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Integrated security systems in Bangladesh

Development of integrated security systems in Bangladesh. The company Weprosys Limited integrated security system Provider Company in Bangladesh is authorized by such companies as-Honeywell Security & Fire, Bolid, Siemens, Bosch Security, Jablotron, Assa Abloy, Axis. We offer the best design solutions and develop complex turnkey security systems.

The security of any objects today-whether it is a commercial or residential building, office, manufacturing or the whole company is provided using a whole range of measures. In order to timely identify the threat and contribute to its neutralization, it is necessary to use not individual products, but complex safety systems. Banks, businesses, offices, and other commercial facilities need a similar approach in order to ensure stable and secure operation.

Why are security systems being developed?

The use of these complexes should serve as protection of the object from the following threats:

-theft (in the field of information or property);

-blow to the reputation of the organization;

-material damage;

-Non-standard situations (fire, accident, etc.) that threaten people, as well as the safety of equipment.

Main types of security systems:

To ensure the safety of the company in sufficient quantities, the following should be installed:

-Access control system (ACS) to restrict access to the object or to individual premises. Fencing means (electromechanical and electromagnetic locks on the doors, barriers, turnstiles, etc.), as well as access control systems, identification devices for identification (fingerprint scanner, iris scanner, RFID tag) and control device with unauthorized access protection

-Alarm system and video surveillance. These include video cameras, motion sensors and window breaks, perimeter security sensors, “panic buttons”, fire alarms, aspiration systems, a situational center;

-Fire protection system. The main task of such complexes is to inform people about the emergency situation and to assist in the coordination of actions when leaving a dangerous facility;

-Other methods.

An integrated approach to the organization of the security system has a number of undoubted advantages, allowing you to organize control and protection on all cases, without probable miscalculations and failures related, for example, to human factors. One of our key partners, Honeywell Security & Fire, is a world leader in the development of security equipment. The advantages of Honeywell Security & Fire solutions over competing offers are provided in four dimensions:

-Pricing-solutions in the higher price segment are superior, or at least not inferior in quality to products of other brands at a lower price, and compete in price on average with manufacturers of the mass segment;

-Technical-Honeywell is the world leader and, often, the legislator in the field of security systems. More than 50% of the developments, protocols and patents in the field of security and fire systems are owned by Honeywell;

-Multivariate-Honeywell is the undoubted leader in the range of equipment for security systems. On the basis of Honeywell equipment, you can offer at least two solutions for any object on different equipment lines and in different price categories;

-Weprosys Limited-Honeywell products in Bangladesh have earned the status of reliable and unpretentious equipment operating in a variety of conditions and in different regions.

The company manufactures products in the following areas:

-fire alarm system (Esser by Honeywell);

-fire alarm aspiration system (Honeywell);

-access control system (Novar by Honeywell, NetAXS, Win-Pak software);

-video surveillance system (MaxPro VMS, MaxPro NVR, Performance IP, New EquIP);

-alarm system (Novar by Honeywell, MB-Secure, Galaxy Flex, Galaxy Dimension);

-fire alarm system (Esser by Honeywell);

-integrated software platforms for creating integrated security systems (Winmag software, Win-Pak software, Pro-Watch software).

All offered systems are multifunctional and extremely practical to use, highly reliable and cost-effective.

Access control

When developing multifunctional integrable systems used at facilities of any level, the latest Honeywell access control software plays an important role. These include:

-web access control system. Their advantage is the ease of installation and use, and the ability to control up to four doors. Moreover, in this case there is no need for additional software and a specialized computer;

-ACS control panels;

-integration platforms (for example, Honeywell Pro-Watch);

-readers and accessories (the equipment operates in various ranges and formats).

CCTV systems

Honeywell is a developer of video surveillance systems that are fully integrated with other security products. Modern technologies allow creating both simple and practically perfect security systems, depending on customer requirements. Currently, the company can offer the following equipment:

-video management tools (VMS). The systems developed by the company make it possible to organize video management at enterprises of various types;

-network IP cameras (H.265, 4K). Anti-vandal dome housing, day / night mode, high resolution, and the ability to order PTZ dome cameras;

-network video recorders.

The advantages of the equipment are ease of installation and operation, high resolution and a large amount of memory, allowing you to store a sufficient amount of data;

-digital video recorders;

-CCTV server and VMS software;

-necessary accessories;

-support NVR (N + 1) redundancy, RAID 0/1/5/6/10;

-support for multi-server VMS architecture;

-intelligent video analysis Active Alert, People Counter, Smart Impressions.

Alarm systems

The alarm systems offered, for example, by Honeywell include:

-control panels (Honeywell Galaxy);

-detectors and sirens;

-access control software (Pro-Watch).

Fire alarm and voice alarm systems

Honeywell’s key focus is on fire alarm systems under the brands Honewell, Esser by Honeywell, Novar, MB-Secure. Honeywell manufactures the following components:

-control panels;

-detectors IQ8, IQ8Quad;

-sensors and aspiration systems;

-voice alarm systems.

Integration software

Pro-Watch software platform:

-Platform for integrating Honeywell and third-party security systems (including through OPC and BACnet interfaces);

-Integration with Esser by Honeywell fire alarm control panels;

-excellent opportunities for graphical visualization of events on the plans of the object;

-fully Localized, flexible customizable user interface.

WIN-PAK software platform:

-full integration of security subsystems based on Honeywell Security equipment;

-single interface with convenient graphical plans for management and monitoring;

-ample opportunities to work with the fire alarm system;

-rapid implementation and configuration of the solution, low total costs (the license has no restrictions on the number of devices and cards) and high system efficiency.

Software platform WINMAG plus:

Platform for integrating Honeywell and third-party security systems (including through OPC and BACnet interfaces);

-Integration with Esser by Honeywell fire alarm control panels;

-excellent opportunities for graphical visualization of events on the plans of the object;

-fully Justified, flexible customizable user interface.

Intelligent Video Analysis

Honeywell’s video predictive software allows you to create intruder alarms and television surveillance systems with advanced features. It provides the ability to automatically monitor video images to detect and identify people, cars and other objects, as well as analyze their behavior in the viewing areas of television cameras. Honeywell video analytics in real time detect unauthorized and suspicious actions without the need for continuous monitoring by the operator. In this case, alarms are generated in accordance with the rules defined by the user.

Intelligent video analysis extends the capabilities of television surveillance systems when working with an operator and in fully automatic mode. In systems of any scale, Honeywell video analytics can significantly reduce the amount of video information analyzed by the operator, and reduce the response time to abnormal situations during round-the-clock monitoring. This minimizes the influence of the human factor as one of the weakest links in the security system.

Software (software) video analytics has high accuracy and performance, allow you to monitor and analyze the behavior of up to 20 objects for each camera when viewed indoors and outdoors. Three software versions are available: Active Alert, People Counter and Smart Impressions. The Active Alert package comes in three versions: base (Base), standard (Standard) and premium (Premium). Each of these versions has its own functionality and allows you to identify different sets of event types. On one server, you can use different versions of video analytics software. In addition, each camera is assigned a license corresponding to the task to be solved.

Areas of use

Honeywell’s video predictive software is the ideal solution for improving object security and optimizing security personnel. Software packages can be used as a fully autonomous solution or in combination with a video recording system with local or remote control functions over the network.

-Installation and design of fire extinguishing systems in Bangladesh.

-Installation of ACS.

-Installation of video surveillance, installation of video surveillance systems in Bangladesh.

-Installation of turnkey barriers in Bangladesh at best prices.

-Integrated security systems, installation and installation of security systems in Dhaka, Chittagong and Bangladesh.

-Installing an alarm system, installing an alarm system for an apartment, office, home.

-Installation of SOUE, installation of warning system and evacuation control.

-Installation (installation) of turnstiles in Dhaka Bangladesh, sale and maintenance of turnstiles.

-Fire alarm installation, installation of fire alarm in Bangladesh

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