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The reason for the purchase is a huge secret even for advertisers. Whatever marketers would invent, they won’t be able to completely sort through the causes of human behavior and they will not be able to 100% guess the reaction of customers to a new product. You can do a lot of work and learn all the secrets from advertising gurus but most often; only practical experiments help to predict the reaction.

Why, from a large number of similar firms in the market, do people choose one particular brand ? What should be the quality of the product that is advertised, and what needs to be emphasized in order to provoke a person to buy?

Here are some answers to these questions, using well-known brands as an example:


Innovative packaging design! The history of the Marlboro trademark, with its integral element – the cowboy, is very well known. But there is another smart move of this brand, which rarely anyone remembers.

The standard in the design of cigarette packaging  (a pack that is made of thick cardboard with a folding top)  was invented at Marlboro. And this was not for the purpose of demonstrating the creative thought of the designer. It was an advertising need for communication between smokers. The reason for the need was that consumers learned to remove cigarettes from soft packs without getting them out of their pockets (!), which mean that people around could not see which brand their friend was offering them. This is simply unacceptable!!! And new, harder cigarette packs from Marlboro had to be removed in order to effectively, like old cigarette cases, open the lid and “treat a cigarette” to his friend. Such a gesture has always attracted and attracts the attention of people, isn’t it?


Outsmart the cunning! The trouble with advertisers is that, over time, people began to deftly get cigarettes even from hard packs in their pocket. And it was time for Marlboro to come up with a new sophisticated packaging design , but there it was. Dunhill, has already done everything for Marlboro, while giving his cigarettes a more prestigious look. In order to get a cigarette from a Dunhill pack, it was necessary to open not only the lid, but also an additional valve, which can hardly be done elegantly without removing the pack from your pocket.

In addition, for greater premium, Dunhill called their invention the new word “humidor”. From history, a humidor is a box in which cigars are stored, where the optimum level of humidity is observed, and the aroma does not disappear. Thus, Dunhill tells customers that the cigarettes in this package are similar in quality and flavor to cigars.

Estie Lauder

Unobtrusive marketing! There is a legend about how Estee Lauder began to sell her perfumes. She didn’t have business; her products were poorly taken for sale by shops and salons. And then the young Miss Lauder decided to go to the largest perfume store in New York and allegedly accidentally smash a bottle of her own perfume on the floor

As a result, customers became interested in the wonderful aroma, and the store simply had to conclude a contract with Esti Lauder for the supply of its products.


Surprising a large assortment! One day, while walking around New York, Henry Heinz saw an advertisement for a shoe store on the street that offered customers “21 shoe styles.” Taking this as an example, Heinz decided to write “57 flavor options” on the packaging of his ketchups and sauces.

This number was absolutely not connected with the real numbers of the assortment; however, Heinz really liked it. And impressed the buyers.


Orientation to the greed of the buyer! One of the most famous bike manufacturers in the world for more than a decade has held the lead in the number of “branded” … tattoos. It all started with the fact that Harley announced big discounts for those who come with a tattooed company logo to buy a bike! Here it is. And you scold your wife for just collecting discount coupons in the supermarket! …

Chupa chups

Convenience, just convenience! Basically, in most children, after they have eaten caramel, their hands become sticky, and without hesitation, the children try to wipe their hands on clothes. Enrique Bernat came up with a lollipop that can be sucked without soiling clothes and hands, thanks to a convenient label-package that can be saved and wrapped into it, the launched lollipop. Immediately there appears the slogan of the company Chupa Chups – “It’s long-lasting and round”, which translates as “It is round and long-playing.”

A new stick, convenient packaging and a bright logo of authorship by Salvador Dali have been appreciated by consumers in all countries of the world, who have been sucking this fun fruit candy for more than 50 years.


The founder of the huge Woolworth chain of stores and the inventor of commodity price tags and supermarket chains found a great way to get millions of profits. A modest young man from the village at the age of 21 got a job as an assistant seller in a small shop. Previously, prices for goods in stores were not indicated, but called the seller, “by eye”, depending on the solvency of the client. After which the buyer could bargain or leave.

The poor guy did not know how and was afraid to invite buyers to the store, afraid to praise the goods, and bargain. He was so worried that he even fainted once while working. Once the owner of the store left him alone to trade all day, and at the same time threatened that if the proceeds were less than the usual daily, he would be fired. Therefore, before opening the store, the young man fixed on each product a piece of paper with the minimum allowable price of the goods (analogue of the modern price tag). He laid out all the goods that had been dumped at the warehouse, which he had dumped on a large table, and put a sign on it that read “Everything is five cents”. He pushed the table to the window, so the goods and the sign were visible from the street. Having done this, literally dying of fear, the guy began to wait for buyers.

Need I say all the goods, both cheap and more expensive, were sold out in just a couple of hours, and the store’s revenue for this day equaled to weekly! Buyers, when they held the goods in their hands and saw the set price, bought it without bargaining! What about the guy? The guy quit his job, borrowed money and, in 1879, opened his own store. In 1919, the Woolworth empire numbered a thousand stores, with a cash fortune of 65 million.

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