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Outsource iPad App Development services

Weprosys Ltd. deals with the creation and development of applications for iPhone and iPad so that it can be made available and downloaded in the App Store , free or paid by anyone interested.

Development of iOS applications for iPhone and iPad – advantages

-An iPhone application allows you to offer services that can not be provided via the web, as they are designed for the user on the move;

-The iPhone application is signed with the company logo, which appears every time it is used;

-Users have the possibility to enter all their personal data. This information will be accessible, -respecting privacy laws, at the company’s marketing department, making extremely detailed studies possible;

-Among the functionalities of the application can be inserted, in a discreet way, all the links back to the categories and services offered on the company website thus increasing the number of visits and potential customers and expanding the reference market;

-The App sector is experiencing strong growth and applications for iPads and iPhones will become increasingly widespread;


-To create applications with a simple and intuitive interface , so as to allow even the less experienced users to use it;

-Create applications that can autonomously manage orders, contracts, warehouse management, price lists or useful information on the move.

-The creation and development of the iPhone and iPad apps includes the following activities:

-Analysis of the requirements and definition of the functionalities that the applications will have to offer;

-Development of apps in an Objective C or SWIFT environment ;

-Realization of graphic and intuitive graphic interfaces through the design and use of icons and -captivating animations;

-Complete management of registration, uploading, application approval and publication on AppStore;

-Application testing phase in specialized groups;

-Post publication assistance and advice;

-Realization of websites related to applications and user assistance;

-Creation of video tutorials and guide manual for the use of the application.

Apple’s iPad is the most beloved Tablet available in the market and with the launch of iOS 7, its user base is only set to increase. Thus, it is essential for your company to have an application on this platform that offers enormous potential for adding new customers. We at Weprosys Ltd. can help you develop your app for iPad and iPad mini, as well as provide you with the tools you need to publish or share the app on the Apple Mobile Market App.

Weprosys Ltd. Generator iOS iPad App offers you various premium features to keep app users busy with the app. Add features like Instagram, GrubHub, SoundCloud, social plug-ins and many more in the application. You can even make use of ‘Push Notifications’ service to provide customers with the latest news and developments of new products or services of your company.

Updating and editing the App Appy confectioner application is very easy, users can easily make changes to their applications and the changes made will be reflected in the app in minutes.

By using Weprosys Ltd. ‘Ipad apps, you can not only build your iPad app, but you also have the possibility to launch the application on iTunes (Apple App Store). Sign up and start developing your iPad app now.

The Ipad apps from Weprosys Ltd. is unique and is more favored by developers due to the following reasons:

-iPad Apps get published and shared on the Apple App Store and the iTunes Store.

-Apps can easily be monetized with ads, earn from your apps while you sleep.

-The app authors get real-time App Analytics, make changes to increase the user base of your app.

-Booklet coupons for iOS 6 & 7 can also be created and shared in real time.

-Newsstand app can be built and shared easily.

-Use this maker app to enhance the reader’s experience when they read the magazine on their iPad.

Weprosys Ltd. is the world’s # 1 cloud based Ipad apps Software developer because it allows people without any technical knowledge to create advanced applications for iPad. Nothing to download or install, no programming required, just drag & drop and see the app come to life within minutes.

Weprosys Ltd. aims to bring iPad app development to small and medium-sized businesses at a very affordable price.