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IT Consulting Services

IT consulting is a whole series of activities aimed at the formation, development and optimization of management systems used in the enterprise. It includes IT audit, IT strategy development, and business process audit.

We provide following IT consulting services:

-Development of IT strategy
-Organization of tenders for the selection of information systems
-Project management
-Conducting an IT audit
-Business process re engineering and management of organizational changes

Most IT companies, in addition to technical support for computer equipment, offer services that little is known to a wide range of consumers. Many have already met with IT outsourcing, but the term IT consulting often causes a lot of questions. What is it?


IT consulting – the activity directed on support of every possible working processes at the enterprise, carried out with use of modern technologies. Simply put, these are specialized consultations in the field of computer equipment and software. They allow the company to find out the effectiveness of using information technology, gain significant advantages when working with customers, and significantly increase profits.

Union of IT and Business Consulting

So, IT consulting is a set of works aimed at implementing, optimizing and supporting the functioning of automated reporting and budget management systems, improving the IT infrastructure, protecting the data warehouse. IT consulting is closely related to business consulting, as it is used to implement and implement the information systems offered by business consulting.

Before starting work on creating and configuring automated systems, and also start learning users, business consulting is conducted:

-determines the strategy of the enterprise;
-collection, analysis and formalization of requirements to information systems are carried out;
-prepares for the introduction of automation systems.
-Business consulting is an integral part of any automation project, which is necessary to establish a schedule of —-planned work that will successfully implement and operate software systems. Professional IT consulting will provide -any enterprise with reliable support.

Components of IT consulting
-IT consulting solves a lot of important issues. Namely:
-Determines the level, as well as the efficiency of PC maintenance.
-Increases the productivity of the enterprise.
-Increases manageability and ensures transparency of the enterprise at all levels.
-Defines the level of data protection.
-Checks and increases the efficiency of enterprise communications.
-Assesses the productivity of IT-specialists of the enterprise.
-Determines the effectiveness of installed software, if necessary, suggests modernization measures.
-Modern technologies allow to optimize the work of the enterprise due to the combination of software and equipment characteristics. For example, electronic workflow speeds up the process of compiling and submitting reports, really saving time.

The range of IT consulting companies in the field of consulting is actually quite wide. And all of them are aimed at improving the quality, as well as improving the IT infrastructure in accordance with modern business processes. Timely IT consulting will positively affect the efficiency of the whole enterprise, help coordinate its work.