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Logo Design Services

We offer you a unique logo design service with which you will find your identity, a quality service in which we will make various proposals. Every day it becomes more necessary to have a quality logo, it is mainly a form of distinction and above all to demonstrate quality and professionalism, which your company or business has must contain beauty, be of quality and express the image or spirit of the service that you brand you want to offer.


Our Logo Package:

Personal Plan: For design and redesign. 1 dedicated designer. 4 to 6 original proposals. Unlimited reviews. Full ownership. All formats.

Professional Plan: For design and redesign. 3 dedicated designers. 8 to 12 original proposals. Unlimited reviews. Full ownership. All formats. Versions monochrome and inverted. Brand manual included

Enterprise Plan: For design and redesign. Design team with creative director. 8 to 12 original proposals. Unlimited reviews. Full ownership. All formats. Versions monochrome and inverted. Brand manual included.

How is the design process?

Describe your project: We send you a complete questionnaire to fill it out. It is a complete questionnaire to define your brand – the most complete of the sector.

We define your brand: We review your answers to the questionnaire, clarify and explain dark points, we propose options, and decide together how your new image should be, in aspects such as positioning, brand personality, tone of voice … Basic elements to create your corporate image.

Design proposals: Our team of designers prepares a series of proposals for your brand. They are original proposals, different and adjusted to your needs (they are not variations, nor proposals discarded from other projects, nor designs made at random).

Ask for modifications: Choose the proposal that fits you best and ask for all the changes that are necessary. Do not worries if you ask for many changes, the price will not change?

Collect your files: We give you all the files of your new image: the original design, PNG and JPG formats, favicon, in the versions that your plan includes … If you need a special format, just ask for it.

Go out and dominate your market: You already have a powerful image, as well as any of your competitors and a well-defined positioning and communication strategy. Now, go out and conquer your market!

How to commence a project

When you decide to start your project with us send the fill out form with what you need and basic information.

There are several things you should know:

The project is really formalized at the time you make the first payment.


Methods We currently accept Paypal and credit card, worldwide, and bank transfer from the countries of the Euro zone.

Payment terms

All our projects are paid in stages: an initial payment, a final payment, and possibly some intermediate payment (depending on the size of the project).

Project data

Now you do not have to send us all the information about your project, just enough to identify it. As soon as we start we will contact you to collect all the information we need (which is enough).

You can also place your order in these ways:
By email, writing to info@weprosys.com
By phone (008801715749788)

Do you have any questions?

Frequently asked questions (the fine print)

How do I choose the right plan?

You have to answer two questions:

1) Are you clear about the logo you want or do you need us to prepare several proposals? If you have it very clear, choose the Personal plan. If not, the Professional.

2) Do you need to give a very elaborate image? If this is the case, then choose the Enterprise plan.

If you still do not know which plan to choose, contact us, we will recommend the one that best suits your needs.

Are there other costs?

There are only extra charges if you ask us to prepare more files or designs. The prices we publish are final, without hidden surcharges.

Can I ask for a refund?

Only in two cases: if you cancel the project before starting, and if we are unable to design your logo.

Where can I order a logo?

We work with clients all over the world

How is the payment made?

We ask for 50% when contracting the project and the rest after finishing the project. You can pay by credit card or PayPal, and by bank transfer.

How the project is done

What happens if I do not like any of the proposals?

No problem, it’s something that happens occasionally. What we do then is review the proposals with you, to better understand what you are looking for and prepare new proposals.

How the project ends

How is the transfer of rights made?

Together with the files of your new logo, we give you a document in which we certify that the design is original and we transmit all the rights to you in an express, universal and permanent way.