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Industry-specific 3D know-how

The professional design of a web shop, website or presentation in general can vary greatly depending on the product category or industry. The presentation of product features, characteristics and peculiarities lead to differentiated presentation techniques. Weprosys Ltd. has many years of business experience in various industries and has developed industry-specific know-how over time with its partners. With the help of the service offer “Industries” we meet the demand for relevant presentations. Depending on the field of application or sector, differentiating examples are presented:

Industry know-how Architecture:

– 3D visualization / 3D home visualization / 3D floor plan

– 3D panoramas

– 3D Virtual Tours

– 3D Digital City

– 3D Movies

Industry Know-how Living and furnishing:

– 3D Interior Design

– 3D furniture (sofa, armchairs, cupboards, tables, etc.)

– 3D home accessories (textiles, accessories)

Industry know-how Industry:

– 3D Automotive

– 3D Medical Technology

– 3D Mechanical Engineering

– 3D Plant Engineering

– 3D Process

Industry Industries Know-how Entertainment:

– Mobile Games

– 3D Games Industries Know-how Electronic Articles: – High-Tech Gadgets – Home Appliances – Home Appliances

Industries Know-how Consumer Goods:

– 3D Sporting Goods

– 3D Wellness Products / Perfume

– 3D Consumer Goods