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Outsource IT Risk & Security Management Service

In the interconnected global society the issues related to cyber security constitute an enabling factor for the provision of business services. The management and treatment of security risks therefore becomes an important success factor as it is closely related to the degree of trust of end users. The solutions proposed by Weprosys Ltd. cover all the fundamental aspects of IT security in the organizational, procedural, legal and technological fields, and represent a complete framework to meet the needs of our customers.


This is a non-exhaustive list of the services that Weprosys Ltd. provides:

-Information Security, Governance, Risk Management and Compliance;

-APT Incident Handling model;

-Threat scenario analysis methodology based on OSINT techniques;

-Methodology for the management of IT systemic risk;

-Dynamic Risk Management Model;

-Behavioral malware analysis and Detection.

Information & cyber ​​security advisor

The Information and Cyber security Advisor services are designed to support companies in the development and implementation of their own Safety Management System , oriented towards an organic and interdisciplinary management, allowing our Customers to effectively monitor critical areas. The main advantage deriving from a systemic approach makes it possible to deal with the various issues in a structured and structured manner, favoring the synergies between the various stakeholders involved in the cyber security process.

The services are structured to support Management in the decision-making process that oversees cyber security risk treatment strategies:

-Specialist advice for the implementation of the organizational and procedural model aimed at the governance of ICT Security;

-Definition and implementation of the Information Security Management System (ISMS) for compliance with ISO / IEC 27001;

-Support for obtaining and maintaining the ISO / IEC27001 certification;

-Identification and monitoring of safety performance indicators;

-Definition and implementation of models and methods of Risk Analysis of information security;

-Planning and design of security solutions oriented to the development of the company business;

-Management consultancy for the definition of value-added security services;

-Management consultancy for the design and revision of strategic business safety plans;

-Support for project management activities for the implementation of security measures;

-Organizational and procedural consultancy for the implementation of SOC and government and private CERTs;

-Specialist support for the verification of compliance and adequacy of the ICT security management system (first part audit) and support for external audits;

-Analysis of compliance and applicability of regulations and mandatory requirements on privacy and security of information;

-Training and awareness on the themes of Cyber security.

Security management & operation

The proactive and reactive security services are designed to support our Clients in the operational management of security and in the adaptation of measures to prevent, contrast and contain cyber attacks.

Weprosys Ltd. offers proactive security services aimed at preventing IT incidents:

-Technical operational support for the management and prevention of ICT security incidents;

-Design of proactive and reactive measures for the prevention and management of ICT security incidents;

-Vulnerability Assessment;

-Penetration test;

-Technical verification of compliance with company policies and legal regulations applicable to the ICT sector;

-Definition of Hardening and Configuration Management policies;

-Malware deep analysis for the detection of APT or Exploit 0-Day;

-Support for the implementation of ICT Security Plans;

-Support for the management of ICT security systems and platforms;

-Technical training for the management and administration of ICT security.

Among the high quality services that Weprosys Ltd. offers are included a wide range of tests on computer systems, executable both in laboratory conditions and directly on production systems, designed to detect both technological and procedural vulnerabilities.

This type of services is essential for the prevention of possible cyber attacks, based on inferential techniques, able to exploit, correlating them, both the intrinsic vulnerabilities of a given system / component, and the contextual vulnerabilities, deriving from a bad or negligent use of IT tools . To this end Weprosys Ltd. provides a team of specialists able to support the customer in the resolution of crises resulting from serious security incidents, such as malware infections, DoS attacks, phishing, intrusion on internal IT systems and attempts at computer fraud .

Security development & innovation

The design and development services are designed to provide our customers with innovative solutions with a high technological content, in the cyber security field, for the management and treatment of risks.

The services offered concern the design and system integration areas of complex architectures that require customized solutions:

-Design of ICT security solutions and testing support for the identification of new technologies;

-Support for the definition and evaluation of software quality requirements;

-Definition of guidelines and processes for security development;

-Integration of measures for data encryption both in the network and in the application field;

-Design, integration and development of architectures dedicated to proactive monitoring of networks;

-Design and integration of centralized Identity & Access Management systems;

-Design and integration of systems for controlling logical accesses;

-Public-key infrastructures for strong authentication and digital signature;

-Development of solutions dedicated to the security of mobile communication devices.