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Outsource Managed Crowd Testing Services

Crowdsourcing is the best means of testing a product of mass consumption. After all, the user base itself is an excellent verification tool. Including to test the potential success in the market.

John, an analyst from the software testing department, oversees the services of Crowdsourcing in Weprosys Ltd., a company that provides independent research. We believe that before releasing the software on the market, it must be checked by the same market, i.e. conduct a test on users. This model is ideal for computer games, mobile applications and user interfaces. And that users were interested in testing the product, an incentive in the form of a monetary reward is necessary. It seems like a mutual benefit. But if you go into the topic, it is obvious that the benefit for the customer is many times greater. After all, when users test a product, they fully express their remarks and wishes, i.e. Feedback is obtained.


A regular contract of employment presupposes a salary for employees. The company in this case has the right to own any intellectual property of its employees. In crowdsourcing, people work voluntarily. Therefore, if you agree to participate in any Crowdsourcing project, you should understand that by doing so you consent to the use of your intellectual property.

Work on the project requires users to have certain knowledge and skills. Accordingly, having provided concrete results, for example, a report on errors in the program, the testers receive monetary rewards. But rarely would people prefer money to recognition.

Therefore, crowdsourcing should have its own policies and management mechanisms. It is necessary to react sensitively to changing trends in the work of testers.

One of the most important tasks of crowdsourcing is the safety of the tested product. Typically, testers deal with confidential information.

Before the start of the study, participants sign a non-disclosure agreement. This treaty prohibits them from discussing any details of the test in social networks and personal blogs. Also it is not allowed to disclose information in off-line space. Projects that require increased security are entrusted to a team of professionals. As a rule, such people have many years of experience with the crowdsourcing platform.

The symbiosis of a team of professionals and ordinary users makes testing the highest possible quality.

Crowdsourcing is a relatively new method in developing quality software. Thanks to crowdsourcing platforms, program producers have the opportunity to exclude various defects during the test.

The further development of crowdsourcing will lead to new forms of cooperation between buyers and sellers, organizations and testers, and perhaps even between the testers themselves. New communities of testers will be specialized in various fields and fields of activity.