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Outsource Infrastructure Application Support Services

The foundation is one of our first customers who has entrusted us completely in outsourcing the management of their IT infrastructure, help desk, design, development and maintenance of their web applications. In the initial phase of the project we did an assessment of the applications and IT systems present, which were followed by a second phase of modernization of the systems with a “cloud-first” approach. The modernization process is a continuous process that we do to keep information systems and web applications up to date with new technologies and standards.


Our philosophy

In Weprosys Ltd. we have different experiences, beliefs and ways of looking at the world, but we like it:

-Be Open

We use Open Source software and we like to share our knowledge and experience with anyone interested.

-Give lasting solutions

We are proud when the solutions meet the needs for years to come.

Create simple solutions

We feel satisfied when we make simple solutions to difficult problems.

To share

We believe in sharing ideas and experiences. We think that sharing with our customers is more effective than simply being a supplier.

Being professional

Every day we strive to improve and learn something new, the world changes quickly and we follow it. We take responsibility for the success of everything we do.

Be Agile

There are always more ideas than the budget available and not always what we believe is the best solution really is. Using the “Agile” processes we offer you the best balance between project features and their cost.

Software is everywhere today, so we develop:

Web Application, System Integration API, Private Application, With our skills and your knowledge of the market we are able to create software products that can transform the way we do business. We will be at your side from the development of the idea to its launch and beyond.


We define with you a project plan that meets the requirements, costs and time to market.


We implement efficient and secure code, which works on multiple platforms.


We adequately test our code with the Test-driven Development process.


We make your project accessible to the world.


We follow the project to ensure optimal functioning.

IT infrastructure as a Cloud Computing service Continuous Delivery, Big Data We helps our customers to evolve their IT infrastructure to more modern work methods and platforms.

-Application & Migration in Cloud

Be faster and more efficient thanks to the adoption of cloud platforms

-Micro services & Architecture Evolution

Quickly innovate with modern architecture based on micro services

-Cloud analysis

Analyze a mine of data to build a competitive advantage

Technical skills:

We use the best Open Source technology for your projects

In Weprosys Ltd. we are general, we know different programming languages, we use various frameworks and we apply them in each of them so as to choose the best one to develop your projects.

IT as a service + design / development

-Outsourcing a 360° infrastructure services

IT as a service

-Cloud infrastructure for SMEs

IT as a service + design / development

-e-commerce of information for overseas sales and procurement processes.

It as a service + design / development

IT for the internationalization of companies