Interior design in 3D

Interior design in 3D

Who does not know it? You need new curtains. But which? How do you fit into the living room (bedroom, kitchen …)? Here is a remedy by 3D visualization. Online room designs with 3D view: You select the desired living ambience, the floor covering and the wall covering (wallpaper, paint, decor, etc.) of the room and see in seconds how the curtains of choice work in it.

First, you choose a living world. Then you can choose the floor covering, wallpaper, wall colors, etc. and the desired curtain. Each selection is immediately visible in the picture. And if he likes? Then of course you can also order immediately.


And this is how it works: Choosing the wall decoration (wallpaper, paint, and tile). You can either configure all walls and ceilings in the home world the same or each wall and ceiling individually. You can choose a floor covering and baseboards. You can select one or more window decorations. You can either configure all curtains equal or each curtain scarf individually. You can also place stores on selected living environments. Make you accessories such as bed, pillows, blankets, sheets or tablecloths to recreate it your home as real as possible.

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