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Holiday Video Editing Services

An excellent idea to keep a vivid memory of your trip and share it with relatives and friends is to create a video that covers the special moments. In this article we see a brief overview of the highlights to keep in mind when back home we want to finally edit our holiday video and create a quality film.

We have already seen some practical tips to create professional videos simply by using our smartphone. Now let’s think about how to edit and edit a movie that is not just a confusing collection of funny frames just for those who have experienced them in person but that can be enjoyed by anyone.


The videos as outlined above represent a preferential communication channel and are widespread and used everywhere and for different purposes. It does not matter if you use your smartphone or a specially purchased professional video camera for the holiday video the important thing is that the final result is a well-packaged product that allows us to relive the most beautiful days of the summer.

Here are some precautions to keep in mind before making your videos and important even in the post production phase.

_The length of the movies

Our video will be the result of several movies and perhaps also some photographs that will immortalize our journey. It is in fact important to film several scenes and also take several photos of the most exciting views or the exciting moments of a trip but we do not have to enter all the scenes respecting the duration. We must instead make a careful selection of the shot skim the parts unsuccessful cut those that are boring and weigh down the footage for the excessive length.

To make a video rich and interesting we try to vary the scenes  remembering that each can easily last a few seconds but still offer engaging content and quality.

If for example we are shooting a video of children playing with the dog on the beach we avoid reproducing the whole scene in a minute. We select the most successful part the best angle and with the right light and maybe insert a close-up of the smiling faces or the dog’s run without exceeding 15 seconds.

_Separate videos by following a common thread

Let us ask ourselves immediately what message we want to convey with our video and what aspect of the journey we want to highlight.

If our holiday will be at sea but it will happen to visit also important historical monuments and places of cultural value we can separate the two topics and create two videos on the different themes. This will avoid the confusion of overly contrasting videos and follow a single common thread.

_Slow / Fast Motion

They are a very effective effect to enhance the movement of a particular scene. It is not the case to use them all the time just apply them to a single suitable sequence.

While slow motion we distribute and increase the number of frames in a longer period of time then a shot of a few seconds will dilate over time and offer more details on the movement of the scene with the fast motion we get the opposite and it will therefore be possible to compress more elements and subjects moving in a shorter duration.

The slow motion mode is already available on most smartphones and we can select it immediately when we are about to film remembering that this way is often an irreversible action. If instead we are undecided and we do not want to regret the choice later we can always apply it during assembly while keeping the original movie intact.

_Music and audio

The soundtrack is a key point on which it is worth dwelling on. It is that essential factor to give the right mood to the video and make it more pleasant and interesting. The Apps that allow us to edit our holiday videos usually have a wide selection of music to draw from and not protected by copyright and are a good starting point if we do not want to waste too much time. Otherwise we can search the right song online on the sites that provide copyright free music for download.

_Some sites to download free music:

Free Music Archive offers a wide range of music subdivided by genres and easily accessible by keywords.

Digccmixter is another site in which to search for the soundtrack suitable for our holiday video always making sure to check the license for the music we want to use.

Opsound offers a fairly rich archive of music both in .mp3 and .wav format and the possibility of consultation based on the genre the name of the author and the tags.

When we choose the music we try to prefer the simpler one that is not sung because it is more suitable for a holiday video and distracts the viewer less.

In some movies you can decide to leave the original audio intact perhaps to emphasize a particular moment with the crystalline sound of a laugh or because it is important to hear a sentence or an excerpt of conversation. If so it is good to blend the background music to allow you to better distinguish the sounds and not disturb the movie.

_App for editing

If our holiday video resides entirely on your smartphone it might be a good idea to try to mount it directly from there.

we have tried several times for my personal videos but we have to say that we have never found myself too well perhaps because we am used to editing on the computer that is more precise and professional. This does not mean that there are not many apps for both Android and iOS that offer very good performance and make it easy to work even for those unfamiliar with video editing.

_Surely the most popular are:






With these apps it will be fun to edit the holiday video by adding some effect filter that highlights one or more scenes correcting the brightness and saturation of the movies without forgetting that less is more. It is not in fact the case to submerge our video of filters that could lose elegance to the final result.

In addition the video editing apps have a collection of ready-made themes to be applied to our movies and which greatly facilitate the work of those who are beginners. If on the one hand the result will be full of nice effects and will make the video of the holidays a nice and cared clip on the other the application of pre-built themes and filters will flatten the originality of the videos making them equal to one another.

For those who decide to edit their holiday video from the computer but do not have professional editing software they can do it without problems using the programs usually already integrated in their operating system. Movie Maker for Windows and iMovie for Mac are two excellent solutions to choose from and that offer various useful features also for newbies.

So you can insert any titles and subtitles to our video to enrich the overall experience of the viewer add transitions and fades between one scene and another and finally the credits in which to indicate the authors of the soundtrack or other technical details and logistic.

_Upload of the holiday video

We are spoiled for choice when we think about where to upload our video and make it so usable to our contacts. Everyone will have their own favorite social. Remember to select an appealing preview if we use for example Facebook and YouTube. Usually both show us a series of previews taken from the still images of our movie. Alternatively if we are not satisfied we can create one specifically for the video and symbolize the content well.

The title and tags are also important. We choose a simple title that clearly and directly characterizes what our video is about. Also with Facebook is the case to also select the audience for which it is intended  just change the privacy to include or exclude certain contacts as already indicated above. Regarding the resolution and the quality we must bear in mind that most of the social compresses the videos being processed. The smaller they are the smaller they are the more we will be sure of the quality of reproduction.

With Facebook you can change the video settings directly by clicking on the wheel symbol at the bottom right of the player and choose “More Settings”. From here it will be possible to change the quality of the video and the possible presence of the captions. The optimal formats are .mp4 and .MOV.

On YouTube the recommended size is 16: 9 to avoid the addition by the site annoying black side bands. For a correct setting you can consult the YouTube guidelines. Are you ready to shoot your holiday video? If you have other suggestions write them in the comments and if the article seems useful to share it on your social networks! We provide best holiday video services in our in-house studio if you like to get our service please feel free to contact with us.