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Hotel automation System Bangladesh (Smart Hotel)

Smart hotel and hotel automation system

– Weprosys limited, the official partner of Honeywell, offers design, installation, programming, commissioning and maintenance of Honeywell systems for the hospitality sector.

The concept of a smart hotel includes:

– Intelligent lighting control system

– Comfortable and safe living environment for guests

– Energy efficient and adaptive heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems

– Smart switches and mobile control

– Automated and remote control of all engineering systems with BMS.

Honeywell Eelectron – KNX Room Management System

Today, equipping rooms with an automated control system is no longer a luxury, but a need related to safety standards and the need to control the climate, lighting and multimedia of each room in 4 and 5 star hotels. Enhancing the comfort of guests, a renewed image of a modern hotel, the competitiveness of a smart hotel in the hotel services market, as well as energy savings, is achieved through our hotel automation and dispatching system.

Honeywell MindCon – Room Management System for hotels

Smart hotel – complex automation of engineering systems of the hotel

– A hotel that saves up to 40% of energy consumed;

– A hotel that controls the temperature level in each room remotely, for example, from the administrator’s automated workplace;

– A hotel that monitors and prevents emergency situations on time;

– The system of “smart home” (RMS – room management system) in each room of the hotel.

We will develop a free conceptual design of a hotel automation and security system! To clarify the terms of service, please contact