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Illustration Services

The illustration is able to transform the concept and the meaning in a graphic way to make it immediate and understandable. The design of illustrations takes place through the various techniques of graphic representation, from the production of freehand illustrations to the processing of vector illustrations, in variants that adapt to the needs of use of the customer.

Creative Studio of Illustration

Weprosys Ltd. is a network of illustrator artists. The strength of our activity is to work exactly like the internet, through a “physical network” that has available every tool and artist needed to complete a project.

Everything is designed to avoid high fixed costs, as happens in structures that work independently and independently; we are able to offer tailor-made services for both individuals and companies.


We also have a project called “School that works” aimed at offering a service coordinated by professionals, but entirely realized by the students of our school section, in this way we can guarantee a professional service at a reduced price and at the same time grant the opportunity for young artistic talents to learn work.

The best result at the lowest cost is our philosophy.

The illustration includes many types of services. It is often understood only in the editorial field, in reality it has many applications in every project that need the figurative art.

Weprosys Ltd. collaborates with many artists, so it is able to offer a service suitable for individuals and companies. We are available for a free meeting to help you understand the steps for the realization of your figurative project. We are able to offer quality and professionalism adapted to the budget you have.

The primary objective of Weprosys Ltd. is to enhance and strengthen the resources of each company without, however, distorting the essence and the driving force that created it.For us your dreams, but above all your history are the fixed points from which the study of the communication strategy has to start.


We believe that in order to achieve an excellent project there must be a close-knit and creative team at the base. This is why our working philosophy leads us to create a company atmosphere that stimulates creativity and responds to all customer needs.

Do you make a website, an annual report, advertising banners or booklets?! In many cases, you will help out illustration! Strangely enough, but the photographer’s services are much more expensive than to order an illustration on the same topic! So it’s not enough that it’s cheaper, but also faster you’ll get a ready-made layout for further work with it.

Pros of Illustration

– Once again – this is a relative small cost of illustration. Even the most famous author, you get a quality image is much cheaper than hiring a photographer, model, designer, for the same implementation of his goal.

– Many illustrators can make the image a little different from a good photo, and in many cases even better!

– The illustration looks in many cases more spectacular than the picture, because against the background of ubiquitous photo-advertising – an illustration is quite a rarity!

– Illustrate the drawing much faster in time, which means that if the time is pressing you, then the illustration is a real way out!

– With the illustration it’s easier to work and fix flaws and customize by colors.

How much is an illustration: The average price on the market for the standard illustration is $200 – 300.

Also, the price of an illustration depends on where it will be used. Agree, if the image will be used on 1000 billboards throughout city, then such an illustration cannot be cheap. There is a direct correlation between price and carrier.

Main Genres of illustrations

Advertising illustration

Everything is clear! Any illustration that is drawn for advertising – is advertising! This illustration is the most expensive and complex in the rendering, as marketers make special attention to this illustration. Practically at all stages of rendering, total control is exercised over any manifestation of creativity and freedom. The customer often knows exactly what he wants to receive, especially if the customer is an advertising agency! Here the author does not need to invent anything; they have invented everything for him!

As for the advertising illustration, I would refer to so-called storyboards. Storyboard – this is something like a comic that describes the frame-by-moment highlights of the future commercial. A kind of – it’s a set of rules for the production operator. A good storyboarded must have a great sense of composition and a good command of the technique of drawing people in motion. Such authors are worth their weight in gold, since this work is somewhat blunt, dreary and does not bring due satisfaction to the author. Therefore, many storyboard players quickly “burn out” and do not want to participate in such orders.

Magazine illustration

The most creative genre in the illustration, as the magazines do not require clarity in what should be depicted and often it is given to the author. Here the artist can show himself to the fullest. However, magazines require a ready image too quickly, so the author must figure out how to make an illustration most effective when using the smallest visual techniques.

Such magazines as the Poster and the Big City welcome minimalism in illustration. Often it is these illustrations that are mainstream and fashionable! And the authors of such illustrations are themselves known in the art environment.

Book illustration

The book illustration is the most ungrateful genre. For such illustrations are paid little and the attitude of book publishers to detail in such images is often zealous. This is especially true for children’s book illustrations. The result of such a policy in my opinion is the absence of a new wave of authors in the book illustration. Almost all the most famous artists are people of age, with school illustrations. All of them draw illustrations in an old-fashioned way by hand, with pencils and paints, in which there is certainly a certain charm, but a new time requires new techniques and speed! But it’s half the trouble. Since the school of illustration in Russia at the moment is missing and the new authors are self-taught, we have this horror on the shelves of shops, which in another way my tongue does not turn! The authors of the old Soviet school stupidly do not cope with the flow of books,

Stock illustration

Relatively new direction in the illustration. Is a vector clipart for all sorts of topics – fruits, patterns, cars and so on. Also in my opinion a very ungrateful topic, because how to earn with such an illustration you need to draw hundreds of illustrations! And since the competition is very high, then every year the drawing of such illustrations becomes more and more complicated, since everything that can already be drawn for a long time, it is possible to compete only with the quality of the image. On micro stocks, this illustration costs from $ 1 to $ 10. Very useful for the design of some postcards or internal documentation, presentations and so on. Because of the cheapness – the demand for stock images is consistently high. In micro stocks, the author sells the same picture for several dozen, or even hundreds of times.

Web illustration

All sorts of icons, decorations, flash games, banners – any image drawn for the web is this new genre in the illustration. More often – this is purely a technical illustration, which also implies a minimum of creativity. A very specific genre, since it is relatively difficult to find professionals in such an illustration. I believe that such an illustration implies a certain set of rules and stylistic restrictions, of which not all authors guess. Therefore, when ordering an illustration for a site, try to find examples that you like images on other sites at least. It is better if you find professionals in this field and work with them.