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Outsoruce HTML5 Mobile App Development service

HTML5 is a markup language that is used to structure and display web content. Provides support for advanced multimedia applications, including audio and video. But it also allows us to modify the ‘layout’ of a page and thus modify its appearance. HTML5 is precisely one of the most versatile languages ​​to develop web applications and the most used when creating non-native apps.

Why program apps with HTML5?

First of all we can emphasize that HTML5 is a very extended programming language. In fact it has become the standard of web programming since October 2014, so we will always find many resources in this regard. In addition, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) put its “Recommended” stamp on the fifth language version.


The importance of HTML5

We have already made it very clear because the programming language is important worldwide and for an Android or iOS programmer. But do you know what features this language has to become one of the best options for programming cross-platform apps? We will expose you the advantages of using HTML5 when creating mobile applications.

First of all there is its universality, that it is works in all browsers, whether on mobile devices or from a traditional computer. The code is interpreted and displayed by any of the browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer).

It is a language with a clearly audiovisual vocation. It allows natively include both audio and video. Bet to show and include multimedia content in the creations.

It’s mobile friendly. One of the advantages of programming apps with HTML5 is that this language seeks to be responsive, adapting to the screen on which the content is displayed. That’s why it becomes perfect to create websites that are going to be seen as applications (ie, web apps). According to data from the analysis firm Vision Mobile , more than 50% of mobile applications use HTML5 together with JavaScript and CSS.

For more limited budgets it is a very good option since it is cheaper than other native alternatives . Or even to start with a beta of our business or mobile game start with an HTML5 version to see if it works and there market can be a great savings. Style games of Candy Crush (puzzles) can start with this technology and later passed to native.

And finally, but not least, the HTML5 language is open-ended : that is, anyone can modify, improve, expand or invent new services on applications already developed.

Tools for multiplatform development

The most used tools for programming platform apps of the type Web View are the ones that we present below:

Apache Cordova: is a framework for the development of mobile applications owned by Adobe Systems that allows developers to develop applications for mobile devices using generic web tools such as JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3, resulting in hybrid applications.

AngularJS: is an open-source JavaScript framework, maintained by Google, that is used to create and maintain single-page web applications.

Ionic: is a tool, free and open source, for the development of hybrid applications based on HTML5, CSS and JS. It is built with Sass and optimized with AngularJS.

Although the quality of this type of applications is not the best we can find in a native development, it works very well for small and medium projects that do not need a very high performance or too many functionalities. In fact, the first Facebook application was developed with this type of technology until it was decided to program native apps.