s , Emergency Plants, Fire control systems and access control.

Adm. Infrastructure and Middleware:

Hardware Infrastructure Management (Physical and Virtual) and Central Software (Databases, Webservers, Email, Authentication Solutions, Backups, etc.), granting 1st and 2nd level support, as well as the management of maintenance contracts and licensing with manufacturers.

Application Operation:

We support organizations in the operation and exploitation of their transactional or batch applications.

Monitoring Centers (NOC):

Through the monitoring of events in the computing infrastructure (HW and SW) we generate alerts and alarms about the behavior of the same, likewise we support in the analysis of trends of occurrence of failures (Event Management and incidents) or history of use over it (Capacity Management).