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Outsource Legal Process Outsourcing Services

Weprosys Ltd. renders legal services to local and foreign organizations and enterprises since 2007. We provide professional legal services for legal entities, relying on extensive legal practice, ensuring complete confidentiality of contractual relations with the client. The services offered to your attention contribute to the creation of conditions for the protection of our clients’ business and its effective development.


Weprosys Ltd. offers the following range of legal services :

Commercial law:

– Analysis and inventory of receivables and payables. Collection of problem receivables (debt repayment), debt management.

– Settlement of disputes concerning the conclusion, execution, modification and termination of contracts.

– Protection of the owner’s rights from unlawful actions of third parties violating the rights and interests of the owner. Registration of the right.

– Legal expertise and support of business projects.

– Protection of property and personal non-property rights of the client, business reputation.

Corporate law:

– Registration, as well as acquisition, merger, separation, separation, liquidation of all forms of legal entities and legal consulting of future activities. Amendments to the constituent documents, reorganization of the enterprise.

– Development of constituent and internal corporate documents.

Protect your business from hostile takeover using offshore trusts, funds, ensuring maximum confidentiality of information about the owners of the company.

– Legal support for alienation / acquisition of shares (stakes).

– Settlement of disputes between the owner and the manager.

– Clarification of rights to shareholders in managing the company.

– Closing of LLC and Corporation C (Inc) in the USA.

Tax law

– Legal expertise of actions and decisions of tax authorities.

– Representing the interests of the organization when conducting tax audits, preparing objections to acts of tax audit and appealing decisions on bringing the taxpayer to justice.

– Settlement of tax disputes in / out of court.

– Resolution of tax disputes in courts (invalidation of non-normative acts of tax authorities, return of excessively paid / levied amounts of taxes and fees).

– Return of excessively paid / collected taxes and fees. Refunds of export VAT.

– Tax consultations in the USA

Contract law

– Settlement of disputes concerning the conclusion, execution, modification and termination of contracts.

– Legal analysis of schemes, transactions, transactions for their verification and further optimization.

– Recommendations on legal issues on the advisability of changing individual contract terms, on the undesirability of a number of transactions in the light of the uncertainty of their tax consequences.

Economic disputes, representation in courts

– Representing the interests of organizations in courts, appellate courts and cassation instance.

– Protection of the client’s rights and interests in criminal and administrative cases in the sphere of economic activity.

– Protection of the client’s rights and interests in criminal cases.

– Representing the client’s interests in relations with supervisory authorities (ATS, prosecutor’s office, tax authorities).

Weprosys Ltd. Company provides subscriber services to enterprises, including the solution of all legal issues arising in the activities of the client.

Registration of trademarks, etc. and also in the field of intellectual property:

– Registration of trade marks (trademarks) in Asia Europe and America and abroad;

– On patenting of inventions and utility models in Asia Europe and America and abroad;

– Patenting of industrial designs in Asia Europe and America and abroad;

– On registration, implementation and protection of copyright and related rights;

– On drawing up of license agreements, contracts on transfer of rights to intellectual property objects and their subsequent registration.

Lawyers of our company provide consultations on the current legislation in the field of intellectual property and represent clients’ interests in court.

The following services are rendered to Weprosys Ltd. subscribers:

– Legal support of local and foreign companies in any business sphere.

– Consultations on relations with the public sector, dispute settlement.

– Obtaining necessary licenses and permits.

– Verification of documents submitted for compliance with legal requirements.

– Settlement of disputes concerning the conclusion, execution, modification and termination of contracts.

Weprosys Ltd. offers you the services of a family lawyer, which include:

– Advice on family law.

– Consulting on the management of movable and immovable property.

– Notary Services.

– Issues related to administrative law.

Conducting and consulting on civil, administrative and criminal matters

  1. Consultation on labor matters (unlawful dismissal, disputes over infringement of rights, both for the employer and the employee, etc.), family law (divorce, disputes related to divorce, division of property, alimony, marriage contract and etc.).
  2. Consultations, support for transactions with real estate, including foreign, land and other property.
  3. Legal services for citizens and legal entities, support transactions with property.
  4. Conducting and consulting the Arbitration, Civil, Criminal and Administrative cases. We advise on the formation of protection of our violated rights, or we give clear and competent recommendations on various aspects of law enforcement practice.
  5. Legal examination of contracts, participation in negotiations.
  6. The conduct of cases of enforcement proceedings instituted by a court bailiff (enforcement of court decisions, enforcement of obligations, recovery of execution orders, attachment and removal of property, return of property seized, recovery of property).

Subscription legal support of your business

Subscription legal service is a highly qualified comprehensive support of the company’s activities on all legal issues arising in the course of carrying out economic activities.

Among the advantages of regular legal support, our company should especially highlight the following:

– Efficiency of solving any legal problems.

– The cost of one hour of work of a lawyer is reduced by 1.5-3 times (depending on the volume of tasks being solved).

– You do not need to enter into a separate contract for each type of service. You can safely plan the budget, because you know in advance the amount of monthly subscription fee.

– Minimize the cost of maintaining the staff without compromising its functionality (taxes, wages, holidays, social package, sick leave sheets, regulatory databases, refresher courses, premises, office equipment, office, etc.).

– Opportunities and experience of lawyers performing subscriber legal services in most cases exceeds the capabilities and experience of employees of the legal department of the organization. In our company there are 5 departments of various specializations, each of which, if necessary, will be involved in the work with your company. This is done immediately and does not affect the price of the service.

When subscribing to legal services, our company is guided by the following rules and principles:

– We conduct preliminary legal audit before the beginning of cooperation.

– We guarantee full confidentiality.

– Servicing of customers who are on the subscriber’s legal service in our company is carried out on a priority basis in comparison with other clients.

– Subscription legal service is provided with the assistance of the expert council of the corporation, whose members are recognized specialists and scientists from all over the world from various fields of knowledge.

– We conclude a contract for subscriber legal services for at least three months

– For companies-subscribers of our corporation, a 25% discount is granted for all legal services not included in the approved tariff plan.

– The main mission of our company is to provide the client with the opportunity to develop and multiply his business under reliable legal protection, without being distracted by the resolution of conflict situations. We believe that a real lawyer should make every effort not to bring the matter to court.

– We produce liability insurance when dealing with medium and large businesses.

Legal services for organizations include the provision of the following legal services:

– Monitoring of legislation on the main activity of the subscriber company.

– Legal advice on business, labor law, references on the current legislation of the Republic of Asia Europe and America.

– Consultations on tax law issues, optimization of taxation.

– Verification and legal analysis of all legal documentation of the firm, including constituent documents, contracts, etc.

– Setting the legal workflow; Determination of the criteria for documents subject to legal representation.

– Development of shareholders ‘registers and consultations on keeping shareholders’ registers by issuers.

– Verification of information on the counterparty in the State Register of Legal Entities of the Ministry of Taxes of the Republic of Asia Europe and America.

– Legal support of transactions.

– Opening of accounts in foreign banks.

– Legal support of bankruptcy procedures.

– Representing the interests of the firm in administrative bodies and in negotiations with partners and clients of the company.

– Drawing up of legal documents (economic and labor contracts, claims, responses to claims, procedural documents, etc.) in Asia Europe and America, USA and, if necessary, in English.

– Pre-trial and extrajudicial settlement of economic and labor disputes through negotiations and other legal means.

– Representation of the company in the courts.

Cooperation with our experts will significantly reduce risks; qualitatively make a legal examination of your actions, thereby conducting an objective diagnosis of problematic issues at the earliest stages of their occurrence.

Representation of interests of individuals and legal entities     

Representation of interests of USA and other individuals and legal entities abroad, consultations, support of international transactions.

In conditions when the legislative acts and the base of normative documentation are systematically changing all over the world, it is quite difficult for a layman to independently study and understand certain legal subtleties.

We represent the interests of USA individuals and legal entities abroad. Our legal advice will help you navigate in the preparation and receipt of the necessary documents; we undertake the support of international transactions, as well as, in particular, in the field of real estate.

We will also help you to fulfill certain legal assignments. Our specialist can go abroad on your business.

If you want to be sure of the legitimacy of concluding a deal and get guarantees of the absence of a risk of challenging a deal in the future, you cannot do without attracting highly qualified lawyers. No civilized transaction can do without such specialists. The cost of their services is the price of security of your affairs.

Our lawyers will prepare a legal basis for concluding a deal, provide full legal support. Throughout the transaction procedure you will feel the reliable support of a professional you can rely on.

Migration Services         

We help in drafting documents for foreigners:

– Residence permit;

– Work permit;

– Extension of a visa;

– Extension of the residence permit;

– Registration at the place of residence;

– Assistance in recognizing in the territory of the Republic of Asia Europe and America diplomas received abroad

– Consultation in obtaining a visa in the United States.

Legal advice      

  1. Legal advice on consumer protection issues;
  2. Legal advice on the creation of any organizational and legal forms of legal entities;
  3. Assistance in choosing the organizational and legal form, taking into account the specifics of the planned activity and the nature of the relationship of the participants;
  4. Assistance in preparation and proper execution of internal documents;
  5. Verification of compliance with the requirements of legislation of various documents;
  6. Development of standard documentation;
  7. Preparation of various kinds of contracts;
  8. Preparation of job descriptions;
  9. Development of employment contracts;
  10. Assistance in preparation and preparation of applications and complaints;
  11. Analysis of initially submitted documents with the issuance of an oral report;
  12. Legal examination (study) of documents submitted in full, with the issuance of a written opinion;
  13. Oral legal advice;
  14. Written consultations on legal issues;
  15. Business consulting.

The main branches and special disciplines of law, for which legal advisory services are provided:

Civil and commercial law:

Property relations:

Liability law (all types of transactions and contracts);

Proprietary right (ownership right, the right of economic management, the right of operative management);

Delicts (obligations from causing harm).

Non-property relations.

Intellectual property.

Labor law.

State and municipal law.

Financial, budgetary, tax law.

Civil procedural law.

Private International Law.

Information law.

Other branches and special disciplines of law.

Works (services) under contracts (contracts)


  1. Participation in the negotiation of contracts (contracts) , with tracking the legal purity of the transaction.
  2. Drafting of contracts:

– International foreign trade contracts and foreign economic contracts;

– Dealer contracts;

– supply contracts;

– Distribution agreements;

– Dealer agreements;

– Labor contracts;

– Exclusive contracts, etc.

  1. Legal examination of the draft agreement with the issuance of a written opinion.
  2. Participation in the settlement of pre-contractual disputes.


  1. Participation in negotiations on changes and termination of contracts.
  2. Drafting of draft amendments and additional agreements to the original contract.
  3. Application of grounds for the full or partial termination of contractual obligations.
  4. Legal analysis of the legal reality of the performance of obligations under the concluded contract with the issuance of a written conclusion (in the absence of a legal dispute).

– under contracts of a property nature;

– for non-property contracts.

  1. Legal analysis of the legal reasons for non-fulfillment of obligations under the concluded contract with the issuance of a written conclusion (in the absence of a legal dispute).

– Under contracts of a property nature;

– property contracts .

  1. Legal support of the commercial contract from the moment of its conclusion (including participation in drafting the project) until execution or termination.
  2. Drawing up a business letter.

Legal audit

Legal due diligence

Legal (legal) audit is an analysis of the organization’s legal, constitutive, contractual documentation, which makes it possible to establish its compliance with the requirements of the legislation, the customs of business turnover and the established judicial practice.

The main objective of the legal audit is to verify the compliance of documents with the requirements of legislation and the interests of the company in order to identify the risks of causing it potential losses in the event:

– Presentation of administrative fines and other sanctions by state bodies;

– Application of sanctions by contractors for failure to perform or improper performance of contracts;

– Non-fulfillment of contractual obligations by counterparties;

– Abuse by employees of the company;

– Illegal acquisition and use of assets (real estate, rights to intellectual property), etc.

Legal and consulting company Weprosys Ltd. conducts legal due diligence of the whole enterprise, its structural divisions and separate business components.

Depending on the needs of the client, we offer:

– Audit of contractual relations, including audit of accounts payable or receivable;

– Audit of documentation for land and other objects of movable and immovable property;

– Audit of the management system;

-audit of labor legal relations within the enterprise;

– Audit of court disputes and enforcement proceedings, adoption of optimal solutions;

– Audit of investment transactions and other.

The duration of the legal audit and its cost depends on the volume of documentation and the range of issues to be studied.

The result is a detailed report that contains information about the violations detected and how to resolve them.

The legal and consulting company Weprosys Ltd. strictly follows the principle of non-disclosure of any information received during the legal audit of the enterprise.

Thus, the conduct of legal (legal) audit will help to compile a complete and comprehensive picture of compliance with the legislation of the activities of the organization and its management bodies, get a clear plan of action aimed at eliminating violations of legislation and improving business.

Since the day of formation, specialists of Weprosys Ltd. daily improve their skills, accumulating experience and deep legal knowledge for the benefit of customers. When we take up the next process, we confirm our professionalism not in words, but in deeds. We represent the interests of clients in court, we are opening the enterprises of all organizational and legal forms, and we also advise on all issues of doing business in Asia Europe and America.

Applying to the outsource international legal and consulting company Weprosys Ltd., you will get an accessible and complete legal advice on the registration of companies in Asia Europe and America, doing business in Asia Europe and America, as well as the specifics of the investment policy in Asia Europe and America. Further, the specialists of our law firm provide partial or full support of your activities, providing legal, accounting support, providing audit services.

Our staff consists of specialists in the field of law and economics. The work of our company involves multidisciplinary experienced experts. The professionalism with which our specialists take up work, regardless of the complexity of the case, has shaped our company’s reputation as a responsible and reliable performer.

Our specialists not only thoroughly know the current legislation, but also track all changes, both domestic legislation of Asia Europe and America and partner countries, adoption of international legal acts regulating business activity. In addition, due to the long practice, the lawyers of the company Weprosys Ltd. are familiar with all the requirements for the preparation of documentation, both in state bodies and in international organizations. In addition, experts of the legal and consulting firm Weprosys Ltd. provide advice on local and international contract law.

If you need registration of companies in Asia Europe and America, our specialists will help with the choice of organizational and legal form, the preparation of the entire package of documents and the maintenance of legally competent correspondence with government agencies. We respect the principle of confidentiality, legality and priority of the client’s interests. With us, doing business in Asia Europe and America will be profitable and safe for you.

If you need legal services in Asia Europe and America – contact Weprosys Ltd., we will help you!