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Inbound calls Services

Quality service is one of the main components of your company’s success. Missed calls or a lack of time for employees to complete a telephone consultation inevitably lead to loss of potential Clients.

Increasing the staff of managers will require time and money spent on their training. In addition, the actual issue remains the reception of calls during non-working hours, on weekends or from regions with a large time difference.

What should we do in this situation? Transfer the incoming call flow to the Weprosys Ltd. operators, and no customer request will be missed.

Hot line

Receiving and processing orders

Virtual secretary

Organization of inquiry service

Outsourcing of personnel

Virtual office

Call and call processing

Organization of the call center

Consultations by phone

Number 8-800

Online consultant

Rent of working places

Rent of remote operator places

Hot line

Customer Information and Reference Services

Forwarding of Inbound calls to your specialists

Help desk

Possibility to connect free number 8-800

Always in touch

Do not miss a single order! The hotline operates in 24/7 mode, allowing customers at any time to obtain information about the company, product or service that interests them, ask a question, solve the problem.

Weprosys Ltd. allows you to use other channels of communication in parallel with the hot line: site, SMS, e-mail, which significantly increases the effectiveness of your communication with customers.

What is the number 8-800 for?

Call to the multi-channel number 8-800 is absolutely free for your client, regardless of his location – the connection is paid by the receiving party. This increases the client’s motivation to call you and positively influences the company’s image.

Another plus number 8-800 is that it is not tied to a particular city. Therefore, your company should not necessarily be located in the same region , as the contact center –  you can be anywhere.

Weprosys Ltd. offers you to connect the number 8-800 at an affordable price – from 2 Taka per minute of conversation.

Receiving and processing orders

Processing orders, orders

Track order status

Information and reference consulting

Work with the client’s personal card (data of personal cabinet, order numbers, call history)

Business in 24/7 mode

The modern consumers of various goods and services are more popular with those companies that take orders through the phone and the Internet with subsequent delivery. Major customers prefer to place large orders in telephone mode, since live communication with a professional consultant or operator gives not only confidence, but also enhance the image of the company itself.

Outsourcing contact center is the ideal solution for your business if it is connected with ordering through the site or by phone (online store, taxi service, air and railway booking service, food delivery service, etc.)

Give your customers the opportunity to place an order when they are comfortable, regardless of the time of day and day of the week. They will appreciate your service, and you will not lose any treatment, making profit around the clock.

Obvious benefits

By giving reception and processing orders for outsourcing, you are exempt from the costs of training and maintaining staff, renting a room and equipping workplaces.

Attention to customers

All information about customers is downloaded to the IT platform on which the contact center operates . You can use this data to improve the client-orientedness of your business – targeted mailings of special offers, birthday greetings, etc.

What is the use of contact centers for receiving orders

The transfer of customers for maintenance in contact centers (call centers) eliminates the need to maintain additional staff, equipment and premises. Statistics show that 90% of online stores, as the client base develops and grows, delegates the authority to accept orders in professional contact centers. Also this service is used by all taxi services and products delivery services. The success of contact centers is due to such indicators as:

Modern equipment that allows you to receive and qualitatively handle a huge number of calls around the clock.

Powerful software, thanks to which, each order is issued in real time.

Well-designed schemes for accepting orders for each field of activity, allowing to optimize and speed up the process as much as possible, starting from receiving the call and ending with the delivery of the goods to the client.

Qualified personnel, who undergo thorough preparation, thoroughly study the product or service of the company for providing advice.

Drawing up a client base, which will in many respects serve as a basis for further sales and informing customers.

Operators of contact centers are always polite, have good knowledge of the necessary technical terms and are trained to respond correctly to various non-standard situations that arise in the process of customer service.

Contact centers have professional software. When taking the order, the operator immediately finds the necessary product or service. In the absence of goods in the warehouse, the dispatcher will quickly pick up alternative options and offer them to a potential client, which significantly increases the number of sales and the level of confidence from consumers. Practice shows that when servicing in specialized contact centers, sales increase from 25 to 60%, depending on the scope of the company.

Virtual secretary

Processing of calls, faxes, email messages

Forwarding inbound calls to the numbers you need

Customer Information and Reference Services

Connecting an answering machine, an auto informer

Office without problems and extra costs

Remote work has become common for many types of businesses. If your employees do not need to be in the same room during the working day, you can do without an office. This will significantly save on his rent, purchase of equipment and payment for necessary services, such as electricity or the Internet. However, to communicate with clients or partners, some kind of analogue of the office is still necessary. In this case, the virtual secretary, or, as it is also called, the virtual office, will be the best solution.

What is a virtual secretary?

The work of a virtual secretary is practically the same as that of a real one, except that contact center specialists make and receive calls. For more convenience, you can also use the IVR – voice menu.

What are the advantages of this solution?

Virtual secretary on the connection at any time of the day, without lunch or weekend.

Your customers get the impression of a contact with a real office, which positively affects the company’s image.

You and your employees can work efficiently, even being in different cities and countries.

Connection of the service is cheaper than hiring a qualified specialist.

Organization of inquiry service

Many developing companies or online shops that offer a wide range of goods or services on the market will inevitably require the organization of a help desk. This service will have to answer customer questions, provide professional advice, inform about seasonal discounts, sales and other types of shares. However, the organization of such a service will require a significant expansion of staff, their highly specialized training, the acquisition of appropriate equipment and facilities, which entails significant financial costs.

Help desk services in call centers

The ideal option for the organization of reference services is the use of specialized call centers. The main advantage of such centers is:

Availability of specialized equipment and software.

Ability to create a dedicated telephone line for customer service.

24-hour customer information support.

Qualified staff.

Availability of ready-made algorithms of professional organization of reference service.

Ability to create a voice menu using IVR technology.

Fixing, analyzing and providing detailed reports on customer service.

In addition, call center operators are always polite, respond quickly to questions or comments, which in turn significantly increases the company’s credibility among customers. All consultants will undergo a preliminary training program, will study in detail the products or services of your company, and will monitor the state of the market for compiling the necessary statistical data.

If necessary, operators can inform about acting shares, create and maintain your client base, conduct sociological surveys and market research. The organization of the help desk with the help of the call center relieves of unnecessary financial costs for renting a room, purchasing the necessary equipment and training the employees hired for an ethic of business communication with clients.

By contacting the call center, you will receive not only quality service to your customers, but also full guarantees of non-disclosure of confidential information and commercial secrets of the company. In case of increasing number of calls and requests, the call center will increase the number of operators so that each call is received and processed properly.

Outsourcing of personnel

In the modern dynamically developing business world, all kinds of additional services are actively gaining popularity, which are provided to companies or entrepreneurs by third-party agencies in order to optimize work processes. One of such popular services is outsourcing of personnel.

What is outsourcing?

The English word Outsourcing is an abbreviated derivative of the phrase “Source Source Using,” which literally means “using other resources.” In other words, outsourcing is the transfer of certain work processes of your company to a third party.

For example, if a company produces a product or service, arranges periodic shares, then as the popularity or seasonal demand grows, the number of phone calls and orders increases substantially. Telephone service for potential customers will require an increase in staff, purchase of necessary equipment, software, training of consultants and rental of premises.

Today, there is a unique service for personnel outsourcing that allows an entrepreneur or a company to transfer their customers for service to specialized call-centers. In this case, the call-center guarantees the safety and non-distribution of information entrusted to it and commercial secrets of your company.

Advantages of personnel outsourcing

During the receipt of a phone call from a potential customer, it is automatically transferred to the call center operator, who will answer all possible questions, inform about the current promotions and discounts, and if necessary place an order. Outsourcing of personnel through a specialized call-center allows:

Avoid unnecessary costs for expanding the staff, purchasing equipment and renting a room.

Allow existing employees not to be distracted by permanent phone calls.

Eliminate additional personnel and organizational issues.

Unload the company’s telephone line.

Using the outsourcing of personnel in the call center, you will receive round-the-clock support for your customers. Professional operators competently organize the entire process, starting with the client’s consultations, finishing with the ordering. If necessary, it is possible to create a complete database of the company’s customers and further regularly inform them about new products, services, seasonal promotions or sales.

Virtual office

The modern business world is developing very rapidly, gradually moving into virtual space, which significantly speeds up and facilitates the processes of interaction between companies and their customers. The virtual office service provided by professional call centers is actively gaining popularity among beginning businessmen, as well as companies that are forced by their activities to change their physical location.

Virtual Office Services

The virtual office service allows you to avoid unnecessary costs for staff, renting a room, buying office equipment and saving, for example, from unpleasant visits by a fire inspection. Using this Weprosys Ltd. contact center service, you will receive:

Round-the-clock work of the virtual office without a break and weekends.

Qualified operators who will thoroughly study information about your company’s activities, products and services.

A physical postal address for receiving correspondence, which, if necessary, will be forwarded to your actual address.

Electronic mail box.

Dedicated phone number for receiving faxes, with the possibility of redirecting to your e-mail.

The call center operator will record all types of messages. At the request of the customer, the call center will provide virtual space and access to the necessary documentation for all remote employees of the company.

Virtual Office Features

Modern contact centers have their own material and technical base and software that allows:

Independently choose the number for the company.

Inbound calls can be forwarded to any phone number and to any country in the world, while the caller gets the impression that you are in the office.

Call center equipment allows you to simultaneously process a large number of calls and organize a conference call between several subscribers.

Ability to set priority numbers, create “black lists” of numbers, and also sort simultaneous calls by priority in the standby mode.

When a call comes in, the operator is represented by the employee of the company, records the necessary information and, if necessary, connects the client with the owner of the office. When conducting international business, the call center will provide an operator who speaks several foreign languages. The service “virtual office” from the contact center Weprosys Ltd. is the ideal solution for managing business processes remotely.

On-line contact center consultant Weprosys Ltd.

The modern sphere of trade is inextricably linked with the Internet and almost every solid company has its own website on the Internet, which tells about the company itself, the product or service. However, even the most beautiful site, with the most detailed information, will not be able to answer all the questions that a potential client might have. It is for these purposes and there is a service “On-line consultant”, which is provided by modern call centers.

When is an on-line consultant needed?

The site itself can not sell anything, because a potential customer will probably have questions before making a purchase decision. Not everyone will write to the feedback form and wait for an answer, but most likely, they will go further and find a competitor’s site where they can find a similar product and get answers to the questions. On-line consultants in specialized call-centers “pick up” the client at the moment of decision-making and during live communication bring the deal to its logical conclusion.

Advantages of a consultant on the site are:

Increase trust in your company or product.

Retention of the potential client.

The operator in real time observes the activity of visitors and he himself communicates via the contact form.

When ordering an “on-line consultant” service in the Weprosys Ltd. contact center, a special form of communication is established on the site, which is designed in accordance with the general design of the Internet site. Operators undergo the necessary training; study the company’s activities, product features and advantages. The form of communication works around the clock, without breaks and days off.

In addition to informing customers, on-line consultants in parallel compile a database of potential buyers with their contact information, help to place an order and conduct detailed reporting on the results of their work. Practice shows that the presence of a consultant on the site several times raises the company’s turnover.

During the conduct of shares or sales, the number of calls increases significantly, and the call center automatically increases the number of service operators. If necessary, the call center can arrange an additional hotline.

Rent of working places

For start-up private entrepreneurs or young trading companies, it is very important, at the first stage of business development, not to miss a single target call and have a 24-hour communication system. However, such financial costs as office rent, purchase of office equipment and labor compensation for hired employees, can become prohibitive. In this case, the ideal solution will be renting jobs in a specialized call-center.

What is the rental of jobs in the call center?

Turning to a specialized call-center, the customer receives fully-equipped and equipped workplaces to start a full-fledged marketing activity. At each rented workplace, you can find both your staff member and a call center employee who will fully service your company’s activities. This allows you to avoid unnecessary financial costs at the initial stage of the company’s development.

The workplace is equipped with a computer with high-speed access to the Internet, which, if necessary, can be customized for your needs. When contacting the Weprosys Ltd. contact center, the customer receives:

The ability to use the technical capabilities of the call center to ensure the commercial activities of the company. Such capacities include a multi-channel telephone line, reserve communication channels and other means of communication.

The customer can get the opportunity to monitor the actions of his employees remotely, through a special web-interface.

A leased workplace can be used by one or more employees in shifts to organize round-the-clock service.

In modern call-centers there are special offices and conference rooms, in case of a business meeting or meeting with business partners. The rental of jobs can be used by both beginners and large companies for the duration of various actions, for the organization of a hotline or for periods of seasonal surge in the activity of potential customers.

At the request of the customer, call center operators can be provided to work, which will only service your company, answer calls around the clock, receive mail and make orders. This is beneficial, because you do not need to hire a special person and train him. Weprosys Ltd. operators already have extensive experience working with various projects of this kind, and they also know all the rules of correspondence and business etiquette, which will significantly increase the trust to your company at the initial stage of work.

Rent of remote operator places

Not all types of goods and services can be promoted to the market using standard advertising methods, especially with very large competition. One of the most productive methods of promotion is telephone marketing, but for this it is necessary to have a staff, an office, special equipment and an extended telephone line. Renting remote operator places in specialized call-centers allows you to avoid unnecessary financial costs, especially at the initial stage of the company’s development.

For example, with the advent of this service on the market, 80% of taxi services immediately used it. Also, many large trading companies, during the conduct of shares or seasonal discounts, resort to this service in order not to overload their telephone line and not to distract employees from work.

Advantages of renting operator’s places

Contact Center Weprosys Ltd. provides an opportunity to lease dedicated office spaces for companies and entrepreneurs who are trying to reduce the cost of maintaining the office and purchasing the necessary equipment. Leasing a place in the center of Weprosys Ltd., the customer receives such opportunities as:

Unlimited and round the clock access to the Internet.

The extended telephone line and the possibility of using the IVR system.

Fully equipped workstation for each operator.

Ready-made software for fast and high-quality information processing.

Absence of expenses for rent of a premise and office equipment.

The ability to remotely control the work of employees and obtain statistics on all the necessary parameters.

Renting of remote operator places provides for providing full information and technical support to operators from employees of the Weprosys Ltd. contact center. At the request of the customer, the staff of the center can conduct special trainings or initial preparatory courses for each operator.

When ordering a long-term lease of remote operator places, it is possible to create a separate office space with a fully-fledged infrastructure for the needs of a particular company, which effectively replaces a full-fledged office. The operators will have all the necessary office equipment, fax machines, copiers, printers, which provides 100% of the requests of any company.