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Industry solutions of the Call center

Building a business is based on certain general principles, the observance of which helps to achieve success. To develop, promote, increase turnover, a set of measures is being taken that help to get the most out. Branch solutions are designed to tailor the services of the Call center to specific tasks of the company.

What tasks does Call center solve?

Weprosys Ltd. is a direct way to success regardless of the scope of your company. The end result implies:

Sales growth

Attracting new customers, increasing loyalty of permanent

Motivation of buyers

Weakening the competitor’s position

Optimization of expenses for customer service

What services are appropriate and how to apply them taking into account the existing realities, depends on the specific scope of work. There are many options for individual solutions: banks, insurance companies, honey. agencies, advertising agencies, online stores, tour operators, production, logistics, etc. We will select for each direction the most effective tools.

What are the advantages of Weprosys Ltd. Call center?

Of course, you can organize all this yourself. Plant a person or even a whole group of employees on the phone, hand them the instruction with the options for behavior in different situations, perhaps even conduct appropriate training. But the use of Call center services has several advantages:

  1. Economic feasibility. There is no need to purchase expensive equipment for the organization of the dispatching workplace. And also do not need to allocate a whole office for the work of employees.
  2. Routine work will be inconspicuous, easy and effective.
  3. High level of customer relationship support.
  4. Monitoring and statistics of calls, calls, feedback and its effectiveness.
  5. Retention of clients due to high professional level of service, courteous treatment.

The level of engagement of the Call center you define yourself. Selling services, calling clients, informing subscribers, creating an auto informer and many other tools will be a great help on the way to the success of your business.

Call center for online shopping

How to become the best online store? To do this, it is not enough to offer the best product or price. For this it is necessary to offer the client the best service. Weprosys Ltd. will provide you with the best service, guaranteeing high conversion and loyalty of your customers:

Round the clock, 7 days a week. Weprosys Ltd. uses the most efficient IT tools: load-sharing technology between servers, modern certified equipment with large spare capacity, backup communication channels and the location of Call center branches in different cities, which guarantees continuity even in the event of problems in one of the data transmission channels.

No call will remain unanswered. The statistics of Weprosys Ltd. speak about this: the percentage of calls that remained unanswered is less than 4%. Over 90% of all received calls are processed in the first 20 seconds.

Quality service. Understanding the importance of the first Call with the client for the impression of the company, we pay special attention to careful training of operators – all employees of our Call center are trained, tested and trained for each project. Therefore, you can be sure that your customers will receive qualified help.

What services does the call center offer to online stores?

Round the clock support. Our operators at any time will advise customers on issues related to the work of the store, help you understand the assortment and make an order.

Take on the work with the order. We work with the order from reception to receipt of the goods by the consumer, relieving you of the need to maintain the staff of managers, logistics and storekeepers.

We will find new clients for you. We update your customer base and make a SMS or e-mail newsletter to tell customers about the latest replenishment of the assortment and profitable offers of your company.

Operative correction and quality control of the Call center. You can control the quality of the operators’ work through the web-panel on your computer: if necessary, specify the information about the order or listen to the recording of the conversation.

What does the call center give to the online store?

Increase the conversion by 1.5 – 2 times. Due to high-quality service, the work of a professional Call-center significantly increases the conversion of your online store.

Increase audience loyalty. Weprosys Ltd. will help your customers gain confidence that it is easy to Call you and, if necessary, they will always be able to help. This guarantees a loyal and confidential attitude of customers to your company.

Call center for service centers

The specificity of the activity of service centers requires managers to be both stress-resistant and able to smooth conflict situations, as well as the ability to perform daily routine work on the processing of applications. The professional operators of the Call center have all these qualities and are ready to support your customers at the highest level around the clock.

What services does the Call center offer for service centers?

We organize the reception and processing of applications

Having a Call center frees you from having to maintain a staff of managers. The acceptance of applications, their distribution between the service engineers and the notification of the client about the status of the application are carried out by our operators.

We will provide 24/7 support

Operators of the Call center are available 24 hours a day to provide customers with information about the terms of service and warranty service, give addresses and phone numbers of the nearest service centers, and help to leave a request for service.

We will provide quality control tools

All conversations between operators and customers are recorded. You can listen to the recording at any time and if necessary, make corrections to the Call center.

Analyze customer opinion

You can order a telephone survey to find out the wishes of customers or assess the degree of their satisfaction with the quality of work of your specialists – we will easily carry out this work.

Let’s find an approach to each

Our employees know how to competently build a conversation with anyone who has Called your company. Whichever problem the customer calls, we will do our best to complete the conversation in a good mood.

How it works?

The customer calls your company to leave a request for service.

The Weprosys Ltd. operator accepts the application and redirects it to the required service center engineer.

If necessary, the client receives advice on the issues of interest to him about the work of the service center.

The status of the application is tracked during its execution. When you change it, the client notifies the operator, or it is done automatically.

You can control the quality of the operators’ work: clarify the information about the application or listen to the recording of the conversation.

Application completed. The customer is satisfied with the quality of service, and the next time he wants to Call you.

Call center for the bank

When talking about money, people prefer to resolve issues in person, in extreme cases by phone. That is why the bank needs a Call center in order to maintain a constant Call with customers. However, the possibilities of Call centers are not limited to the reception of telephone calls.

What Call center can give banks?

Increase sales

Thanks to the capabilities of the Call center, you will be able to inform customers in a timely manner about new services and products. Experienced telemarketers of the Call center will expand the client base through cold calls and increase your profit through the sale of additional services.

Transfer routine operations to the Call center

Operators of the Call center can perform simple operations: block the card, find out the date of the next payment on the loan or the balance on the account. If necessary, the operator can transfer the call to a bank specialist.

Provide customers with round-the-clock support

The operators of the Call center in the 24/7 mode will answer questions of your customers: they will consult on the bank’s services, prompt the addresses of ATMs, offices and self-service terminals.

Get only the “right” calls

Thanks to the interactive voice menu (IVR), the customer’s call will be immediately sent to the right specialist. This will not only reduce the burden on operators, but also cut off all non-targeted calls.

Advantages of outsourcing Call center Weprosys Ltd.

Any volumes. We will provide as many operators as you need to solve your problems.

High efficiency. Many operators have experience in banking; each of them is capable of processing up to 150 calls per shift.

Synchronization with the bank. Our software can be synchronized with the client base of the bank to automatically identify the customer by phone number. The operator will immediately be able to call the caller by name and patronymic, which significantly increases customer loyalty. Thanks to this, operators can perform part of the operations for bank employees – for example, register applications for credit cards.

The number of lost calls is minimal. The technical capabilities of the Weprosys Ltd. Call center allow you to accept the absolute majority of incoming calls. When the load increases, the system can flexibly scale.

The activity is licensed. Call Center Weprosys Ltd. has all necessary licenses  and is included in the register of operators that process personal data.

Services of outsourcing Call center Weprosys Ltd.

24-hour hotline for customers.

Regularly informing about new services and promotions. It is performed in the telephone mode using the IVR system or through mass SMS-mailings.

Cold calls, allowing to increase sales and expand the client base.

Auto-informing customers about payments on a loan, changing details, working hours during holidays, debts and so on.

Voice menu, with which you can send a call immediately to the right person.

Carrying out of sociological interrogations, allowing to find out a degree of loyalty of clients and their requirements, to estimate quality of service and many other things.

Weprosys Ltd. Call center special for banks

Case: loan by phone. The bank offered a share of “Credit by phone”, which implies the possibility of applying for a loan without visiting the office. The main condition of the action: the longer the waiting time for answering a call, the lower the interest rate. To solve this problem, we organized a hotline in which the operators collected data from the callers and sent them to the bank. After receiving the bank’s response, the operator called back to the person and informed about the decision taken. Due to significant technical capacities, the waiting time for calls received during the campaign did not exceed an average of 7 seconds on average.

Call center for the insurance company

It is important for insurance companies to always be in touch with customers. To provide every person support in any situation, a well-coordinated work of the Call center is necessary.

Why does the insurance company have a Call center?

24-hour customer support

At any time of the day or night your customers will receive advice on insurance products and answers to the most frequent questions, as well as they will be able to find out the address of the nearest office of your company and the schedule of its work.

Emergency Customer Service

The onset of an insurance event is always stressful, at such times, help is required here and now. The specialists of the Call center will take the call of your client and instruct him about further actions.

Timely informing customers

Your customers will receive information about new insurance products immediately after their appearance. The autoinformer will remind them of the next payment for the insurance or the termination of the insurance policy.

Sales growth

With your customers will communicate professional telemarketers who know how to sell additional services? With the help of the Call center it is also possible to expand the client base through cold calls and marketing campaigns.

Advantages of outsourcing Call center Weprosys Ltd.

Fast start. The Call center can start work in just 3 days.

Reduce the burden on your employees. the call center operators will answer the bulk of calls, your specialists will be able to dedicate more time to their basic work.

Reducing costs. It is not required to increase the staff of specialists to handle all incoming calls.

Weprosys Ltd. outsource call Center

Cold calls. One of the most common methods of telephone marketing, which will expand the client base.

Automatic informing of clients. With the help of IVR technology, you can inform your customers about any information in the shortest possible time, without involving operators.

Hot line. Your customers will be able to get answers to questions at any time of the day without a weekend. This is especially important in case of occurrence of insured events.

Sociological research. Operators of the Call center will interview potential customers, find out their preferences and expectations. This will allow early detection of possible problems in business and outline ways to solve them.

Mass mailings. Your customers will be able to receive notifications of important events by e-mail or in the form of SMS.

Please note that the Weprosys Ltd. Call center is included in the register of operators that process personal data. This means that all personal data, with which the company operates, are reliably protected. Licenses for the provision of communication services are also available.

Call center Weprosys Ltd. special for insurance companies.

Case one: a single hotline. A large insurance company was faced with the fact that regional branches process client requests with different efficiency. It was decided to organize a single hotline, so that each customer, regardless of their location, received the same high quality of telephone service. The results of the work of the Call center were already visible for the second month. According to a study conducted by operators of Weprosys Ltd., the level of customer satisfaction of the insurance company grew by 14.7%.

Case two: control of employees. For the insurance company, a system of monitoring the quality of work of employees was organized. If the client was dissatisfied with the level of service, he could send an SMS to a special number. In response, the operator called back and accepted the complaint. Employees of the insurance company were materially motivated in accordance with the number of complaints. Such a system has significantly improved the quality of service.

Call center for manufacturing enterprises

With the help of the Call center, you can always keep in touch with your customers and partners, be aware of their wishes and preferences. This will allow you to create more profitable offers for them, which, in turn, will lead to an increase in sales of your products.

What services does the Call center offer to manufacturing enterprises?

We will organize a hot line

Our 24/7 operators will answer questions about your products, accept complaints and suggestions from customers.

If necessary, the call will be transferred to a specialist of your company.

Make it easier to handle incoming calls

Interactive voice menu and autoinformer will inform your customers of important information and help them redirect the call to the right specialist without resorting to the services of a secretary.

We will help to find new clients and partners

The high professionalism of our telemarketers allows them to effectively make cold calls. The specialists of the Call center update the client base available to you, after which they will call it to offer goods and services to your company to potential customers.

We will interview the target audience

With the help of Weprosys Ltd. you can learn more about your customers. Our specialists will conduct a telephone survey or questionnaire for you and provide you with a detailed report on its results.

Let’s talk about new products and services

We help you to keep your customers, partners or suppliers informed about your new products and profitable offers – shares or discounts. We will notify customers by phone, by sending SMS or e-mail messages.

Call-center for car-care center

When organizing a private business that is aimed at selling, repairing or servicing cars, it is necessary to create additional structures that will serve the work of the enterprise. When staffing, many car service owners focus on the narrow profile specialists who qualify for repair and maintenance of individual units or systems. At the same time, the owners completely forget about the organization of interaction with customers through a call-center.

Call-center for car-care center is a necessary link, which, together with quality service, guarantees a successful business. Cooperating with the call center Weprosys Ltd., car service can attract new customers, 24 hours a day to answer calls and record in the queue for service.

Opportunities of call-center for car-care centers

Modern call-centers for car-care centers help to save locksmiths from the need to communicate with clients, and this communication usually takes from 15 to 30% of the working time. Additional time will give an opportunity to accelerate the work and improve their quality. Large service centers use the services of call centers for the organization of hotlines during seasonal campaigns, a large part of car-care centers, use the services of operators on an ongoing basis.

You can use the call center for car service in such cases as:

Formation and updating of the client base.

Social surveys to study the opinions of potential customers about the work of the service.

Informing customers in automatic mode about the end of work with their cars.

Receiving incoming calls and conducting consultations on types of services, tariffs, operating shares and discounts.

Automatic calling of regular customers to remind you of the need for servicing, according to a personal card.

Often owners of large enterprises use call-centers for car-care centers in order to learn the opinion of the car owner about the quality of the repair or maintenance performed. This allows you to identify errors in the work of the center and identify unscrupulous employees. Regular sociological surveys allow you to remind clients about yourself once again, as well as to find out suggestions and comments on the work of the center.

Сall-center for medicine

Many medical centers face a large number of incoming calls, who want to get advice, make an appointment with a doctor or specify the time of the institution. Often the service of such calls is handled by the registry department or the help desk, which is not able to physically handle all calls, which leads to loss of the client. Private clinics to solve this issue use call-centers for medicine, which accept all incoming calls.

Why call-centers are used in medicine

Any incoming call to a medical institution should be accepted as quickly as possible, since it depends not only on the reputation of the institution itself, but perhaps on the life of the person. Weprosys Ltd. call center employees understand perfectly well that information assistance to a potential patient should be as fast as a medical one. Turning to the Weprosys Ltd. center, the customer will receive his own call center for medicine, which can perform such functions as:

Creation of a detailed database of all patients, which will take into account Call information, a personal card with a history of the disease and other necessary data.

Ability to split incoming calls on the subject matter using IVR voice menu.

Call accounting, recording of conversations and complete statistics on the necessary criteria.

Making a record for appointments to the treating doctors.

Automatic informing of patients.

A fully-fledged call-center for medicine allows you to integrate customer database with operator software. When a call comes in, the system recognizes the patient by phone number and gives his card to the operator. To service the base, call center Weprosys Ltd. selects qualified operators with medical education. Also, employees of medical institutions can be involved in servicing calls.

Advantages of call-centers for medicine are a constantly free and extended telephone line. The IVR system allows to automatically informing customers about changing the working conditions of an institution, to remind you about the appointment for a doctor’s appointment or even to remind you about the time of taking the necessary medicines. Efficiency and quality of call processing will significantly increase the trust in the medical institution and increase the number of clients.

Turnkey marketing actions

Involvement in the work of the outsourcing Call center and connection of the hot line number will allow organizing round-the-clock information support and communication with the participants of the action.

What services does the Call center offer for marketing campaigns?

Provide a phone number

We will arrange a federal number 8-800 connection for your campaign hotline. Call to the hotline for the participants of the action is free.

We will answer the questions of participants

We organize a reference and information service, whose specialists are ready to advise clients around the clock about the campaign – tell about the conditions, explain how to collect the win, help to solve the problems.

Process all incoming requests

Quickly and accurately we work with requests on all available channels: telephone, SMS, e-mail, including, with the help of autoinformation and IVR functions.

Let’s make a portrait of your audience

It is important for any marketer to know which part of the customers are participating in the action, in order to plan further marketing activities taking into account this information.

Our experts will conduct questionnaires of participants, giving you a detailed report on the results.

We guarantee the quality

Maintenance of marketing actions is the key competence of our operators. With the help of Weprosys Ltd. successfully implemented more than fifty marketing actions.

Fully take on the conduct of the action

Service for the implementation of marketing actions i-Actions, also being the development of Original Group, automates the main stages of the action.

Using it together with Weprosys Ltd., you get a ready marketing campaign at no extra cost.

How it works?

The participant of the action registers the promotional code from the packaging of the product by calling the hotline. If desired, he can use other channels of communication: send the code through the form on the promo sail or in the SMS.

The Weprosys Ltd. operator accepts the request and notifies the participant about the result of the code verification.

In case of a win, the operator explains to the participant how he can withdraw his prize.

If necessary, the operator will advise the participant in detail on issues related to the promotion.

You can control the quality of the operators’ work: listen to the records of conversations and get detailed statistics of the work of the Call center through the WEB-panel.

As a result, the loyalty of your customers is enhanced not only through participation in the promotion, but also due to quality service.

Connected Car Services

Technologies in the automotive industry are being constantly improved. In the list of new functions, there are services that seemed fantastic two or three years ago.

One of the most promising trends, which is now followed by all the leading automakers, is the creation and development of Connected Car services. This became possible due to the presence in a modern car of two-way high-speed communication (3G and 4G) with cloud services of automakers and service providers.

Advantages from modern Connected Car services are received not only by car owners and automakers, but also by other car market participants – auto dealers, companies with a fleet of vehicles (both private and public), insurance companies, filling stations networks and leasing companies.

Informational interaction with car owners can be carried out through the mobile application of the driver interfaces in the car stereo , driver’s personal office on the site of the automaker and a specialized Call center that allows the competent and prompt decision of questions of drivers arising during the operation of the car.

Examples of such Connected Car services can be:

Remote diagnostics of various car systems, reading of error codes and sending the driver to the nearest authorized service or evacuator call at the exact coordinates of the vehicle’s location.

Record for maintenance and repair of the car with the choice of the nearest car service and service time with a reminder in the calendar of the mobile phone of the driver or car radio.

Remote loading into the car navigation system or a mobile route driver application to the nearest car service center, gas station or other point at the request of the driver.

Concierge service, including complex: with the organization of parking, booking tables in the restaurant and rooms in the hotel and laying the best routes to them.

Personalized “hot line” of the owner of the car on all issues related to the operation of the car. The entire history of communication with the automaker is available to the driver in the personal account on the automaker’s website, including the records of calls.

Feedback with the driver in cases of emergency situations – accidents, attempts of hijacking, penetration into the car or its evacuation.

Call Center Weprosys Ltd., probably, has the best in Bangladesh competencies in the construction of Connected Car services and quality service drivers.

Call center for large retail

Weprosys Ltd. Call center for large retail

Carry out marketing research

We will find out the preferences of consumers in those or other areas of the city, so that you choose the right location for the next store of your network. We will conduct polls, based on which you can adjust the range.

Inform your customers

During the holding of large-scale actions, we organize a call or SMS-dispatch. We will inform the target audience about any activities in the shops of your network. Informing will be centralized for your entire network.

We will organize a hot line

24 hours a day and 7 days a week we will answer any questions from your customers. We accept all complaints and suggestions. If necessary, we will switch the client to your employee.

Facilitate the work of the staff service

We will accept all applications of candidates for vacant seats, write down their data, ask the questions approved by you and give them to you for further processing.

Automating the routing of calls

Using the voice menu, we will make it easier for your customers and partners to go to the right employee without long waiting on the line and talking to the operators.

We remove the negative, increase loyalty

Any retail may have conflicting situations with customers. All operators of our Call center undergo specialized training. They know how to remove the negative and increase the loyalty of your customers.

Myths associated with outsourcing Call centers

Myth one: outsourcing Call centers provide poor quality of services (poor communication, interruptions in work, weak training of operators).

Weprosys Ltd. has its own server equipment of industrial class, which guarantees uninterrupted operation in 24/7 mode.

Operators are allowed to work only after passing the training and testing on your part.

You will be able to monitor and evaluate the work of our operators, including downloading records of telephone conversations and leaving comments to them.

Myth two: when working with an outsourcing Call center there is a risk of information leakage.

Weprosys Ltd. strictly observes the requirements of confidentiality. All information that is transmitted to the operators of the Call center is not transferable to third parties under any conditions. Among other things, our Call center is included in the register of operators that process personal data.

Myth three: a set of services for retail too expensive.

Weprosys Ltd. offers a large selection of tariff plans, among which you can always choose the one that will suit you. If your needs grow, you can always switch to a different, more profitable tariff.

Weprosys Ltd. Call center cases specifically for retail

Case first

A task. Elimination of queues in a large trading network.

Decision.  For a large trading network, the anti-queue service was organized. In all stores of the network it was announced that if there are more than 5 people on the cash register, then any buyer can call a special number. Our operator accepts the call and suggests doing either of the following: write a complaint or pass the information to the store manager to fix the problem.

Case Two

A task.  Organization of a hotline for dealing with customer complaints.

Decision. We were approached by a trading network asking to organize a hotline for dealing with complaints. The task was solved in just 4 days, since the workplace of our operator already has full functionality for working with retailers. This functionality for the rapid processing of complaints, redirect them to the right address, background information on the law on consumer protection and much more.

Case third

A task. Information support of promo actions.

Decision. The trading network asked us to organize information support for the promotion. Within the framework of the action, each buyer could register on a specially created website a check number for the amount of 1500 Taka. Our task was to organize a hotline on all matters relating to the conduct of the action. Operators not only answered questions about conditions and prizes, but also solved all sorts of difficulties (for example, errors that occur when registering checks)

Call center for Construction Company

Remote call center for a construction company This is a unit capable of many times increasing the company’s sales, increasing its image and ensuring the creation of a permanent customer base. Construction refers to one of the most rapidly developing areas of the market. Interested customers are primarily associated with the representation of the firm of interest to them, seeking to weed out deliberately disadvantageous proposals for them. If the company cannot cope with the intensive flow of incoming calls with the help of internal resources, it is fraud with loss of a part of the clientele, interesting also from the point of view of long-term cooperation. Weprosys Ltd. will help create an external professional call center, through which the construction firm will be able to establish contact with each of the callers.

Why outsource the call center?

It would seem that it is also possible to organize a call center cheaply within a construction company, so why book the services of a third-party service for this, if you can save on their price by including employees in the duties of reception of calls? However, in practice it turns out that such a business solution is short-sighted. Distracted by calls, the employee performs his immediate tasks worse, and the internal call center sometimes does not cope with highly specialized issues and requires separate control. Outsourcing call center for a construction company in Dhaka has a number of advantages :

Decrease in the consumable part and increase in sales;

Reduction of taxation due to the reduction in the number of staff;

Savings on the purchase of software products and expensive equipment;

Reduction of rental costs;

Expansion of the base and preservation of regular customers;

Availability of feedback 24/7;

Professional advice and round-the-clock technical support;

Continuous contact with the customer.

Thus, your firm will strengthen its positions in the market, in which there is no shortage of offers, and will create a positive image of the company for a long time.

The opportunities that the call center provides

The structure of the external call of the center of construction services for the company, and, consequently, the price of its organization are determined by the specifics of the construction firm and its business objectives. In addition to the main task of the call center – answers to questions that are asked by phone, in online mode – this list includes:

Reception and processing of orders with control over the terms of execution;

questioning for entering into the client base;

virtual secretary – forwarding of a call to the employee of the company with the corresponding profile of activity;

outgoing calls for the purpose of promoting construction services or updating the existing database.

Expediency of organizing an external call center

Regardless of the scale of your construction company, the reception of calls by carefully selected personnel – professional operators – will help to optimize its work. Your employees will be freed from routine non-core work, and you – from concerns related to the control of another department. Significant experience in the organization of call centers for profile companies, which have the Original Group developers, will allow them to create a contact center, based on the objectives of your business and specific areas of activity.


Call center for law firm

The operators of the remote call center of the law firm are the first employees the client hears. Their task is to make sure that the caller applies for your services, and does not go to the competitors.

Professional contact center Weprosys Ltd. is competent operators who turn legal telephone consultations into sales. You will build quality service and attract more customers.

Weprosys Ltd. has all the necessary licenses and is included in the register of operators processing personal data. Own infrastructure and backup communication channels provide uninterrupted service.

Why should a law firm have its own call center

If the answers to typical questions are taken by lawyers, connect an outsourcing call center.

Dispatchers will undertake:

Dispensing of “junk” calls.

Providing background information.

Recording to the reception.

Sending documents for legal advice.

If the conversation goes beyond the reference consultation, a representative of the telephone service will transfer the call to a specialist of the company. Lawyers will get “warm” contacts and focus on resolving customer issues.

Remote call center will save resources

Involving a call center for outsourcing for a law company in Dhaka , you save on the staff of employees. You do not have to buy equipment, organize jobs, rent additional premises and pay taxes for the maintenance of the state.

If necessary, we organize a 24-hour service company. Dispatchers will record appeals received in the evening and weekends – you will not lose a single client.

How to start a call transfer project

Call center services, which you can order for a law firm cheaply at a bargain price , are configured in two stages:

Checking hardware and software.

Training in processing legal appeals.

We will entrust your customers only to those employees who have received the necessary training, organize training with the participation of your employees and compose scripts for answers to typical questions. All operators will pass the certification: you will be sure that the applicants receive reliable information about the firm.

For companies using SAP and Oracle solutions, we integrate them with our own call processing platform.

After starting the project you will get a convenient web-panel, in which are available:

audio recordings of all conversations;

reports on calls;

statistics of received and outgoing calls.

You will be able to monitor the work of our employees from any place where there is Internet.

Order the service of calls for outsourcing in the call center of legal services at a bargain price and get more opportunities for your company ! Customers will enjoy a quality service: no call will be lost even with a large call flow of the company.

The call center Weprosys Ltd. will free the time of lawyers for deep work with clients. A competent dispatchers will help turn customers into those who addressed you for the first time.