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Outsource Mainframe Testing Services

Test before and often through Continuous Testing. With Weprosys Ltd Technologies’ Mainframe Testing and Quality solutions teams can quickly configure test environments for mainframe applications with critical dependent components and test data.

-Reduce test cycle times and test costs on the mainframe to accelerate time to market and improve the economics of the mainframe.

-Accelerate the configuration of the tests.

-Accelerate test configuration with comprehensive capabilities for test data management and -virtualization of services.

Mainframe Testing Service we provide:

-Application Testing
-User Acceptance Testing
-Test Environment Management
-Integration Testing
-System Testing
-Data Migration Testing
-Mainframe Performance Testing


Automate the tests:

Automate testing with frameworks to automate unit testing and testing within the delivery process.

Manage test assets:

Manage test assets through the catalog that stores and supplies assets and test requirements.

Deliver value quickly and reliably

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