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Image optimization services

Optimizing images for the web. Let’s first understand why we did the optimization of pictures. We, as a web service are interested in the fastest download of pages from the user. Users like this and increase conversion. If a user has a slow or mobile Internet, it is extremely important that the pages are easy, do not waste user traffic and the resources of his processor. One of the points that this helps is the resizing of images.


We solve two problems. The first problem is that the images are often not compressed to the desired resolution, that is, the client has to not only download unnecessary data to him, but also spend CPU resources on resizing images by browser.

The second problem is that the images are usually not well compressed, that is, you can encode them more optimally, which will increase the speed of loading the page without subjective loss of image quality. Solution: optimize the images before giving it to the client.

Image optimization services includes:

Image name optimization

Always need to prescribe pictures, even if the store has tens or hundreds of thousands of pictures.

It is desirable that each image has a unique name. In the image we prescribe:

– URL of the picture


– Title of the picture

-URL of the picture

For the promotion of English-language sites we register names in English and for Latin-language sites we also write Latin, Google and Bing take into account transliteration perfectly. ALT Weight: It is necessary to prescribe ALT. This is the main tag for prescribing a picture; it affects the ranking of the picture. It is important to prescribe a unique text for each picture. If there is no possibility to prescribe each image, or resources. For example, if the pictures are tens or hundreds of thousands, then you can make the auto generate ALT tags for different types of pictures. If you have a programmer at your fingertips, you can do it very quickly and easily, you just need to give him the formula of generation. Title pictures: Do not forget to prescribe Title pictures. The text in Title is displayed when you hover over the picture:

  1. We use the right type of files

The most common types of formats for images:




All these formats are normally taken into account, but each type of resolution has its advantages and disadvantages. According to our observations for the online store is best to use the JPEG format. He weighs relatively little and normally transmits the picture and colors. The easiest is the GIF, but the picture is worse than the other formats. PNG format is the heaviest, but it best conveys colors and pictures.

  1. Optimize download speed

The speed of the site loading affects the website promotion, as well as the purchase. On average, if the site is loaded for more than 3 seconds, chances are great that the visitor will not even go to it.

To optimize the loading speed, you can compress the images, and it’s not difficult to do this. we can do the job for you.

  1. Creating a site map for pictures

To make pictures better indexed, you need to create a map not by the pages of the site, but by pictures.

In fact, everything is simple:

– create a site map in xml

– create a separate site map in the form of links

  1. Integration of images with social networks
  2. Using a separate server for pictures

We have discussed many issues regarding image optimization for web. if you required the service please feel to contact with us.