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Audit of the Site and Advertising Campaigns

Check your digital strategy!

Are these problems familiar?

Made a great site, but no traffic

Perhaps when creating the site, the requirements of search engines were not taken into account or gross errors were made at the start of optimization. It happens that the site is closed from being indexed by search engines in whole or in part by malicious intent or oversight of specialists.

There is advertising, but there are no applications

When launching an advertising campaign, serious mistakes could be made. From global – the choice of an unsuitable advertising channel or geography, to small but no less significant: “junk keys” in  Good ad wards eating up the entire budget (admit, ordered “Context setting for the widest possible list of requests”?) Or a couple of undelivered check boxes in MyTarget’s office, increasing click price 3-5 times.

Advertising does not pay off

Spend large budgets for advertising, but they do not bring enough applications? The problem can be both in the mistakes of the advertising settings, and in the initially illiterate strategy. There may be problems with the conversion on the website or in the work of the sales department. If the volume of attracted traffic is fixed in your contract with the agency, a poor-quality audience may come to your site: not the people who can buy something from you.

Do not know which of the advertising channels more efficiently

You invest money in SEO, context, target, email-sending, but do not know from which channel a specific client came? So often happens if you neglect the setting, and, most importantly, the use of analytics systems.

Knowing the cost of attracting an application for each channel you can reallocate budgets in favor of more effective advertising activities.

Unfortunately, if at the time of applying for an audit, end-to-end analytics is not set up or configured incorrectly, we will not be able to get the data on the cost of conversions in hindsight, but tell you what and where you need to set up and squeeze out for you the maximum of the information available in the accounts .

Don’t know what your contractor does

Surprisingly, but still in the market successfully operating agencies, closing information about their actions from customers. For the SEO report, a template document with graphs and charts can be issued. Reports on advertising campaigns may not only contain information about what the specialists did, but also the cost of the lead on each channel.

Sometimes clients do not even have access to the accounts in which their advertising campaigns are conducted, and the budget is transferred directly to the advertising agency. Even in such cases, you can indirectly assess the quality of your contractor’s work, if you have access to at least Google Analytics or Yandex.Metrica

By the way, if you are faced with exactly this situation – contact us, we will help you at least make a list of accesses to yours (you paid for setting up? This means your property) to the offices and to argue the need for their provision. Unselfishly Just to make the market a little more honest.

Everything is fine, but I want more

Do you want to increase conversions, reduce budgets or, on the contrary, find a new segment for you to make an effort, draw up a plan for further actions? We will take a fresh look at your website and promotional activities, find errors and growth points.

“In modern digital it is impossible to act on patterns or formulas. Every business has its own specifics and its own audience. Therefore, a separate strategy should be developed for each project based on research and data from analytics systems.

– Syed Mohammad Shakil, CEO Weprosys

What is included in the site audit?

Audit of advertising activities and digital strategy takes from 17 hours of work of specialists.


We learn the strengths of your product / service and brand; We understand what is important for your audience; We study how the sale process. We investigate the involved sales channels and advertising channels. We ask for access to analytics systems and advertising rooms.


We make an audit on the checklist as the site itself: does it convey your advantages? Is it convenient for a potential buyer to leave a request? (and 18 more points) We collect Google and Bing data: what kind of traffic comes to the site, from what sources, how is it converted?


We study how your advertising campaigns are configured in Google Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, MyTarget and many more.
We find errors into which the budget and growth points merge.


– About the presence of SEO errors on the site and their impact on traffic (for example, if you pay half a year for SEO but the traffic is not growing and it is not clear: the subject matter is so complex or the contractor);
– About the correctness of setting up advertising offices (how much budget you are wasting, and how much – on real leads)
– About real sources of customer flow (for example, you pay for SEO, context and targeting, and find you on branded queries (and this is not always bad) ))


In the format of DIY (Do It Yourself) – that is, ready for implementation. You can immediately implement our recommendations and improve your online marketing.

What do you get as a result of the audit?

Performance – based marketing – a tool for solving your business problems

Site Audit

– Check the correct operation and convenience of all forms on the site
– Recommendations for improving usability
– List of SEO errors of the site (all possible causes of low search positions)

Promotion in search results

We provide high-quality SEO-site optimization: we prepare content that both potential customers and search engines “love”.

Professional online advertising strategy

We do not use templates – a strategy is developed specifically for your business. We use several advertising channels.

Saving advertising budget

We constantly analyze the effectiveness of campaigns: as a result, we no longer use the budget-burning channels.

Measurable results

You will know how much a lead costs; what budget is spent on a particular channel; what are KPIs.

Consultation with an auditor

Get the opportunity to get an explanation of the audit results from a specialist.

How long will the audit take?

From 5 working days after providing all the necessary information (access to analytics systems, advertising offices, CRM (if necessary and at your request) and bill payment.

My agency does not give me access to the advertising office, can i order an audit?

You can.  Say it to the manager during the first conversation and the experts, before entering into a contract, will see what data they can get from the sources you have access to and what you can see in the audit and how much it will be useful for you. However, we strongly recommend that you still get access from your advertising spaces.

And if you do not find any errors?

We will refund money.

And we will try to get permission to publish your feedback on this, because we haven’t had one yet. Not because we are the coolest digital specialists in the market, but because they do not leave standing contractors they do not order the quality of their work and do not order an audit.

Order site verification and advertising campaigns


You will receive an audit of the site and advertising campaigns on 175 factors, recommendations for correcting errors and an objective assessment of the effectiveness of the work of the current contractor in SEO, context or target, as well as answers to your questions.