High-end architectural modeling and visualizations for demanding projects

High-end architectural modeling and visualizations for demanding projects

High-end architectural modeling and visualizations for demanding projects. The architecture and real estate market is highly competitive. In order to attract decision makers early on, you have to prove your professionalism and convince others of your ideas. For example, you have a great development area and would like to convince your customers or investors of your still untitled ideas in a photo-realistic way? Then a high-end architectural visualization is the optimal medium.


Architectural visualization is the visual representation of a built or planned architecture. During the design phase of a building or product, architectural visualization or product visualization serves the aesthetic and three-dimensional review and presentation of the proposed idea. Three-dimensional representations in graphic form are also known as visualization .

Often it is difficult to sell the first units of a planned construction project. The interested parties have a great deal of trouble to get an idea of ​​the later housing situation based on the planning data. Especially for this case, the high-end architectural visualization can be of great help to the seller. The prospect sees a favorable presentation of his new apartment and can now imagine much better living here. Therefore the following points are obvious in the architectural visualization:

– a presentation of the materials as they will really look like. Fine grain in the wood, metals that appear shiny or dull, or masonry that has a striking relief.

– A viewing in different lighting conditions. Whether daylight, artificial light or both.

– A photorealistic vision of the building with realistic lighting and physically correct materials.

– use of the desired furniture in your project.

– A challenging environment, where the scene is equipped with high-quality 3D vegetation.

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